Volume 4 . Issue 6                 June 13, 2020

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation, must begin by subduing the freedom of speech" - Benjamin Franklin

Why Did We Have to Fight?

In your grammar school teachings about the Revolutionary War, you were told that King George III simply wanted more money from the colonists and that the colonists were not about to pay unless they had representation. You remember it as “Taxation without Representation”.

This, like most mythologies, is only a partial truth. The real reasons for going to war with Britain were not nearly so noble.

We know that the Seven Years War with the French came at an enormous cost to the British Crown. At the time, the colonies were flourishing and their taxation was quite a bit less than the royal subjects were paying back home. So it was clear that America would have to dig deeper and start paying more for their own protection and other benefits of living under the protections of the Crown. The colonists were not really opposed to more taxes but they didn't want to pay them blindly without some say in the process. They wanted seats in Parliament.

But this is where the nasty politics come in.

Parliament in the 1750's and 1760's mostly consisted of wealthy land owners. They feared the growing democratic movement in England. They reasoned that giving even just a few seats to the Colonies would set an unwelcome precedent. How could they give representation to the Americans when common people in London still lacked proper representation? The Revolutionary War came about because the ruling class in London believed it preferable to risk war and lose a few colonies than risk losing control of the entire empire. Sound familiar? It would have been so easy to allow the government to open up and start admitting representation to the people who were doing most of the working and paying and living and dying (to steal from the James Stewart movie). Instead, they chose to hold on to their power and not allow the intrusion into their government.

Our situation is not similar, but it is not entirely different, We demand a say in how our tax dollars are spent and how we choose to live our lives through the Constitution. We battle against an entrenched legislative body consisting not of wealthy landowners, but of hive mentality progressives and do-nothing Rinos. Like the colonists, our grievances go unheard by a group that has no intention of ever letting the status quo change.

The Revolutionary War was never really about taxes; that much, at least, is clear. One popular theory among historians describes it as essentially a war waged over principles. This is where we find ourselves today.

The most discouraging part is that we have reached a point where a decision will need to be made. The acts of sedition within the California government are intolerable. We have, perhaps, one more peaceful application to make before we must relent to a more distasteful strategy. As Thomas Jefferson said in his Summary View manuscript of 1774, The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time; the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.” What he meant is that God endowed us with freedom and the means to have it, no matter what. But it will come at great sacrifice. So while gaining our liberty without force is still possible, it requires every person who professes to want liberty to do everything in their power to secure it.

David Titchenal

Events are happening all over Jefferson Counties, too many to list here. For more information, please check the website, Events and Meetings or copy & paste:

American Veterans First
June 20, 2020
Come to a rib cookoff and brewfest! This will be from Noon to 4:00PM at 2372 Patterson Road in Riverbank, CA.

Entry fee for general public to be determined. Senior and 100% disabled veterans are free.

To get entry forms contact or call 209-863-0480.

Come help us raise money and to support our veterans! Please stop by our Jefferson booth that will be there.
Click here for the archived broadcasts to keep up to date! To call into the live Jefferson radio show, the number is 530-605-4567.
Standing County
Committee Meetings

Subject to change without notice.
Coos County, OR
3rd Wednesday each month - 6PM
60 W Third St
Coquille, OR

Curry County, OR
2nd Wednesday each month -
6:00 PM
Panthers Den
29513 Ellensburg Ave
Gold Beach, OR

Douglas County, OR
2nd Tuesday each month - 6 PM
Republican Headquarters
506 SE Jackson St
Roseburg, OR

El Dorado County
2nd Tuesday each month -
6:30 PM
American Legion Hall, 4561 Greenstone Road, Placerville
Doors open 5:30 to 6:30 PM, to socialize, ask questions and/or enjoy a meal.  The meeting time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Jackson County, OR
2nd Thursday each month -
6:30 PM
County Library
412 E Main St
Rogue River, OR

Josephine County, OR
1st Thursday each month - 6:00 PM
Elmer's Restaurant
GP Parkway and Foothill Blvd
Grants Pass, OR
3rd Thursday each month -
6:00 PM
Kerby Belt Building

Klamath County, OR
1st Tuesday each month -
6:00 PM
Sizzler's Meeting Room
2506 S Sixth St
Klamath Falls, OR

Mariposa County
4th Tuesday each month – 5:30 PM
Happy Burger Diner Meeting Room
5120 State Hwy 140 at 12
th St

Nevada & Placer Counties
3rd Wednesday each month - 6 PM
5:30 PM Social time
Mt. Vernon Guild Hall
3185 Bell Rd

Shasta County
Mondays at 5:30 PM
2570 S. Bonnyview Road

Shasta County Intermountain Patriots
2nd Tuesday each month - 6:30 PM
Burney Lions Hall
Main Street, Burney

4th Tuesday each month
Social time - 5 PM
The Ol Merc
Hwy 299, McArthur
Meeting time - 6:30 PM
McArthur Lions Hall,  Hwy 299

Stanisluas County
2nd & 4th Tuesday each month -6:30 PM
Grizzly Rock Cafe
4905 North Golden State Blvd  
*Starting in July*
1st & 3rd Tuesday each month

American Values SOJ
1st & 3rd Tuesday each month -
7 PM
Mountain Mike's Pizza
111 Maggs St, Oakdale

Sutter and Yuba Counties
 4th Monday each month - 6:30 PM
Church of Glad Tidings Building 500, Room 212
1179 Eager Road
Yuba City
Tehama County
 1st  & 3rd Friday each month -
7:00 PM
Westside Grange
20794 Walnut Street
Red Bluff

Trinity County
 2nd Thursday each month -
6:30 PM
Hayfork Community Church
7450 State Highway 3
3rd Wednesday each month -
6:00 PM
Round Table Pizza
120 Nugget Lane

Tuolumne County
2nd Tuesday each month -
6:00 PM
Willow Springs Club House
20522 Willow Springs Rd
Conference Calls
The conference calls have been put on hold for now and placed on an as needed basis. Please check back here to see if any have been scheduled.
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