April 12th , 2020

Dear Woodside Families and Friends, 

We hope this message finds you healthy and enjoying a good family weekend.

Its Virtual Spirit Week Woodside:


We know we can’t be together but let's have a wacky week of fun!

April 13th - April 17th


April 13th


April 14th

April 15th    


April 16th


April 17th

Future day!


Dress like a person from your
future occupation!

Sports Team!


Choose your outfit based on your
favorite sports team!  

Pack shirts!


Dress in your Pack color!

Crazy Hair day!


Fun, crazy hair styles welcome!

Backwards Day!


Wear your everyday clothes, just wear them backwards!

We would like to include our at home spirit week in the yearbook! 
Please email pictures and a little note saying we have permission to use your photos to

Reminder that this learning week only goes through Thursday for kids (but as parents you can manage that however you might find there is plenty of work available in the latest round of at home learning.  Speaking of which, if you scroll further you’ll find some charts and information related to last week’s survey.  Thank you for you participation great, and stay tuned this week for more information related to technology and continued learning plans.

The Woodside PTO invites parents to join in to watch Virtual Family Pack Meeting on Wednesday 4/15 at 2:15 p.m.  Information on how to join will be through our facebook page.  Please check on Monday evening when we plan to post more for more information about how to watch!

Take care and enjoy the bulletin.

-Mr. Dedek and the Woodside Family!

It was so popular, we decided to share it again...please enjoy the “We Miss You Woodside” video. Maybe have your student watch this video made with love from your Woodside Faculty and Staff....see how many of the 63 faces your child recognizes! 

In This Issue

  • Woodside’s We Miss You Video
  • Lunch Update
  • New Read Aloud with Mr. Dedek (and archive)
  • PTO Corner
  • Results from at home Learning Survey
  • Message from Mrs. mcG - Guidance Counselor
  • Message and link to Mrs. Dimbleby - RTI-B Teacher

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Woodside School Office

April 12th, 2020

We miss you Woodside!

Hopefully most of you have already seen the video of Woodside teachers sharing their messages to our students, but in case you haven’t seen it yet...please click this link, and will take you short video.  Credit to Harpswell COmmunity School’s Learning Commons who inspired the idea, and to Ms. Hatch who organized Woodside’s project.

Lunch Program

Our next weekly pickup will be Wednesday, April 15th, this week we will have more meals available at each site.  Thank you for your patience during this time of need.  We are all in this together!

-MSAD 75 Foodservice

 (Click here for a map.)

Link to our district information on COVID-19

Have you seen your principal read a book?


Well, the temperatures dropped late this past week, and the the workload increased, the snow, that means I found a spot at a real desk to read a book this weekend (luckily Mrs. Dedek was making Pizza Dough at the I have just the opportunity to sneak in a read aloud (or two)...hope you enjoy!

Fresh Stories from the weekend:

April 10th (Dooby, Dooby, Moo!)

April 11th (One Morning in Maine - Part 1)

April 11th (One Morning in Maine - Part 2)

April 11th (One Morning in Maine - Part 3)

The Read Aloud Story Archive: Try it for the first time, or try it again!

Date Posted


Date Posted


March 19th 

I am Skippy Jon Jones

April 1st 


The Day the Crayons Quit

March 20th


The Circus Ship

April 6th  

Duck in a truck

March 21st   


Skippy Jon Jones - In the Dog House


April 6th  


If I built a car

March 22nd


A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee


April 10th 


Dooby, Dooby, Moo!

March 23rd


Froggy Learns to Swim


April 11 p1


One Morning in Maine Part 1

March 24th


Part One : Burt Dow Deep Water Man


April 11 p2


One Morning in Maine Part 2

March 25th


Part Two: Burt Dow Deep Water Man


April 11 p3


One Morning in Maine Part 3

March 26th 


Don’t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus


March 27th


Click Clack Moo - Cows that Type


March 28th


Wemberly Worried



New At Home Learning Links (version 2.0)

  • These new learning opportunities will cover school days from April 1 -April 16th, right up to our planned school vacation. You might ask, why aren’t we printing them and mailing them this time?  Well, it has been advised that to reduce the chance of spreading the COVID-19 virus in the community, that the schools stop mass copying, stuffing, mailing or distribution of packets. We know this may create a challenge for some families.  

  • If you do run into challenges you can’t solve on your own, please contact your homeroom or special education teacher, and we’ll work our best to try and safely help you out.

  • We expect to have a new Elementary At Home Learning Opportunities site ready to go and posted to our district web site: 


New At Home Learning Links (version 2.0) 


From Mrs. Dimbleby - RTI-B Teacher

I miss you all SO much but I know that being home is what we need to do right now to keep our community healthy. 

I hope you are all well and finding ways to practice the "Woodside Way" each day.  In an effort to continue to support families but also limit the number of communications that families receive I thought that I would put helpful resources, tips, and other information on a website that you can visit whenever you have the time or the need.  Please visit, .  

My goal is to post at least once a week and to add resources that I find helpful to support social/emotional/behavioral well-being.  I am also available during school hours via email, phone, or video conference. Feel free to email me to set up a good time.  

With all the best, 

Mrs. Dimbleby 💚


Note from Mrs. McGlauflin

A Note from you Guidance Counselor   

  Dear Woodside Parents:
  A video message from Mrs, McG
I have been waiting to be in touch because I know this is a tumultuous time and you have been receiving many communications from teachers and administrators!   But I wanted you to know I have been thinking of you and your children every day, hoping you are well, staying well, or taking good care of yourselves if sick.
I so respect all you have to adjust to right now as a parent--becoming suddenly a teacher, facing job loss or the challenges of working at home, meeting your family’s basic needs, managing stress.  It is so important to stay connected to yourself and your feelings, family, friends, the school and larger community to reduce stress and remain, stay or become well. I hope you are finding ways to do so. 

