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Tap For Life Newsletter December 2018

Let go of the Stress and Tap into your Life!

Life's Lessons

Last week I was driving home after hosting an open mic at the Village Cafe.  The night was clear and the roads were dry.  We had some snow earlier in the month but that night the roads were bare.  

Bright lights came towards us from the opposite side of the road and I slowed down to let the salt truck go by (in Canada we salt the roads in winter to help melt the snow and ice).  I was surprised and perplexed at the salt on the bare road!  Why spread salt when the roads had no snow or ice?  

As I continued to drive down the curvy road home, I could feel myself slowing down as if the roads were icy!  I commented to my partner about it and told him that I knew logically, with my thinking mind that the roads were bare but because of the salt on the road, my body took over and slowed the car down.  I could feel the tenseness in my shoulders and arms, my heart racing a little faster, I could feel the fear of going too fast on icy roads.  But I knew, logically, that the road had no ice on it.  The salt was a trigger for dangerous conditions and my body’s response overroad my thinking mind.

That is exactly what happens to us when we come in contact with something, someone, a behaviour, a song etc... that is a trigger for danger to us.  We will respond automatically from of place of feeling threatened even if we are safe now.  We react defensively, we assign meaning or perceive things in a way to justify the danger we believe (often unconsciously) is present.

The way to see through this illusion is awareness.  Pay attention to what is going on inside.  
What do you feel in your body?  Tense shoulders? Knotted stomach?  Notice the self talk in your head.  Ask yourself: Am I really in danger right now?  Use modalities such as meridian tapping, mindfulness, journaling to discover what is going on inside.  

By turning our focus inward, we are better able to move through our life with a clearer awareness and in a more conscious way. 

Wishing you all a very joyful holiday season,

Book Corner

I thought I would do something different for this month - instead of a book review, I would like to share once of my favorite audio clips from Abraham-Hick called “Abraham’s Rampage of Well Being”.  I first heard this 11 minute audio over 10 years ago and I still can bask in the deliciousness of it every time I hear it.  So when you have 11 undisturbed minutes, make yourself comfortable, open your mind and enjoy! 

Abraham Hicks Rampage of Well Being

Upcoming Events

"Dealing with Stress"

Support & Coaching Drop in Sessions with Lisa Kopil

During these monthly drop-in sessions we will address how stress affects us and different techniques that can be used to let go of stress, change our thinking/beliefs about what is causing the stress and bring more clarity, grounding and health into our daily lives.

Monthly drop in sessions will be held at the Carp Ridge Wellness Center every 2nd Thursday of the month (10:30 to 11:30am) and every last Wed of the month (7:00 to 8:00pm).

Location: Carp Ridge Ecowellness Center (Main clinic 4596 Carp Road, Carp, ON)
Fee: By Donation
Please contact me for more information or to let me know if you plan on coming out. 

This month's drop in sessions will be:

Thursday morning Dec 13th 2018  10:30 to 11:30am
No Drop In Session on Dec 26th 2018
Thursday morning Jan 10th 2019  10:30 to 11:30am

Introduction to Meridian Tapping

During this free 30 minute session to tapping, you will be introduced to the basic concepts and how it can work for you. 

Session in person or by Skype. Please send me a message to schedule an appointment - contact.

For more information, please check out my website at:
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