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Prudential Associates offers an extremely wide spectrum of services pertaining to digital surveillance and cyber intelligence acquisition for the purposes of brand protection, executive protection, risk mitigation, and much more. These services include, though are not limited to: social media investigations and surveillance, including real-time threat detection and sentiment analysis; cyber security and risk management; and network penetration testing. Our investigators and analysts are professionally trained and utilize the latest and most advanced software available, thus ensuring our clients’ expectations are met and exceeded.

Our unique ability to monitor cyber threats in real time allows us to offer round-the-clock digital surveillance and risk monitoring services with push notifications. Additionally, we offer geo-fenced social media monitoring, which allows us to identify and report on threats in real-time; whether you’re interested in live threat monitoring for small gatherings or for large events with thousands in attendance, Prudential Associates has the utilities, manpower, experience, and expertise necessary to ensure our clients 100% satisfaction.
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A Tribute To Rebecca Nitkin
She Made "Crazy" Adorable
Rebecca Nitkin was a friend of mine and a professional contact. I was struck and saddened, as I’m sure most others were, by the news of her sudden passing. She was quite a character and I have described her as “adorably crazy” – crazy being defined as hyper-passionate and afraid of almost nothing. While she was not popular with everyone, I am not afraid to say that I was quite fond of her. 

She was interesting. She was brave. I didn’t agree with her on everything and certainly didn’t think everything she did was a good idea, but she had a good heart and was not going to be molded by this world. She was going to be Rebecca, whether the world liked her or not. I think her outfits and shoes could be their own “Some Lawyers Actually Wore” exhibit at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

On more than one occasion I asked myself: how do all of the innocent defendants know to end up at Rebecca’s office? I’m not sure she would have acknowledged ever having had a single guilty client. That’s commitment!
Read the entire tribute to Rebecca here. 

Holiday Security Tips

Unfortunately, the holiday season is a vulnerable time for both your personal and business security. We've included some important tips to follow that will help protect your data both on and offline.

1. Make sure you are responding to computer & network intrusions: Do not ignore alarm bells. Whether it is something as simple as changing your password, running a virus scan, or more involved like calling us to perform a forensic examination to identify and remediate the attack, do not ignore suspicious behavior on your computer and networks.

2. Think before you click: One of the major cyber attacks during this election cycle was executed by simply tricking the target to click a fake password reset link. The simple act of mistakenly clicking one bad link dramatically affected the news surrounding the election and will do so more months to come. Before you click that link, check it to make sure it is going where it says its going. Before you enter any of your user credentials, make sure you're not connected to a malicious site.
3. Keep your systems updated: Most successful cyber attacks are executed on computers that are several months out of date for both operating systems (i.e. Windows updates) and anti-virus definitions. Make sure your system is up to date. This is the single biggest thing you can do to prevent a cyber intrusion. Get in the habit of checking this at the end of every week. It is akin to setting your alarm when you leave the house for vacation.
4. Think about cyber security: In today's climate, everybody in the organization should be thinking about cyber security. In the last several months, Prudential Associates has provided numerous cyber vulnerability assessments and training for companies. This is an inexpensive way of assessing your cyber security posture. At the very least, you should be discussing these issues with all members of the organization.
5. Passwords, passwords, passwords: You would be surprised how many people use Password1 or December2016 as their password. Even if you don't, your password may not be as strong as you think. Even passwords with one special character ($, *, @) and one capital letter can broken by an average home computer in less than an hour. Make long passwords for yourself, like a song lyric, poem, or passphrase that you will remember. Each letter makes a password exponentially harder to break. If you think your password is secure because it has a # and a ! in it, you're wrong.

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