Thanks to you! Maxpanda has just been updated with incredible features

July 30th, 2021...

iOS and Android version 5.7.1 should have been auto upgraded by the app stores on your USERS phones automatically

  1. Filter Assets by assigned locations for faster search up.
  2. Add Asset Type as a new quick search filter.
  3. Submitter Limited to only view their own work orders.
  4. Increased popup screen size including width/height.
  5. On/Off feature reminding staff to enter hours on iOS version.
  6. Append Disabled Priorities on all mobiles.
  7. Hide PART PRICE in all mobile work orders.

Toda's Desktop Updates include:

  1. We've repaired the styling on the PM List. The columns were not adjusting properly on smaller desktop screens. All good now!
  2. REF ID has been repaired. It wasn't allowing Admins to change it's label in the guest portal. It was a bad boy, but after a quick time out in the corner he's all good.
  3. Staff/Vendor rating system now includes email feedback directly sent to the admin. All admins should review their profile and select the 'GET RATING EMAIL' check box. 
  4. After a good 8 years the subscription prices have been updated. We feel the new costs properly reflect the application's capabilities and are still way below industry standards. Current customers are always grandfathered to their original subscription unless they upgrade/downgrade - so uh ya, HAPPY FRIDAY.
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