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Beekeeping newsletter - January 2017

Bon Aqua Springs Woodenware and Supply is excited to introduce a newsletter to help you learn about more about beekeeping and our products. Feel free to forward our newsletter to your beekeeping friends.  They can sign up to receive our email newsletter themselves at

Are we coming to your area? We will have items for sale at several bee schools and club events this year. Place your order in advance and we'll have it all ready for you. In Jan and Feb:
Jan 14 - Nashville, TN
Jan 28 - Memphis, TN
Feb 24-26 - Nashville, TN
Feb 27 - Chattanooga, TN
Click here to get the most up-to-date schedule and details.
Assembling frames? It is a great time to cull old brood frames to reduce chemical residue in your hive. Consider replacing 25% of brood comb each year. Mark your new frames with "2017" so you'll know their age. Need supplies? Click here for our selection.

2017 Advanced Beekeeping Winter Workshop at Ellington Ag Center in Nashville, Saturday, January 14. We will be there with equipment for sale. Call in your order and we'll have everything ready for pick up. Get more details and register today on the NABA web site.
SAVE ON EXTRACTORS! 10% off in January. We carry extractors! From 2 to 8 frame, manual and electric. Call for pricing: 931-670-6862
Winter Feeding
With the occasional warm day it may be tempting to put liquid feeders on your hives. However, dealing with that kind of moisture load is troublesome for your colonies.  If your hives are "light" consider feeding sugar in a solid form such as a  fondant or a brick. Click here for recipes at Feeding patties that include pollen substitute? Be sure they are "winter patties" with only about 2.5% protein. Feeding patties with a high protein content will stimulate brood rearing. We have AP23 winter patties in stock. Find more info on our web site.

Jerry Hayes' December column in ABJ touched on the subject of winter feeding; read it here.
February 24-26, 2017 Williams Honey Farm will host their first ever Natural Beekeeping School! Classes for beginners and advanced beekeepers. Find out more and register today at
New products! We have oxalic acid vaporizers. Control varroa mites with a low cost per hive after your investment in this easy-to-use accessory. $55 Click for more details on our web site.
From our Beekeeping Calendar:


This is the time for ordering your bees in order to get them by spring in your shipping zone. Because of CCD there is a shortage of bees, so be sure and order early.

Order early your new equipment such as frames and wax so as to avoid the spring rush delays.

If you have bees, this is the time to start checking your hives for stores. By now there should be at least 15 lbs. of honey for them to eat on. That would be about six shallow frames of capped honey (2 1/2 lbs. per frame or 3 1/2 lbs. per medium frame or 6 – 7 lbs. per deep frame). With mediums you will need to have 3 or 4 frames of capped honey. Deeps need to have 2 – 3 frames of capped honey at this time.

Check all hives in your apiary for missing tops since high winds can blow them off. We use a solid brick on top to keep them in place.

Be sure and check for muddy paw prints on the landing boards if your hives are sitting on blocks or stands that are close to the ground. These are usually from skunks trying to get the bees to come out of the hive in order to defend it, thus becoming the skunk’s midnight snack. To stop this, raise the hive up so the skunk can’t reach it or put a carpet tack strip on the edge of the landing board with the tacks facing forward towards the entrance of the hive. The tacks will stick their paws when they pull them back, thus stopping the attacks, but will not harm the bees.

New products! This solid steel hive stand is one of our newest products. Supports either 8-frame or 10-frame. Only $35. Learn more on our web site.
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