EU Horizon 2020 METGROW+ Newsletter 2 (Feb. 2017)
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The EU Horizon 2020 METGROW+ project targets innovative processes to extract important metals (incl. Ni, Cu, Zn, Co, In, Ga, Ge) in a cost-effective way from low-grade ores and wastes in Europe. Four generic resource families are studied: Ni-Co laterite deposits, Fe-rich sludges from the Zn industry, fine-grained landfilled sludges and fayalitic slags. METGROW+ targets a toolbox for metallurgical systems development.

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Following the progress meeting in Chania, the third METGROW+ meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain (February 21-23, 2017). The first results were presented concerning the technologies to valorise the four generic resources. In Barcelona the official Advisory Board was installed. Justin Salminen (Research Manager, Boliden) and Anthimos Xenidis (CEO LARCO) provided a thorough feedback on the project progress. The progress meeting also involved an extensive workshop in which the technology combinations were discussed per generic resource family, in order to develop feasible, cost-effective flow sheets per material. 

Read full report METGROW+ Barcelona meeting here.


The METGROW+ partners are key drivers of the EIT RawMaterials Zero-Waste Network-of-Infrastructure cluster, which offers flexible infrastructure for ZeroWaste mining and recycling. This encompasses the removal of (toxic) contaminants, the recovery of valuable materials, the conversion of the remaining matrix material into useful products and the provision of safe sinks for unavoidable remnants. The Zero-Waste cluster (coordinated by VITO) offers infrastructures and services by acting as a broker among partners and between partners and customers. The METGROW+ project will operate in strong synergy with this cluster, which is one of flagship projects of the EIT RawMaterials.

Download EIT RawMaterials ZeroWaste-NoI Poster (EIP Raw Materials Week) here


On February 6, 2017 the European Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium (EURELCO) held its 5th General Assembly meeting in Houthalen, Belgium. Houthalen hosts the benchmark landfill mining demonstration project managed by Remo Milieubeheer (JMR). The GA was attended by 80 participants from 13 EU Member States (incl. METGROW+ partners KU Leuven, VITO, JMR, UGent). Guest speaker for this 5th GA was Belgian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Hilde Vautmans who launched her ambitious ELFM EU Action Plan (see below). The General Assembly was concluded with a unique "Locals" event in which EURELCO researchers went in dialogue with the “locals” living in the vicinity of the Remo landfill site to better understand citizen's concerns with respect to landfill mining projects. Such an understanding is crucial to maintain a social license to operate, as also highlighted by the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

Read MEP Hilde Vautmans' ELFM Action Plan here
Read report on EURELCO Locals event here


UMICORE is a global materials technology group with three business areas: Catalysis, Energy & Surface Technologies and Recycling. In METGROW+ UMICORE participates through its Recycling and Extraction Technologies (RET) Platform (UMICORE METGROW+ team pictured above). The RET Platform carries out continuous development work for UMICORE’s refining operations. This work is supported/enhanced by using comprehensive research facilities, plug-and-play large-scale facilities, advanced process research IT, modelling capabilities, and other expert resources. New processes and technologies are developed in partnership with UMICORE's business units, universities, research organisations, and engineering companies. UMICORE is also one of the founding members of EIT RawMaterials.

Visit UMICORE website here


On November 29, 2016 the European Commission organised the 6th EU-US-Japan Trilateral Conference on Critical Materials. The event took place in Brussels. METGROW+ published a poster providing information about the challenges and opportunities with respect to the valorisation of low-grade primary and secondary materials containing critical metals such as indium, germanium, gallium and antimony. The Trilateral event was part of the broader Raw Materials Week that is annually organised by the European Commission.
METGROW+ is a project funded by the European Commission (GA 690088)
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