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Here's the latest information for music leaders in our parish

Returning to Mass

Thank you to everyone for your leadership and support as we have returned to Mass under COVID-19 restrictions.  For parishioners to be able to participate in Mass as 'normally' as possible (including music) on their return has no doubt helped them to feel welcome at Wenty once again.


The season of Advent is upon us again.  It is a time of joyful expectation: both for the celebration of Christmas, and for the return of Christ at the end of time.
Read Church Guidelines and Directives for Advent

Arrangements for Advent

Liturgical arrangements for Advent will once again centre around the Introductory Rites.  The Mass each Sunday will open as follows:
  • Entrance Hymn
  • Sign of the Cross and Greeting
  • Introduction by the Priest
  • Lighting of the candles of the Advent wreath (instrumental music may be played as the candles are lit; we will not use Advent Litany this year)
  • Penitential Act (2nd form, spoken)
  • Kyrie (may be said or sung)
  • Collect Prayer
Our Music Suggestions are being updated - View them here


The Christmas liturgical celebrations will be different this year, with at least some COVID-19 restrictions still expected to be in place.  We will begin planning for this next month, and will advise music groups accordingly.  At present, we expect that restrictions on music ministry will remain similar to what they are now, so alternatives to the larger choirs that we would usually have at Christmas will need to be considered.

Using the Music of David Haas

Following our Music Ministry Update in July, more allegations have been made in regards to composer David Haas.  As a result, and following consultation with several music ministers and Fr Denis, we have made the decision that Haas' music is to be no longer used in the parish.
Read our Full Statement on our Liturgy Resources Website

Finding alternatives

The opportunity (and challenge) now presents itself to replace the David Haas compositions currently in our Core Parish Repertoire.  This will be a gradual process where possible hymns will be evaluated against the threefold liturgical, musical and pastoral judgements.  We have already received feedback from some music groups about possible music and selection considerations, and these will also be taken on board.


An example - May Your Kingdom Come

Listen to May Your Kingdom Come (Steve Angrisano)
May Your Kingdom Come is by Steve Angrisano, who composes in a contemporary Catholic style.  The suitability of compositions within this genre for liturgy can vary greatly, but there are some notable considerations within this example:

Liturgical judgement: the text of the song is communal (we/our), rather than individual (me/I); reflecting the fact that liturgy is a communal action.  The text also allows the assembly to direct its sung prayer to God, unlike some other songs where the assembly sings completely about itself.

Musical judgement: syncopation is typical within this style, and it can be problematic for a singing assembly to follow (think, for example, of how challenging it is for choirs, let alone assemblies, to sing Be Not Afraid as it's written!).  The syncopation in this song is likely to be less problematic once the song is known, which will be aided by the repeated patterns providing 'hooks' that help the assembly to participate.

Pastoral judgement: our parish community's repertoire currently has only a small number of songs within this genre; another would be helpful for connecting to younger parishioners who respond well to them.  It is also likely to appeal to other parishioners, who have previously responded enthusiastically to bright, upbeat compositions.

This is by no means an exhaustive outline, but goes some way to explain some of the thinking that can, and will go into evaluating new hymns for the core parish repertoire.  As possible hymns are identified, we will share them with you for consideration and feedback.


Congratulations Adriel!

Congratulations to Adriel Sukumar, who was chosen earlier this year as a winner in the Artology Fanfare Competition.  This is an outstanding achievement, and we are very blessed to have Adriel contributing to the music ministry in our parish.
Learn About Adriel and his Composition, "Fanfare Triumphant"

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