Keeping in touch with me:

I am working on endorsed ways to keep in touch with you and your children in the weeks ahead, and am committed to continue supporting you in every available way I can.   Right now, the best way is to email me at  This way we can set up a plan to connect by phone or other means. 

Finding other assistance

The best and quickest way to find out how and where to get assistance is by calling

  1.  A statewide general helpline:  211.   This person has at their fingertips the current information about community resources available to you to meet the needs of your family.

  2. An intentional warm line: 1-866-771-9276. This is a statewide line to connect you to a friendly person who can listen, support, and help you problem solve various concerns. 

  3. A support services helpline: 1-888-568-1112. This is a number to call for any kind of support or assistance with mental health issues. It is a good place to turn if you feel you a=or a loved one are in danger, or at the limits of your coping skills.  

Be well, stay well, become well, and keep in touch.  

Mrs. McG

 Peek at the upcoming weeks:

Well...below, is normally where you would find upcoming dates for all sorts of activities planned for the school….for now, we’ve had to put most of that on hold.  But read on, and as things are re-scheduled...I’ll make sure to add them in.


4/15/20 Lunch Bus at MAMS Parking lot, 50 Republic Dr. Topsham. (Click here for a map.)

4/15/20 PTO Sponsored Family Pack Meeting - Please check the Woodside Elementary School PTO Facebook page for an invitation to the this live-streamed event at 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday 4/15.  Hope to see you there!

4/17-24 - April Vacation


5/5/20 V-PTO  Virtual PTO Meeting 6:00-7:30 p.m. Please e-mail: For an invitation and password to attend the meeting virtually. 

Important Links:

Link to our district information on COVID-19

At Home Learning Update- 

As our Governor, our Maine State Education Commissioner and our MSAD #75 Superintendent  have recently noted, social distancing and keeping our school buildings closed are some of the smartest things we can do to ensure a healthy community and to help us get back to normal as soon as possible. 

To that while school buildings remain closed until at least May 4th, we at MSAD 75 are open for business to support you and  your students in their at home learning. In addition to continuing their current learning support, teachers will also be meeting and working hard this week to prepare the next round of distance learning opportunities before going on April break. Additionally,  we expect to roll out a plan to share technology resources for families in need thanks to the at home learning surveys the over 600 families filled out for the Elementary level. Thank you for your voice, for your patience, and for remembering, while a lot of this will be a rocky road for all families; we are all in it together, and we are all a community with the same common goal - educating and raising great kids for a better future.

Thank you for helping us better understand what has been working, what has been hard, and what might be some improvements for the very many different families and different situations in our community.  Expect to see those new plans to begin 4/27. 

Below - please find some summary information from the recent survey.

WOODSIDE families respond in numbers:
With more than ⅓ of all responses coming from Woodside families, I am very thankful that you got your voice out there in numbers. Great job!


Just Right Work Load:  About 25% feel that the workload was too great, about 12% feel that the work load was too little, and about 63% feel it has been just right.  We know this means offering some options will help some families cope; but we also see that a strong majority feel good about the workload so far.


 Enough Technology at Home

About 78% of respondents feel that they have enough internet capable devices at home to help their students with continued at home learning.  This is guiding us in our plan to distribute some technology under an acceptable use plan supervised by our district tech department.

About 19% of our 3rd-5th graders indicated they  would need technology support from the district.

And about 13% of our K-2nd graders indicated they would need technology support from the district.

Our plan is to deploy support in a targeted need manner. We feel we have enough tech assets already to do this...and with leadership support at the district level, we feel we can get this done in time to support our next round of at home learning.

Teacher Support is Helpful for 87%

We know that these are difficult times, and when over 637 different responses come in, some percentage will be favorable and some unfavorable. Our hope is that for the 13% that do not report the connection with their teachers has been helpful, that you can guide the teacher (or teachers) in the way that works best for you, and give them the opportunity to learn and from and to respond to your needs in a way that might be more helpful.  We respect that all of you have new challenges at home in this unprecedented time. And, as I’m sure you can imagine, teachers and their households do as well. If there is something that a teacher can do (or not do if the case may be) please let them know, and we pledge to do our best to respect your wishes within the limits of our capabilities.  

Closing Notes:

My wish for the Woodside Community is that you stay healthy, be good to your neighbors and family, and that you are prepared,  aware and can practice being a little kinder than necessary in these trying times. 

We are all of us good people in our hearts, but when the news of the world can be so concerning and worrisome, it's in our nature to be triggered and feel the stress response taking over. It's part of being human! 

Knowing  that stress will happen is part of being prepared, recognizing when it happens is part of being aware, and responding when it happens by taking some deep breaths, positive self thought and talk, and remembering that when given the choice between being “right” and being “kind”... we can all of us choose to make kind actions and speak kind words.  That’s what I pledge to work on in my own small corner of the world, and it’s part of what I hope is the Woodside way.

Take care, 


Reminder: Next PTO Meeting: Tuesday 5/5/20:

Send your e-mail to to join our next meeting at 6:00 p.m.

PTO Highlights:
Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m. (We are considering opening up to a virtual platform at this meeting, look for an invitation coming soon.)
PTO executive board: 2019-2020
President: Erika McKenney 
Vice President: Erin Scott 
Treasurer: Laurie Wertz
Secretary: Julie Creek
Teacher Rep: Erin Dimbleby
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