This week for Valentine's dinner, Ben and I went to one of our favorite seafood spots in the city. We had fresh oysters and their famous lobster rolls, which made me think back to our trip to Maine last year and all the delicious things we ate there. It's all filmed and edited into a travel vlog up on my Youtube if you want to watch! 

On our walk home from dinner, I kept thinking how I really want to go back to Maine again and continue our lobster roll crawl. But do I really want to GO BACK? It's always a big dilemma for me: is it a good idea to return to the places already visited and loved or is it better to keep discovering the new and unknown? 

There is obviously more comfort in going back to places we already enjoyed and those that feel familiar, while there is also always more to discover in the same spots the slower and deeper we travel them. The first time we visit, we might just get the highlights and hit the most-known "touristy" spots, but on the second or third visit, we get a chance to actually get to know the place and its real stories. 

But if we keep going back and focus on the past, we also never see anything new! I didn't get to where I am today by staying in the familiar and taking no risks. I didn't know I loved Montana or Maine (or New York!) until I went there, so there might be more out there to love, waiting for me to discover it. The question is, do I have enough time and resources for it all? Do I keep expanding my horizons and adding "Conquered!" flags to my discovery map or do I nurture those special relationships I've already started to grow? How do I make sure it's not a rushed game of "been there done that, next!"?

Last year was a bountiful one when it comes to travel: we skied in Utah, celebrated our anniversary in Mexico, visited my family in Russia twice, drove around Maine with my friend from back home, and then spent a week on the most gorgeous island in Greece, Santorini. It was amazing. Most of it is documented in videos on my Youtube channel as well. 

This summer we're going back to Idaho and Montana twice for weddings, but there aren't any personal or adventurous vacations on the horizon yet. It's kind of hard to plan anything when my life is uncertain and I don't have any concrete schedule. But I also know that if I don't plan then things just don't happen, so even if it's just a road trip, I need to figure it out sooner rather than later. If we rent a car and travel up north this summer, do we head back to Maine or do we give Vermont and New Hampshire a chance? I wish we didn't have to make choices and sacrifices but that's not how life works, right?

What are your travel plans this year? I suggest you come to New York so we can have a great time exploring together. DM me on insta and tell me about your upcoming adventures whether you're going to plan them or just do something spontaneous (did I mention New York already..?)
Persimmon-Squash Soup

A loving warm hug in a bowl.

Make this!

Persimmon Salad

Lunch and dessert, 2-in-1.

Make this!

Rainbow Bowl

Mixing colors and textures.

Make this!

Confetti Salad

Looks like a celebration!

Make this!

  • Thinking of the above-mentioned potential road trip, I found a few very interesting accommodations up North! Have you ever stayed in a tipi? How about a church? Options also include a sailboat, an unplugged dome, and a storybook castle. And of course, there is always an option to just rent a cabin with its own island at a wildlife preserve, comes with a herd of seals.

  • Spring is around the corner, there is noticeably more light in the apartment, so I'm getting ready to plant a new crop of herbs and microgreens on my windows. I might even make a guide for an apartment gardener, how does it sound? I'm still daydreaming of having an actual big garden again some day in the future, but meanwhile, I'm obsessing from afar over these GORGEOUS  art packs of seeds from the Hudson Valley Seed company. The full collection is on their own website, though, not presented as perfectly as it deserves.

  • I'm going to my first ever sound bath this Saturday 2/17 at Sky Ting! Anyone in NYC wants to join? I'll report on it next week, stay tuned!
That's it for our Third Issue, thanks for sticking around, I hope you enjoy these weekly emails as much as I do! If you want to say hi or have any ideas and suggestions for the future issues of Papaya, message me on insta @katekosaya!


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