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Hello, <<First Name>>!

What you are reading now is my very first newsletter - hopefully the start of a long habit! I hope to be able to give you a behind-the-scenes look of what my work as an illustrator and game artist looks like. Don't see this just as a one-way means of communication though, feel free to hit reply and tell me what you think!

May has been quite a busy month for me, a game project I've been working on for a few months is taking up speed, and I also started a new job on the side. Unfortunately I can't show anything for the game project yet, so you'll have to do with personal work for now.

On my drawing table

May is traditionally the month of #MerMay, the social media challenge to draw mermaids each day during May. I participated in #PleinAirpril last month, so I thought it would be wise not to dive in another draw-every-day obligation. Nevertheless I have sketched a lot of mermaids, they are simply too fun not to draw! We'll see how many of these sketches I'll be able to finish.

Other news

This month I also started giving animation and game design workshops to high school students at Digital Playground (dutch)! I picked this up to supplement my income in the first place; to be completely honest I never thought teaching would be something for me. But it never hurts to try new things, and so far it has been quite OK actually!

Baby birds

The past weeks I’ve been watching a blue tit's nest livestream while working and it’s been amazing! How fast those little birds grow! How furiously their mother tries to keep the nest clean!

When writing this the birds were still all sitting in the nest, but when I did a last check before sending out this newsletter, they all had flown away already! So instead of sharing a livestream of an empty nest, here's a video of a nest of great tits fledging:
Thank you for reading! I'm very curious about what you watch or listen to during work, so feel free send me a reply to tell me. :)

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