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Tap For Life Newsletter August 2018

Let go of the Stress and Tap into your Life!

Life's Lessons

I have come to understand affirmations are not always what you expect they are.  I have spent a lot of time over the past years trying to replace negative and limiting beliefs with positive affirmations.  I have "tapped", meditated and changed my perceptions of my past where those limiting beliefs were first made.  But earlier this year, I came to a place where I discovered that those negative beliefs can have a very positive outcome if  you are willing explore them a little.

It was the end of March and I had finally come to a place that I had been fearing for years.  A crossroads of what I should do in regards to my finances and my work - I knew a change was needed. 

I considered my options during a weekend away and had so many emotional triggers come up: feeling left on my own to figure it out, the need to prove that I was successful or good enough (theme in my life) along with the belief I am not good enough.  "I have nothing to offer" came up as a huge trigger and I decided to follow the feelings that belief held by using "The JourneyWork" method by Brandon Bays

As I sat for hours in the private hot tub I was fortunate enough to have access to, I also sank into the what came up with the thought "I have nothing to offer" (obviously a part of me already believe it as I felt such strong emotions around it).  It was uncomfortable and it took time, kind of like putting your toe into cold lake and going in one inch at a time.  Confronting that belief "I have nothing to offer" brought up one feeling after another: guilt, blame, shame, incompetence, anger, abandonment, each one leading to the next.  And then  there was a deep sadness of feeling alone (another of my unconscious programs).  I could see that I had made many choices in life trying to prove something to others and myself (being a good enough person, being smart enough, being a good mother, financial success to name a few).

As I was experiencing these emotions, I could feel the fear of that truth and the thought came to me "What if I went beyond the fear and just accepted that truth?"  Just letting myself get comfortable with the "truth" - and in that moment, there was a huge burden that was lifted from my body - and a feeling of freedom.  If I really didn't have anything to offer, or wasn't good enough, or smart enough then I could stop trying to prove it.  And from that place, I became aware of the many blessings, of my family, countless friends, the synchronistic events in my life that I had despite that "truth".  I felt appreciation, a peaceful acceptance and enjoyment for what is. The pure joy to just be me - no need to be good enough, worthy enough, competent enough - no need to keep trying to prove myself.  And from this place I felt the freedom to let go of trying and just do whatever needed to be done.  And do it with passion, love and joy.

I know this is a emotional and personal account in my life, but I wanted to share this experience because I would like you to know that there is so much to learn from our negative feelings and emotions that can bring us exactly what we need.  I knew I needed a change but I thought I needed to change something outside of me when all along what was needed was a change on the inside.  Since this experience, my external environment has brought me just what I needed to continue my journey in the way I wished for - with passion, joy and love (and the finances to support it)!  The law of attraction at it's best!

Book Corner

Scattered Minds by Gabor Maté M.D.
The Origins and Healing of Attention Deficit Disorder (2012)

I found this gem of a book by Canadian author and doctor Gabor Maté one evening last spring on a bookshelf at the Carp Wellness Center and made the wise decision to purchase it!  

Written with humor and raw honesty from his own experiences as well as that of patients, Dr. Maté gives us much needed insight and alternative ways of understanding ADD/ADHD - and much of that understanding can also be useful in helping with other mental health issues.  He gives hope in his approach as he demonstrates that ADD/ADHD is not an inherited illness but a reversible impairment, a developmental delay. 

There is excellent advice for parents as well as adults who are trying to cope with the challenges of living with ADD/ADHD.  Even though I have not had the experience of raising a child diagnosed with this condition, I found the information contained in the book to be very relevant to understanding the mind/body connection and even understanding some of the challenges I had in raising my own children.
Upcoming Events
Tips and Tricks for Stress!  For Kids and Teens

When: Tuesday August 28th 2018
            6:00 to 7:00 pm (kids ages 8 - 12)
            7:00 to 8:00 pm (teens ages 13-18)
Location: Constance & Buckham's Community Association, 262  Len Purcell Drive, Constance Bay ON
Fee: Free

Just in in time to help our kids and teens deal with the stresses of going back to school – the stress of exams, public speaking, meeting new friends, dealing with conflict with other students, teacher and even friends. 
We all can use some tools to add to our bag when it comes to helping us cope with stress – and certainly our kids can use all the help they can get. 
Some stress management techniques (including meridian tapping) will be taught along with a kid friendly way of understanding what stress really is.  Empowering kids to let go of the stress and tap into life!

Please register with the Constance Bay & Buckam's Community Association as space is limited to 15 people. To Register:

"Dealing with Stress"

Support & Coaching Drop in Sessions with Lisa Kopil

During these monthly drop-in sessions we will address how stress affects us and different techniques that can be used to let go of stress, change our thinking/beliefs about what is causing the stress and bring more clarity, grounding and health into our daily lives.

Monthly drop in sessions will be held at the Carp Ridge Wellness Center (Leaning Center Building) every 2nd Thursday of the month (9:30 to 10:30am) and every last Wed of the month (7:00 to 8:00pm).

Location: Carp Ridge Ecowellness Center (Main clinic 4596 Carp Road, Carp, ON)
Fee: By Donation
Please contact me for more information or to let me know if you plan on coming out. 

This month's drop in sessions will be:

Thursday morning August 9th 2018 9:30 to10:30am
Wednesday evening August 2018 7:00 to 8:00pm
Thursday morning Sept 13th 2018 9:30 to 10:30am

Introduction to Meridian Tapping

During this free 30 minute session to tapping, you will be introduced to the basic concepts and how it can work for you. 

Session in person or by Skype. Please send me a message to schedule an appointment - contact.

For more information, please check out my website at:
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