Four updates to make life easier for the Admins

Arriving September 30th:

  1. More Metering Options – Assign MULTIPLE METERS/P.M.TEMPLATES to individual assets. This feature was scheduled to go live September 23rd but requires another week of testing (it's a big addon).
  2. Adding TOTAL COST of work order to your Open API integrations.
  3. Adding mass STOP/START option for tool time management on the List View. This will allow Admins to start/stop all tool time for each STAFF included in all selected work orders. This feature will include a PREFERENCES menu setting to turn on and off. Most Maxpanda customers won't use this feature so it will be launched  OFF on September 30th.
  4. Ability to move an Asset from Site A to Site B while including all history/pm/part data.  

Tech Nerd Tip #649

Allow guests or general staff submit a new ticket/work order without having a username or password by enabling your GUEST PORTAL SERVICE form. This form can be shared in an email, pasted in your intranet as a shortcut or applied to your website as a hyperlink behind a custom image. The GSP also includes a QR CODE to print. This also allows anyone in the world to scan it using their mobile with any FREE qr code reader on the planet. To setup your guest portal simply login on your desktop and follow this link.
Know someone that's trying to get off paper, spreadsheets and phone calls?
Send them to - You just might save someone's sanity.
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