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Rethinking Leaf Blowers

We all hate them, right? Gas leaf blowers are noisy, smelly, polluting, wasteful, and even damaging to your health. Did you know that one two-stroke gas leaf blower can emit the same amount of non-methane hydrocarbons as two hundred and ninety-nine trucks? But, what alternatives do we have?

One option is the old rake or broom. Another option is leaving some leaves on the ground, as mulch is actually very good for soil health and plant protection, particularly in our current drought conditions.

But, what to do about clearing patios and sidewalks quickly? The solution is to replace filthy gas-powered blowers with electric alternatives. And the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) is ready to help show you how to do that.
Partnering with the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council’s Green Committee, SLIA has engaged AGZA (the American Green Zone Alliance) to present two information and training events to explain and demonstrate electric lawn and garden equipment for home and professional users.

Virtual Event on September 27, 2022
The first event on September 27 is virtual, and will be oriented toward home owners, renters, and rental property owners and will explain equipment choices.

In-Person Event on October 6, 2022
A second, bi-lingual in-person event on October 6 will be for garden professionals, with demonstrations of equipment and how they can replace or exchange their current machines for quieter, safer, and less polluting electric choices. This is planned to be held at the Friendship Auditorium on Riverside Drive.
Both events will highlight the latest details about government programs to assist in covering the costs of replacement. And, both events are free to attend – paid for with funds granted by the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council to SLIA, with the support of Council District 13.
Stay tuned, as further information about participation and reservations will be forthcoming at the following websites:
Silver Lake Improvement Association
Silver Lake Neighborhood Council Green Committee
Let’s all move to improve our environment for residents, as well as leaf blower operators. Tell your friends, neighbors, gardeners, and landlords and encourage them to attend and commit to changing.  Two bi-lingual English/Spanish flyers for starting the conversation are available here or here.

Gas Leaf Blowers are Illegal
The use of gas powered leaf blowers within 500 feet of a business and/ or residence is a violation of Los Angeles Municipal Code 112.04 (c), and has been since 1998. A fine of up to $200 may be issued by the city against the property owner, the gardener, or both.

Silver Lake's History with Gas Leaf Blowers
The Silver Lake Neighborhood Council has been at the forefront of ending the noise and pollution of gasoline leaf blowers. In 2013, the SLNC undertook a pioneering effort to help enforce the City’s ban on leaf blowers. Read more about the early SLNC action here.

Show Your Support for Electric Blowers, Get a Free “Take Charge” Sign

Silver Lake Together, a local community interest organization, has promoted the use of electric leaf blowers for several years. Show your support and get a free “Take Charge” sign here.



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