GoMAX updated on Androids (iOS update arriving early next week)


GoMAX 5.7.1 was released today & includes

  1. Filter Assets by assigned locations for faster search.
  2. Add Asset Type as a new quick search filter.
  3. Submitter Limited to only view their own work orders.
  4. Increased popup screen size including width/height.
  5. On/Off feature reminding staff to enter hours on iOS version.
  6. Append Disabled Priorities on all mobiles.
  7. Hide PART PRICE in all mobile work orders.

Desktop Updates

  1. Changed 'YOUR EMAIL" to "ADD CC" in order to limit confusion when setting up Guest Portal links/QR codes.
  2. Added COMPLETED status on the MY TODO list to help accounting realize it's time to invoice.
  3. Unit of Measure module is now live for PHASE 1. Phase 2 will include UofM reporting.
  4. SLA REPORT just had a huge overhaul. Check out the new columns by visiting the SLA PREFERENCE menu. Thank you to our friends in Thailand for the continued feedback!
  5. Changed the term Integration to mAPI (Maxpanda's API connector).

Tons more development currently being worked on by our tech nerds. If you're bored, review them here
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