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February beekeeping newsletter

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Guest writer - Clarence Collison: We are excited to welcome Clarence Collison, PhD as a guest writer for our email newsletters. Clarence is an Emeritus Professor of Entomology and Emeritus Head of the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Mississippi State University. You can read his column, "A Closer Look", in Bee Culture magazine.

Timely Colony Management

- by Clarence Collison, PhD
The active beekeeping season will be getting underway soon.  Early pollen and nectar sources serve as a strong stimulus for brood production and spring buildup.  Colonies need to be carefully monitored during this spring buildup period.  As a result of the brood rearing stimulus, the size of the brood area may increase faster than food stores are replenished. Read the entire article on our web site.
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- by Clarence Collison, PhD
In the early spring, chalkbrood disease is often prevalent since it is considered to be a stress-related disease.  It is a fungal brood disease caused by the spore-forming fungus, Ascospharea apis, with worker, drone and queen larvae all being susceptible.  Dead larvae are chalky white in color and usually covered with filaments (mycelia) that have a fluffy, cotton-like appearance.  Initially, the dead larvae are swollen to the size of the cell.  Later, they dry into hard shrunken chalk-like lumps. Read the complete article on our web site.
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Feb 13, 2017
Elk Valley Beekeepers Association, Winchester, TN

Feb 24-26, 2017
Williams Honey Farm Natural Beekeeping School, Franklin, TN

Feb 27, 2017
Tennessee Valley Beekeepers, Chattanooga, TN

Mar 4, 2017
Jackson Area Beekeepers Association, Jackson, TN

Mar 6, 2017
Rutherford County Beekeepers Association, Murfreesboro, TN

Mar 11, 2017
Savannah Area Beekeepers Association, Savannah, TN
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From our Beekeeping Calendar -

Now is the time to open your hives and check for a laying queen, diseases and brood. Only open the hive if the temperature is 50-55 degrees with the sun shining and no wind blowing.

Look again at the honey stores. If less than 15 lbs., then you must feed them. Moistened sugar is the best way to go this time of year. This is done by removing the outer cover and inner covers. Place one sheet of newspaper on top of the frames making sure that it is placed right over the brood. Place some sugar on the paper, wetting it lightly as you go with water using a new spray bottle. Continue adding and wetting sugar until it reaches the top of the inner cover that will be turned upside down on top of it. The sugar is held in place by the newspaper. The bees will remove the paper as they move up to eat the moist sugar. Another way to feed the bees is to make a fondant candy and place directly over the cluster of bees. They will eat up into the candy. A large batch can be made by using 15 lbs. of sugar, 4 cups of water and 3 3/4 tsp. of vinegar. (see Fondant Bee Candy Recipe page).

When checking a hive, the bees should cover 5 frames or so. If not, you might think about uniting the hive with a strong one that has a good queen. This can be done by removing the weak queen from the hive. To unite the two hives, place a sheet of newspaper on top of the frames of the strong hive after...

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