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Edition 22. November 24, 2018 . Volume 2

Thanksgiving Brought Mixed Emotions

As we all gathered around our tables this Thanksgiving, offering our gratitude for all we have, I know that thoughts and prayers were offered to those who suffered losses of family members and friends, homes and businesses and for many, their livelihood. Emotions have been high and mixed for many of us in the 23 Jefferson Counties. Great sadness is felt for the fire victims, while at the same time, anger. Anger for the many of us who have seen first hand the mismanagement of our forests and the continued failings of those elected who have bought into the radical environmentalists and the liberal left's agenda.

My anger grew even more so when I learned, that in 2016, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed Senate Bill 1463, a Wildfire Management Bill, despite unanimous passage by the State Assembly, 75-0 and State Senate 39-0. This Bill would have given local governments more say in fire prevention efforts through the Public Utilities Commission proceeding making maps of fire hazard areas around utility lines. To make matters worse, SB 1463 was on its way to Jerry Brown's desk at the same time when California was on fire.

El Dorado County is the home to many of the key environmental groups who used the courts to stop or delay timber harvest plans, as well as water and road projects, unrelated to forest lands. In 1993, Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation filed lawsuits halting a little over 60 timber sales. I remember interviewing our Forest Service Georgetown District Ranger at the time complaining that instead of his staff out managing and clearing forests and trails, they spent most of their time in the office performing environmental studies and addressing legal challenges.

Congressman McClitntock called it right when he recently said, “For decades traditional forest management was scientific and successful – that is until ideological, preservationists zealots wormed their way into government and began the overhaul of sound federal forest management through the abuse of the Endangered Species Act and the “re-wilding, no use movement.”

An example of one of the biggest scams perpetrated on the public was the Spotted Owl, and when it was revealed their numbers were not declining, I remember an environmentalist who was questioned about this responded, “not to worry, we will always find another species.”

Brown and the left continue to mount their “Global Warming” soap box. While at the same time, PG&E power lines, are once more being looked at to be the source of the Camp Fire.

In a recent Town Hall news article, Bruce Bialosky, asks a reasonable question: “If you believe that global warming is making life more challenging for forest management, then you should support proper

forest management. Otherwise,we will be left with even more intense fires.”

Bialosky furthered his research by speaking with Chris French, the Acting Deputy of Forest Service. who believes that the primary cause of the intense forest fires was that “forests are overstocked. There are more trees than 100 years ago.”

French said he would like to see more active forest clearance and clearance of the underbrush and also more controlled fires when risks are minimized. He said, “The reason we are not doing that now, is because of budget restraints.”

French added, that because of the good work the Forest Service was doing, they were spending 35% of the budget on forest maintenance and 15% on fire suppression.” At this point French stated that it was projected that 60% of their budget went toward suppression leaving fewer precious dollars for clearance.

French also noted that while doing the clearance by the Forest Service, they were controlled by a myriad of federal laws which limit their actions. These laws include The Clean Air Act, Natural Forest Management Act, The Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act to name a few. The Forest Service must put information out to the public before they do their clearance work. “They are not always questioned, but quite often interest groups jump in armed with legal briefs to stop the planned work,” said French.

This has often occurred in many of our fire ravaged counties, when trying to remove burned trees, whose timber is salvageable for only one year, but because it typically takes a year or more to go through the bureaucratic red tape and legal process, trees remain on the forest floor creating another layer of fuel.

Too many of our counties have suffered from horrific, devastating fires over the last couple of years and at one point, I remember remarking, “they are trying to get rid of Jefferson.”

There has been no greater loss than that of those in Paradise. And, there is no price that can be put on the loss of life and their overall losses of that which cannot be replaced. Fire victims can take heart that there will continue to be an outpouring of assistance and support from those in our Jefferson counties and elsewhere.

This horrific tragedy should be a wake up call to all of us who live in rural areas. We owe it to those who lost their lives to become more involved and vocal within our local communities. The Jefferson Movement offers the platform to raise the level of awareness and bring change. Remember, it all starts local and Jeffersonian's need to be the voices of reason in their local communities.

Terry Gherardi

England vs the U.S. - Isn't This Ironic

When doing some research about representation, I came across something we all should find interesting. In 2010, the population of England (not Great Britain), was 53,300,000. The House of Commons members totaled 533. When you divide 53,300,000, this equals 100,000 population per representative. (This correlation between the numbers seems to be a coincidence since its fixed at 533).

Compare this to the population of the United States at 323,000,000 in 2016, with the number in the House of Representatives at 435. Dividing 323,000,000 by 435 equals 742,529, or in round numbers,

each Congressman represents 740,000. And, as you know, in California each Assembly member represents 500,000 people. It is probably safe to say that this imbalance or representation will only grow larger, in both the California Legislature and United States Congress.

