The Woodside PTO invites parents to join in to watch Virtual Family Pack Meeting on Wednesday 5/20 at 2:15 p.m.  Information on how to join will be through our PTO’s facebook page.  Please check on Monday  evening, 5/18, when we plan to post more for more information about how to watch!

Take care and enjoy the bulletin.

-Mr. Dedek and the Woodside Family!

In This Issue

  • Some shared elmentary bullet notes from our Superintednent
  • Lunch Update
  • New Read Aloud with Mr. Dedek (and archive)
  • PTO Corner
  • Some FAQ’s to Mr Dedek during the COVID-19 Closure
  • Message from Mrs. mcG - Guidance Counselor
  • Message and link to Mrs. Dimbleby - RTI-B Teacher

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Woodside School Office

May 11 th, 2020

We miss you Woodside!


Dear Woodside Friends and Families,

Here’s hoping this bulletin finds you doing well and staying healthy.  Below, please find a few bullet point messages that our elementary schools want to share with you from our Superintendent in a clear and consistent manner.

  • Food service will continue until June 17, 2020

  • Teachers will be continuing to contact each family weekly.

  • If parents have questions about any aspect of our remote learning plans please let the classroom teacher or building principal know

  • If parents need assistance with paper packets, please let us know.

  • We will be providing more detailed information concerning the last two weeks of school, June 1-12th later this month.  Starting on June 1st, we will transition to offering targeted support who are furthest behind.  Teachers will focus on smaller groups of students and essential learning goals.  Students will be requested to engage in this targeted learning support structure based on teacher and/or administration recommendation.  Optional learning activities will be available for students who do not need targeted instruction or for families that request them.

  • The last day of school is not May 29th.  The last day of school is June 12th. 

  • June 15th -19th will now be used for professional development for teachers and educational technicians.

Lunch Program - Our Superheros!

Our weekly pickups will continue to be held on Wednesdays until further notice. 

We will have more meals available at Mt Ararat MIddle School, Bowodinham, Bowdoin Central, Harpswell  Community Schools.

Thank you for your patience during this time of need.  We are all in this together!

-MSAD 75 Foodservice

 (Click here for a map.)

Link to our district information and official letters regarding COVID-19

Have you seen your principal read Miss Rumphius??


It’s been awhile since I uploaded a story, I guess its been a little busy in the land of Principal Dedek...but, now that we’ve created new learning packets, distributed chromebooks, and started to get classrooms cleaned up, its time for a good read!

Fresh Stories from the principal’s office:


May 10th - Miss Rumphius




The Read Aloud Story Archive: Try it for the first time, or try it again!

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Date Posted


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Part One : Burt Dow Deep Water Man


April 11 p2


One Morning in Maine Part 2

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Part Two: Burt Dow Deep Water Man


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March 27th


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March 28th


Wemberly Worried




New At Home Learning Links Can Be Found at this page: (version 3.0 4/27-5/22)

  • Your Woodside teacher will e-mail you links the weekend preceding the new learning weeks...but you can also find them on our website.

  • We expect to have a new Elementary At Home Learning Opportunities site ready to go and posted to our district web site: 

Peek at the upcoming weeks:


5/14/20 - Virtual Board Meeting, 6:30 p.m. Log in here to watch:

5/20/20 V-PTO  Virtual Whole School Pack Meeting -  We invite you to Tune in to Facebook live in order to view this offering from Mr. Dedek, Ms. Hatch and friends.  2:30-3:00 p.m.  (If a Zoom link becomes available, we’ll share that with you soon, for now look for updates in the WoodsideSchoolPTO page on facebook. 

May 29th   - The last regular instruction remote learning day.


6/2 - Tentatively, Final PTO Meeting of the School Year.  Updates on Woodside PTO Facebook Page.

6/1-6/12  -  K-5 teachers will transition to offer targeted support for students who are furthest behind.  Teachers will focus on smaller groups of students and work further with the essential learning goals. For students who do not need targeted instruction, we will offer optional learning activities which families can use with their children. 

June 15-19 - No school for students, teacher professional development work.

