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Tap For Life Newsletter June 2018

Let go of the Stress and Tap into your Life!

Life in Tune

Recently the practice of Ho'oponopono has been coming up during my days.  I have known about these four simple phrases for a number of years but somehow working with it recently, the meaning and practice of really experiencing the words have made a change in how I deal with negative thoughts that come up in my head during the day.

This method is based in the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.  In the Hawaiian dictionary Ho'oponopono reads "to put things right".  The court system in Hawaii began in the late 20th century to order juvenile and adult offenders to work with an elder conducting Ho'oponopono with their families as a form of alternative dispute resolution.

The underlying belief with this practice is that:
                   Everything you see,
                   Everything you hear,
                   Everything you experience in your mind,
                   Is based on how YOU perceive them.

You only think it's "out there" and that allows you to blame (either others or yourself).  But really, you are only responsible for everything YOU think and everything YOU give your attention to.

So if you would like to give this mediation a try, start by focusing on what is bothering you - notice what is going on in your body and in your head.  Then repeat the words highlighted in the steps below - and try to let go of whatever you is going on inside.  It can be a little challenging - you may notice thoughts come up like:  "Why should I be sorry? What do I have to be grateful for?"  Just notice the resistance and say the words again and again until you feel the release - it is well worth it!  If you are having trouble, try working with on on-line guided meditation for Ho'oponopono (see link below).

Step 1: "I'm sorry" - you are responsible for your thoughts and perceptions.
Step 2: "Please forgive me" - ask for forgiveness, whether from others or yourself - this can be broad - it isn't about what they think you need forgiveness for but for what you need forgiveness for.
Step 3: "Thank you" - Gratitude - it doesn't matter what for - anything you can feel gratitude about.
Step4: "I love you" - Experience unconditional love for what is.

Whenever I notice any negative thoughts/feeling about others going through my head, I stop and say the words above - I can honestly feel sorry for holding onto the negative perceptions about them and after I am done, those thoughts and feeling are gone and I am left with peace.  What more can I ask for?

Here is a You Tube link to a mediation using Ho'oponopono by Jason Stephenson if you are interested:

Please feel free to share any questions or experiences you have with me - I would love to hear from you. Wishing everyone a lovely and peaceful June!

Book Corner

Getting Past Your Past: Take control of your Life with Self-Help Techniques from EMDR Therapy
by Francine Shapiro

I have been interested in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for a few years now as the sessions I have viewed seem to mirror the meridian tapping technique I use (FasterEFT) - in fact EMDR can make use of "tapping" as an alternative to the "eye movements".  I found this book very easy to read, full of exercises that can be used by anyone wanting to delve a little deeper in dealing with present day problems that step from our limiting beliefs that come from our past experiences. 

If you are looking for ways to work on moving forward by looking on the inside, this book will give you ways to start doing that.  This book does not cover the EMDR technique itself but gives a lot of information and exercises to help you on your way and can be used in conjunction with meridian tapping techniques. 
Upcoming Events
Dealing with Stress, Emotions and Health with Meridian Tapping

When: Thur June 7th 2018 7-8pm or Monday June 18th 2018 7-8pm
Location: Constance & Buckham's Community Association, 262  Len Purcell Drive, Constance Bay ON
Fee: Free

Do you feel emotionally, physically or mentally overwhelmed and drained dealing with stress in your life?  How do stress and emotions affect physical, emotional and mental health?  This workshop can help!
You will learn a new way of understanding what stress is, how it is caused and how to change the way your body respond to it (or any other negative emotions). A meridian tapping technique (the same meridian system that is used in acupuncture and acupressure) will be taught – easy, quick and very efficient at changing how your body react to stress!

To Register:
Stress, Emotions & Health
When: Thursday June 14th 2018 1:30 to 4:30pm
Location: Canadian School of Natural Nutrition 2148 Carling Ave. Ottawa
Fee: $20 (open to student of the CSNN and the public)

This workshop will focus on how stress and emotions affect our physical, emotional and mental health. We will discuss the different types of stress and learn new ways of understanding how we can change the ways our bodies respond to stress or any other negative emotions that keep us stuck in unhappy and unhealthy patterns.  Techniques and tools (including meridian tapping) will be taught.
The 2nd part of the workshop will deal specifically with emotional eating and emotional attachments to foods and way to change this relationship. 

To Register for the Stress, Emotions and Health workshop on June 14th 2018, please contact Lisa at

"Dealing with Stress"

Support & Coaching Drop in Sessions with Lisa Kopil

During these monthly drop-in sessions we will address how stress affects us and different techniques that can be used to let go of stress, change our thinking/beliefs about what is causing the stress and bring more clarity, grounding and health into our daily lives.

Monthly drop in sessions will be held at the Carp Ridge Wellness Center (Leaning Center Building) every 2nd Thursday of the month (9:30 to 10:30am) and every last Wed of the month (7:00 to 8:00pm).

Location: Carp Ridge Ecowellness Center (Main clinic 4596 Carp Road, Carp, ON)
Fee: By Donation
Please contact me for more information or to let me know if you plan on coming out. 

This month's drop in sessions will be:

Thursday morning June 14th 2018 9:30 to10:30am
Wednesday evening June 27th 2018 7:00 to 8:00pm

Introduction to Meridian Tapping

During this free 30 minute session to tapping, you will be introduced to the basic concepts and how it can work for you. 

Session in person or by Skype. Please send me a message to schedule an appointment - contact.

For more information, please check out my website at:
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