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This week’s articles include Liz Williams’ story about rent increases at Barnhill Marina, Karin K. Jensen on the Draft Housing Element update, Liz Barrett takes you for classic cars and coffee at Greer Mortuary, and Mayor Ashcraft invites you to volunteer to shape the city’s future. Also featured is the latest installment of retired firefighter Dave LeMoine’s memories of growing up in Alameda and becoming an Alameda firefighter.

Don’t forget to listen to episode two of the Alameda PostCast, available in all podcast players or by asking your smart speaker to “Play the Alameda Postcast podcast.” And please enjoy these photos from our April 30 tour of Victorian-era architecture of the West End.

Supporters of womens' reproductive rights gathered on the steps of Alameda City Hall

After a draft of a Supreme Court opinion was leaked that portends Roe v. Wade being overturned, Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, Councilmembers John Knox White and Tony Daysog, City staff, and other Alameda residents gathered on the steps of City Hall. They expressed their solidarity with people across the country who support women’s rights to essential health care and reproductive freedom, as well as voting rights, civil rights, and LGBTQ rights for all. Photo by Jose Lim.

Memories of Bay Farm Island

Retired Alameda firefighter Dave LeMoine grew up on Bay Farm Island in the 40’s and 50’s, before he joined the Alameda Fire Department in the 60’s. He has shared his memories with the Post to serialize. New installments are posted every Friday.

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