June 10th (Final Assembly - 5th GradeCelebration) We will share an invite to this final assembly to honor our 5th grade students in the traditional format, but will open up to all grades to watch in Zoom.  More information to follow. 2:15-3:15 p.m. (Tentative - sty tuned for more details)

June 11th (Rain date June 12)  5th Grade Drive-up Certificate and Farewell. 5th Grade teachers will be sharing plans with their families in the coming weeks. 9:30-11:00 a.m.

Notes from Frequently Asked Questions of Mr. Dedek during the COVID-19 Closure:

Will my child be ready for next year?  

This is a question that I have been asked a few times by parents and teachers since this all began back in March.  The simple answer is yes....and no.  Simple right?

So, I want to be very clear about this. I expect that every public school student across the nation has been impacted by this necessary school closure to ensure a flattening of the curve from a public health perspective.  I believe that here in Maine we have been successful in that, and I also believe that it is not over.  So please, continue to practice what we call Universal Precautions at Woodside (hand wash, social distance, stay home if you are sick, and call your doctor if you have a fever that persists...please continue to put your health and the health of our whole community as our utmost important and shared community goal.)

Now to answer the question with the yes’s and the no’s:

  • YES - your child will be ready for next year, all teachers everywhere understand that to start next year we need to be prepared for kids who have missed ⅓ of their previous school year.  Your child will be ready to move on, and so will we.

  • NO - your child would most likely not have mastered all the previous year’s standards. Progress along the expected path of both academic and social milestones was interrupted, we understand this, and will adjust to make sure kids feel comfortable to start the new year.

  • YES- Your child will have teachers who understand all of this and will adjust both academic and social instruction to meet the needs.

  • NO - Our standards will not change, but our understanding of the support and time it will take to help kids achieve those standards must change.

  • YES - Your child and our teachers will make it work together, and we’ll include you open and honest communications that will help you orient as the new school year progresses through an improved and simpler to understand  report card and essential parent teacher conferences.

  • NO - It will probably not look the same, or feel the same when we start back up...there is a lot that so many have experienced, and our school, town, state and nation will need time to work through it all as part of our new normal when we return next school year.

  • YES - there is no better place that I can imagine to have your child return to than your MSAD 75 public school system.  I have children at all three levels, Woodside, Mt. Ararat Middle, and Mt. Ararat High Schools.  I truly believe that this school system has a lot going for it, most important to that, the teachers and facilities that this community has invested in are some of the wisest investments a community can make.  With continued support from our community, I know that this school system will serve your child right, and together, we will emerge from this time of school closure with a new open mind for what it means to be a healthy community that is focused on growth and learning. 

My child keeps asking whether his/her teacher will collect the work from this time of school closure...what should I do?

Here is a response I’ve given to a few parents:

Dear Woodside Parent,  

Thanks for reaching out and asking this question....I hope that your kids are doing well, I miss all of Woodside so much!

I think its really important that your kids get the message that their work and efforts to continue learning this Spring are very important, not only just to keep their brains active, but to build the habits of mind with time management, work completion, and organizing materials.  I’m also happy they’ve been able to connect with their teachers, even if it is digitally.

Although right now we don't know how teachers will be able to collect finished paperwork, you can save their work in an envelope or folder.  Later in the year, if we don't have an opportunity to pass in the work, you can have them look back at the work and select a few pieces as a time capsule of their learning at home, or to share with their teachers in the future.

Some day, sooner or later, we will all look back at this time, hopefully with more normalcy with all of our healthy family members. Whether the kids are looking back to review their work with a teacher, or looking back from a personal history perspective, keeping an organized archive of their work will serve them well.  

Let me know if I can offer any further advice, but please let your kids know that Mr. Dedek cares a lot about them doing the work that their teacher has assigned them, and I know staying organized and working hard will help them when we finally can put all this behind us.  If it would be helpful in any way, I’m also happy to reach out more personally,  just let me know.

For now, help them save their work, and if there are more updates about work collection, I’ll be sure to reach out about that soon.  For now, take good care and  thank you for all you are doing to help the kids continue to learn and develop and grow!



