MAGAZINE  #1 — 11-12-2016


I am really glad you are reading this, because it means we're connected. You subscribed to the MONKI MAGAZINE to stay in touch. That's cool!

Don't worry, I won't send these out very often and start spamming you. For regular short-term updates, people can always check out my website. The magazine will be used for bigger projects and telling you what I've been up to. Besides that, I'll try to include some information about circus in general (though mostly in the Netherlands) that I think could be interesting.

"What monkey business is he up to next?"

Starting next issue, I'd like to start every magazine issue with a mini-column. I think it's very important to look critically at our own work and the world we function in. Through these columns, I hope to incite some deeper thinking and discussing about circus and art in general.

In this issue, I am very proud and happy to present to you the brand new MONKI style. Top class designer and lovely human being Hanneke Meijers (Hanneke Kijkt) has done an amazing job with a new logo and overall look, preparing Monki well for conquering the world with the awesome projects you can read about below.



I'm a circus artist from Amsterdam and I make theatrical circus shows with double pole acrobatics. The MONKI MAGAZINE will be a regular (but not too regular) newsletter with content ranging from news about my performances, to small opinion pieces by me, to info about circus in general. I hope you enjoy it.


First order of mon(k)ey business: I am crowdfunding! As you can read below, my dream of creating a solo show is about to come true. However, to accomplish that I need your help. And that's why I am crowdfunding on the website 'Voordekunst'. The money gathered will be used to rent (artist-in-residency) spaces to rehearse in.

So please! Click on this link to check out the crowdfunding page and shower me in your shares, your hearts and your money! Very good, very good.


Monki's very first solo show is about to become a reality in 2017. It will be called 'Not Somewhere Else: an Ode to the Underdog' and will be a show about the fact that, in order to make living together possible, we are making everyday life unnecessarily difficult. A raw intimate encounter with double pole acrobatics, live music and spoken word. The première will be in the Korzo theatre in The Hague, on the 29th of September 2017.


In 2016, Monki was part of 2 short performances, each created with other chinese pole artists as an exchange. Since then, 8 of those pole acrobats including Monki have decided to found chinese pole collective together. In 2017, the group will get to know each other and create a common language in the pole. In 2018, a full-length inside performance will be created that will rock the world.



The French circus company Galapiat Cirque performed their show 'Capilotractées' for two weeks on the Westergasfabriekterrein in Amsterdam. Like 2 years ago, Laszlo Brinkhoff organised for this inspiring company to come perform in Amsterdam. Galapiat makes amazing shows and Laszlo's intentions to further circus in the Netherlands are very valuable, so it's great that these kind of things keep happening and I hope we'll see Galapiat again next year in Amsterdam.

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