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Project Leader's Note

It has been an exciting and busy semester for the WAIT-researchers. We recently signed a contract with Routledge Books for the first WAIT-anthology, which is due out in 2020, and will present original ethnographic and theoretical work from our project. The mid-way conference in Athens in February gave core researchers and network partners the opportunity to develop a solid conceptualization of the topics the WAIT project tries to capture, describe and criticize, and to broaden our ethnographic scope. Meeting with the researchers Katerina Rozakou and Olga Lafazani importantly attuned us to local developments in Greece, a country that is crucial to migration dynamics in Europe. From our partners at Witwatersrand University in South Africa, B. Camminga represented an important addition to the group, with their work on transgender and gender-transgressive asylum seekers from across Africa. This semester we have also had the privilege to engage several international colleagues in our discussions, including notably Sara Sharma, Ghassan Hage, Svati Shah, Mahmoud Keshavarz, Miriam Ticktin and Barbara Adam.  Each of them provided invaluable input to our thinking, and we hope to continue these exchanges. Social anthropologist Knut Graw stayed for a month as a guest researcher at the University of Bergen, and stimulated important discussions about ethnography as a dialogical encounter, and the imaginations, expectations and motivations that drive the wish for, or need for, migration.

Mid-way Conference and Upcoming Book

In February, the research team and network partners gathered in Athens for the mid-way conference. The aim for the conference was to work together towards a book that will be published towards the end of the project with the working title Waiting and the Temporalities of Irregular Migration. 

The book will be a bench-mark volume in migration studies and thematically the book covers a range of topics in three main sections: 1) The Multiple Tempos of Waiting 2) The Social Relations of Waiting 3) Legal Temporalities and Waiting. 


"Time and Temporalities" - workshop
This workshop was co-organized with the Department of Sociology, UiB. The topic of the workshop invited a broad approach and participants were invited to engage in discussions with reference to the writings of one of the pioneers of contemporary social theorizing on time, Professor emerita Barbara Adam, as well as to other authors and their own research.

"The Design Politics of the Passport" - seminar
Postdoctoral fellow Mahmoud Keshavarz presented the topic of his book which is an interdisciplinary study of the passport and its associated social, political and material practices as a means of uncovering the workings of what he calls ‘design politics’

"The concept of waiting and its analytical potential in studying irregularized migration" - seminar
With visits from Ghassan Hage, Svati Shah and guest researcher Knut Graw, the WAIT group invited to a closed reading seminar to discuss the analytical potential in "waiting" as a concept. 

"Migration, history and the question of voice" - Open Seminar with Knut Graw
Centre for Women's and Gender Research and researchers from Project WAIT invited all interested to an open seminar with guest researcher Knut Graw.

Photo: Conference in Athens


Visiting researchers

This semester the WAIT group has had the honor of hosting guest researcher Knut Graw at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) at University of Bergen.

Knut Graw
Social anthropologist Knut Graw from the University of Leuven was a guest researcher with WAIT and SKOK this spring. During his stay he held an open seminar named "Migration and The History of Voice". Click here to read more. 

Ghassan Hage
Professor Ghassan Hage visited the University of Bergen and the WAIT group in March. During his stay, the WAIT researchers invited to a seminar about "The concept of waiting and its analytical potential in studying irregularized migration". You see a short interview with Ghassan Hage on "waiting" as an analytical category here
Researcher Spotlights

WAIT researcher Odin Lysaker from the University of Agder elaborates on his engagement with the WAIT project. Click here to read the short Q&A with professor Lysaker. 


PhD. candidate Kari Anne Drangsland carried out her ethnographic fieldwork for the WAIT project in Hamburg, Germany. In this short outline, you can get a brief overview of some of her reflections about waiting and time, and her own engagement with WAIT.

Publications and disseminations

Drangsland, Kari Anne. (2019). "Whose bodies count and how". Seminar at the panel "Bodies in Crisis - Urgency, Resistance and Creativity in Spaces of/for change." NORA Conference, Reykjavik. 22 May. 

Drangsland, Kari Anne. (2019). "The sound of waiting". Seminar at "Social Acoustics: Sound, Hearing Movement, Performativity". Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, UiB. 10 april. 

Drangsland, Kari Anne. (2019). “Bordering through recalibration. Exploring the temporality of the German ‘Ausbildungsduldung’”. Seminar w/Sarah Sharma. Center for Advanced Studies. 11 January. 

Gressgård, Randi, Jacobsen, Christine M. and Karlsen, Marry-Anne. (2019). "Creativity, Resistance, and Change in Times of Crises: Who is the Subject Speaking?". Roundtable discussion with Miriam Ticktin and Margit Ystanes. NORA Conference, Reykjavik. 24 May.

Gressgård, Randi. (2019). "Politisk korrekthet, identitetspolitikk og ytringsfrihet". Tidsskrift for Samfunnssforskning. Vol. 60(1). 

Jacobsen, Christine M. (2019). “Waitinghood: Unpacking the temporalities of waiting and irregular migration”. Seminar w/Sarah Sharma. Center For Advanced Studies. 11 January. 

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