Richard W. Dedek II, Principal - Woodside Elementary School



(Reposted from last bulletin) From Mrs. Dimbleby - RTI-B Teacher

I miss you all SO much but I know that being home is what we need to do right now to keep our community healthy. 

I hope you are all well and finding ways to practice the "Woodside Way" each day.  In an effort to continue to support families but also limit the number of communications that families receive I thought that I would put helpful resources, tips, and other information on a website that you can visit whenever you have the time or the need.  Please visit, .  

My goal is to post at least once a week and to add resources that I find helpful to support social/emotional/behavioral well-being.  I am also available during school hours via email, phone, or video conference.  Feel free to email me to set up a good time.  

With all the best, 

Mrs. Dimbleby 💚



(Reposted from last two bulletins)Note from Mrs. McGlauflin

A Note from you Guidance Counselor   


Dear Woodside Parents:

A video message from Mrs, McG

I have been waiting to be in touch because I know this is a tumultuous time and you have been receiving many communications from teachers and administrators!   But I wanted you to know I have been thinking of you and your children every day, hoping you are well, staying well, or taking good care of yourselves if sick.

I so respect all you have to adjust to right now as a parent--becoming suddenly a teacher, facing job loss or the challenges of working at home, meeting your family’s basic needs, managing stress.  It is so important to stay connected to yourself and your feelings, family, friends, the school and larger community to reduce stress and remain, stay or become well. I hope you are finding ways to do so.

Keeping in touch with me:

I am working on endorsed ways to keep in touch with you and your children in the weeks ahead, and am committed to continue supporting you in every available way I can.   Right now, the best way is to email me at  This way we can set up a plan to connect by phone or other means. 

Finding other assistance

  The best and quickest way to find out how and where to get assistance is by calling
  1.  A statewide general helpline:  211.   This person has at their fingertips the current information about community resources available to you to meet the needs of your family.

  2. An intentional warm line: 1-866-771-9276. This is a statewide line to connect you to a friendly person who can listen, support, and help you problem solve various concerns. 

  3. A support services helpline: 1-888-568-1112. This is a number to call for any kind of support or assistance with mental health issues. It is a good place to turn if you feel you a=or a loved one are in danger, or at the limits of your coping skills. 

Be well, stay well, become well, and keep in touch.  

Warmly, Mrs. McG.

Closing Notes: 5/11/20

A quick thank you to our PTO for the teacher appreciation gifts left for our hardworking staff last week.  The tough decision to celebrate our teachers through a socially responsible, no contact format was welcomed and appreciated.  Gift cards were waiting for our teachers as they began the process of cleaning out their classroom spaces one at a time last week...surely this was not a happy task, but the bright flowers, snacks and gift cards meant a lot. Thank you PTO!

I also want to recognize that our teachers and PTO are working hard to find a way to honor our exiting 5th graders.  I’m happy to report we’re making our plans now to have a virtual final assembly, and special opportunity for students to have a drive-by-good-bye with their teacher at the end of the school year.  Stay tuned for more details as they are fleshed-out in the coming weeks.

Finally, Governor Mills has begun to open up restrictions on non-essential business functions.  It remains to be seen how this will impact the current trajectory of the illness.  With all luck on our side, the impact will be minimal, especially if we all pledge to stay vigilant, practice great hand washing and social distancing practices, and of course, encourage the use of personal protective equipment such as face coverings and gloves when in public spaces.

For now it’s all part of the new normal. Hopefully, it won’t be this way for losing, but even it it does last for awhile, you can trust that Woodside will always be here to think about, care for, and world hard to educate our next generation of leaders, learners, and citizens.

Take care, 


-End of Document.




Reminder: Next PTO Meeting: (Tentatively)Tuesday 6/2/20:

Send your e-mail to to join our next meeting at 6:00 p.m.

PTO Highlights:
Next Meeting: (Tentatively) Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020 @ 6:00 p.m. (We are considering opening up to a virtual platform at this meeting, look for an invitation coming soon.)
PTO executive board: 2019-2020
President: Erika McKenney 
Vice President: Erin Scott 
Treasurer: Laurie Wertz
Secretary: Julie Creek
Teacher Rep: Erin Dimbleby
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