Volume 15, Issue 2 | October 1, 2020
Student News
Student Government held a campaign race from September 10th-17th. There was 13 students running for Student Senators and among them was Public Relations student, Jireh Jaramillo ('22). Out of the 13 students that ran only 8 were elected as Senators with Jireh being among them.
On September 21st, Kirk Cousins, the quarterback for the MN Vikings, came to be interviewed by Family Life Today. The prerecording of this interview with Cousins will air on Faith Radio Network.
Our Eagle 7 News students, Scott Krueger and Emily Linden, were also able to interview Kirk Cousins!
The 14th Annual Five16 Film Festival was a success on Monday, September 21, 2020 at 7 p.m.

These were the films that won in each category:  
Audience Choice
Blind Billy by Emma Davis & Ben Aili

Best Documentary
Across the Tracks by Caleb Hinrichs

Best Drama
Passion by Jayden Peterman

Best Comedy
Blind Billy by Emma Davis & Ben Aili

Best Music Video
Hallelujah for the Mundane by Ryan Lee Jones

Best Actor
Cameron Dahlstrom in Passion by Jayden Peterman

Alumni Award
Spaceman by
Anna Marie Carey, Carsten Johnson & Christopher Behnen

Best Cinematography
Passion by Jayden Peterman 

Best Sound Design
Passion by Jayden Peterman

The playlist of the winning films can be viewed on the Five16 Film Festival YouTube channel: CLICK HERE
Lili Naylor ('20) has landed full-time job at Pulse. 

Where do you work? What do they do?
I work for Pulse, which is a ministry organization headquartered in downtown Minneapolis. Pulse's mission is to make Jesus known and to equip His followers to be disciples who multiply. From filling stadiums, hosting local revival gatherings, raising up leaders, and creating digital resources, Pulse wants to point people to the hope found in Jesus.

What experiences from UNW did you draw from to land yourself with this opportunity?
There were a few key experiences I drew from my time at UNW to get this opportunity. Working in Event Services as a Head Event Assistant opened new doors for me and helped me realize my passion for planning. Through this job (and networking within the UNW community!), I had the privilege of traveling to Texas to work a Pulse event in 2018 with one of their partner organizations. This allowed me to get a behind the scenes look at Pulse and meet some of the people I now work alongside. 

I also worked for CORE for two years as Director of Campus Traditions and Executive Director, which allowed me to develop the skills I needed for this role in the areas of project management, tracking timelines, and meeting deadlines. These two experiences helped me understand what gifts I have and how I can use them to help others.

What are your duties at work?
I am passionate about the power of networking and informational interviews. I encourage UNW students to take advantage of every opportunity, because you do not know who God will put in your path. I am also a strong advocate for Career Development. They are there to help you! Finally, push yourself to be uncomfortable and continually learn, because that is the only way you will grow.
Note from the Faculty
“1 Weird Trick for Living Through a Pandemic”

This semester we’re dealing with a lot of new things. The world around us seems super-charged with uncertainty. It reminds me of an idea from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey talks about the distinction between what matters to us and what we can do. What matters to us lies in our circle of concern. What we can do lies in our circle of influence. These days our circle of concern might feel like it just keeps growing. Covey’s point is that to be effective we have to accept our own limitations.

Now, it should be easy for us as Christians to do this, right? We should be able to affirm God’s sovereignty in all things and be willing to place this season in God’s hands.

Unfortunately, we probably still feel like there is something we can do to affect things outside of our control.

We tend to think, if only I could just do this one thing, everything would change. And that’s not true. There isn’t 1 weird trick for most hard things in life.

A lot of what we need as people and as Christians are not the most exciting things. Talking, honesty, prayer, devotions, sleep, exercise. Much of what we need won’t have dramatic, immediate effects, but they’re very important to building healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and others.

Dr. Eric Netterlund
Assistant Professor of Communication
Featured Student
Kari Tverberg ('21)
Media Production, Film & Video Track
What are your plans for the future?
Currently, my plans for the future involve me working with churches and ministries to create quality content — VBS videos, classy sermon recordings, moodily-lit life testimonies — for outreach purposes. Maybe someday I'll move on to bigger projects, but right now I think that there is a real need for good, well-made content in the Church.

What opportunities have you had at UNW?
UNW has given me some pretty cool opportunities in regards to filmmaking. Freshman year I was a part of Northwestern Productions when it made a short film called “My First Funeral”. It was really fun to get to work with industry professionals while getting a real life sense of what a larger film set is like. I was also on Exec Staff for Northwestern Productions and the equipment room manager last year, which has helped prepare me for jobs outside of school. On a side note, my time at UNW has made me a little addicted to coffee and Dr. Pepper. Gotta stay caffeinated.

What is your favorite thing about UNW?
My favorite thing about UNW? My morning walks to and from classes. The professors that have poured so much into me over the years, especially Professor Sorenson. The fact that I can pursue a career that I am passionate about, while being taught by professors and fellow students that I deeply respect means the world to me. 

Featured Alumni
Kayla Floyd ('19)
Communication Studies
Where has life taken you after UNW?
After graduating from UNW I moved back to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I accepted a position as the Production Coordinator for the Experimental Aircraft Association, a diverse organization of members with all different interests in aviation. My job involves me working with both digital and printed content from the organization where I get to both write and edit content for different teams. I love my job and the aviation industry and I without UNW (and specifically the classes with Dr. Glenny) I wouldn't have had the skills and preparation to get my position!

What advice do you have for current students?
My advice for current UNW students would be to focus on each class and apply it to how you might use it in the professional world. The variety of skills I learned in all the classes offered in the Communication Department allowed me to be confident in what I was doing and what was asked of me in my new job. Looking back, I wish I had taken all of the workshops just to get the experience of different sides of communication. Lastly, take every class you can with Dr. Glenny. Trust me.
UNW Communication Department
UNW Communication Department
UNW Communication Department
UNW Communication Department
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