Weekly Newsletter • July 15, 2022

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Thank you for reading this week’s issue of the Alameda Post newsletter. In this week’s issue, Karin K. Jensen reports on potential changes to zoning that could bring housing to shopping centers and exempt development along transit corridors, Richard Bangert with new name choices for the park by Seaplane Lagoon, affordable homes on Webster St., Youth Activists of Alameda marching for reproductive rights, and Dennis Evanosky tells about the electrification of the Alameda, Oakland, & Piedmont streetcars.

Scroll down to learn more about and listen to this week’s special edition of the Alameda Postcast, featuring Dennis telling the history of horsecars and electric streetcars in Alameda.

Electric streetcar outside car barn on Webster Street at Atlantic Avenue.

Alameda’s Innovative Streetcars Walking Tours

  • Saturday, July 16 – Advance tickets $15. Electricity powers Southern Pacific’s streetcars. Location Changed: we are meeting at Coffee Cultures, 1929 Park St.

  • Saturday, July 23 – Advance tickets $15. A walk along Fernside Boulevard, a right-of-way that the Southern Pacific Railroad built especially to accommodate the ‘Big Reds.’ Meet at High Street and Encinal Avenue at the fountain.

Our history walking tours are led by award-winning East Bay historian and Alameda Post Editor Dennis Evanosky. Tours starts at 10 a.m. and will cover a distance of one–three miles, depending on the location. Well-behaved dogs, strollers, and mobility devices welcome. Tickets may be available on the day of the tour, if space permits, for $20 per person at the start of the tour.

Visit our tour information page at for details of upcoming tours throughout the summer.

Tour and Ticket Info

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Memories of Bay Farm Island and the AFD

Retired Alameda firefighter Dave LeMoine grew up on Bay Farm Island in the 40s and 50s, before he joined the Alameda Fire Department in the 60s. He shared his memories with the Post to serialize, and this is the final installment. We are deeply grateful to Dave for sharing his wonderful stories with the Post and our readers, and we hope to have more of them to share someday.

Special Edition #1 of the Alameda PostCast with Dennis Evanosky

Alameda PostCast host Scott Piehler is on assignment this week; instead we present Alameda Post’s Editor and resident Tour Guy, Dennis Evanosky.

In this week’s special ten-minute episode, Dennis talks about the history of streetcars in Alameda, from the earliest horse-drawn cars that started in the 1870s, to the electrification of the lines in the 1890s, until the last Big Red ran in the 1940s.

This information and more makes up our July series of history walking tours, “Alameda's Innovative Streetcars.” We covered the horsecars during our July 9 tour, on July 16 we will talk about how the AO&P line electrified, and on July 23, we will walk along Fernside Boulevard, a right-of-way that the Southern Pacific Railroad built especially to accommodate the Big Reds.

As always you can find our podcast in any podcast player, listen on our website, or ask your smart speaker or smart device to “Play the Alameda PostCast podcast.”

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