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*CORRECTED: First email had some typos! That’s what I get for sending out before coffee!

Spring has sprung!

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Brooklyn! I'm welcoming in the season by getting outside more, repotting plants, and transforming my fire escape into a balcony for one.  Very dreamy! 🌸

Speaking of dreams, it's a joy for me to share what I do with you. To show my appreciation I'm offering a free digital download in every newsletter! Be sure to scroll down to claim this edition's freebie!

Thank you for your support!

 American Cult 

I have a comic featured in American Cult! Edited by Robyn Chapman and published by Silver Sprocket, this anthology has received some great reviews via The Beat and Bleeding Cool.

From its earliest days, America has been home to spiritual seekers. Across the decades, Americans in search of divine truths have turned to unconventional prophets for the answers. Some of these prophets have demanded their faith, fortunes, and even their very lives. In American Cult, over twenty cartoonists explore the history of these groups with clarity and empathy—looking beyond the scandalous headlines to find the human stories within.

May 2021 -  PRE-ORDER NOW!

My story is entitled, "Mindbending: A Story about The Process Church of the Final Judgement."

What made this cult so enticing? 
Strangely, it was coffeeshops and design.

Formed in England in the 1960's, The Process Church found a foothold in the US by capitalizing on the trend of counterculture coffeeshops. These establishments served food and drinks, were the meeting grounds for political and community groups, and hosted live music. However, at a cult-run coffeeshop you'd eventually be invited to a "Progress;" an introductory lecture. From there it was a slippery slope to donning black robes, spouting Satantic and anarchic gibberish, and talking incessantly about "the process."
You'd also receive a copy of the cult's extraordinarily designed magazine. Combining collage, typography, and even comics, each issue was themed to subjects like "Death," or "Sex," and earnestly blew their readers's minds and inspired artists. (see Funkadelic and Genesis P-Orridge.)

My story is from the perspective of an unsuspecting convert visiting a coffeeshop for the first time. I incorporated historical details and compositions from the magazine to induce a psychedelic and hypnotic vibe.

So please PRE-ORDER the book, and check out the imagery of The Process Church of the Holy Judgement, it's wild!

Talking with Students & Designers 

In March I had the pleasure of speaking with A LOT of different people!
I discussed typography and choking posters at Type Thursday NYC,
gave an inking demo to students at Carmen High School South - Milwaukee, WI, and presented for the Comics Creators’ Club at Millennium Brooklyn High School.

 Client Work 

It's been a busy season! Here are few pieces I've made recently:
Benefits of Mediation and Mindfulness for The Skimm
Layers for Lotic & Lotic Storylabs
Tips for Buying a Car with Bad Credit for The Balance

 Graphic Novel 

I've been working hard on my first graphic novel! Written by Rick Louis, this to-be-titled memoir is set for publication by Abrams ComicArts in 2022:
When infant Ronan is diagnosed with Tay-Sachs, an incurable neurological disorder, Emily and Rick are faced with the practical and emotional hurdles of parenting and loving their son—despite the shadow of inevitable loss. Rick narrates 1059, and Lara translates the space that Ronan occupies before, during, and after his life, using flights of fancy and imagination to express the bizarre, heartbreaking, and sometimes even silly reality of human beings suddenly trapped in an impossible situation.
I'll be sharing more in the coming months, but for now take a look at this sample from the original pitch:


Recently I scored a coffee table book of Patrick Nagel's work. You may not know his name, but you certainly know his art; his style is synonymous with the 1980s.
It's fascinating how his art has become an aesthetic. Salons and dry cleaners often sport Nagel knock-offs in their windows. Adult Swim produced Moonbeam City, an animated series that used his art as character designs. Google "Patrick Nagel" and you will sort through copycats and pop culture icons reimagined in his style.

I've always been a fan of his work, beyond the pastiche and nostalgiaHis work recalls Japanese block prints, art-deco, and greco-roman figures. It's abstract, androgynous, and mixes bold and delicate sensibilities. I'm so happy to have this new book on my desk!

Digital Freebie 

In case you missed it, the first freebie for subscribing is "The Serpentine Light," a short digital comic. Download HERE.

As promised, this month I'm including a bonus brand new zine all about:
✨Magical Spring Cleaning✨
Cleaning your home is an earthly chore, but why not make it a magical practice?
Use these simple tips to imbue your space with spirit and intention!

Download your copy HERE!

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