So, one has to find it ironic, that we fought a war in 1776 to free ourselves from the tyranny of England for lack of representation, not to mention unfair taxation. Guess who is having the last laugh?

Sharon Durst
SOJ El Dorado County

Come! Listen! Learn! Speak Up!

Happening Saturday Dec 1, 2018,
at the VFW Hall
3210 W Center St in Anderson, CA.

Special speakers including
Mark Baird, Patrick Jones
and local sheriffs.

Doors open at 3. Rally Starts at 4.
Events are happening all over Jefferson Counties, too many to list here. For more information, please check the website, Events and Meetings or copy & paste:

Hosted by Shasta County State of Jefferson

Enjoy the Christmas holidays with family and friends at the Riverfront Playhouse production of Miracle on 34th Street. Come either Tuesday, December 11th or on Thursday, December 13th. Doors open at 6:45PM and the play starts at 7:30PM. Tickets are $25 each and includes 1 free drink and hors d'oeuvres. Text or call Mike at 530-227-8560 or you may email him at to get your tickets now! Many tickets are still left. Please help support the legal fund.

Penny Garland
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We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
The Jefferson Messenger Staff
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Winner of AR 15 Zombie Gun Announced

At the El Dorado County State of Jefferson November 13th general meeting, the lucky winner of the Spikes Tactical SL15 Zombie Gun was announced. The gun was donated by Frank Merritt with only 100 tickets sold. Pictured above: Lucky winner Mark Johnston (left) of Somerset, and Frank Merritt (right). Proceeds will be donated to the State of Jefferson Formation legal fund. A big thank you to Frank for his generosity and continued support for the Jefferson Movement.
Terry Gherardi

Standing County
Committee Meetings

Subject to change without notice.
Coos County, OR
3rd Wednesday each month - 6PM
60 W Third St
Coquille, OR

Curry County, OR
2nd Wednesday each month -
6:00 PM
Panthers Den
29513 Ellensburg Ave
Gold Beach, OR

Douglas County, OR
2nd Tuesday each month - 6 PM
Republican Headquarters
506 SE Jackson St
Roseburg, OR

El Dorado County
2nd Tuesday each month -
6:30 PM
American Legion Hall, 4561 Greenstone Road, Placerville
Doors open 5:30 to 6:30 PM, to socialize, ask questions, buy merchandise, and/or enjoy a meal.  The meeting time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Jackson County, OR
2nd Thursday each month -
6:30 PM
County Library
412 E Main St
Rogue River, OR

Josephine County, OR
1st Thursday each month - 6:00 PM
Elmer's Restaurant
GP Parkway and Foothill Blvd
Grants Pass, OR
3rd Thursday each month -
6:00 PM
Kerby Belt Building

Klamath County, OR
1st Wednesday each month -
6:00 PM
Shasta View Community Hall
5831 E Shasta Way
Klamath Falls, OR

Mariposa County
4th Tuesday each month - 5:30 PM
Happy Burger Diner Meeting Room
5120 State Hwy 140 at 12
th St

Nevada County
2nd and 4th Mondays each month - 6:00 PM
Robinson's Conference Center 293 Lower Grass Valley Hwy
Nevada City

Placer County
3rd Tuesday each month - 6 PM
Round Table Pizza
2345 Sunset Blvd

Shasta County
Mondays at 5:30 PM
2570 S. Bonnyview Road

Shasta Co Intermountain Patriots
2nd Tuesday each month - 6:30 PM
Burney Lions Hall
Main Street, Burney

4th Tuesday each month
Social time - 5 PM
The Ol Merc
Hwy 299, McArthur
Meeting time - 6:30 PM
McArthur Lions Hall,  Hwy 299

Stanisluas County
1st & 3rd Wednesday each month - 6:30 PM *New time*
Grizzly Rock Cafe
4905 North Golden State Blvd  

Sutter and Yuba Counties
 4th Monday each month - 6:30 PM
Church of Glad Tidings Building 500, Room 212
1179 Eager Road
Yuba City
Tehama County
 1st  & 3rd Friday each month -
7:00 PM
Westside Grange
20794 Walnut Street
Red Bluff

Trinity County
 2nd Thursday each month -
6:30 PM
Hayfork Community Church
7450 State Highway 3
3rd Wednesday each month -
6:00 PM
Round Table Pizza
120 Nugget Lane

Tuolumne County
2nd Tuesday each month -
6:00 PM
Sonora Re/Max Building, 207 S Washington Street
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