Volume 4 . Issue 11                 November 14, 2020

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation, must begin by subduing the freedom of speech" - Benjamin Franklin
Terry Rapoza and Carlos Zapata appear on InfoWars hosted by Alex Jones.
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Election Integrity


When we went to the polls on November 3rd, we all had cast our votes for the President, Senators, Representatives, City and County officials not to forget the Propositions and Measures. Then we waited anxiously for the results. We are still waiting on states to finish counting but we are also seeing multiple “glitches” and questionable acts of Governors, Post Masters and election volunteers along with more ballots returned than registered voters. This will not be over for a while with many that are calling for a re-verification and re-counts especially in the swing states. Just so we all are on the same book and page, the Mainstream Media does not ever call who the President-elect is.

As we vote for a President, we are actually voting for a group of people called electors. When a candidate receives the most votes then normally that candidate receives those electoral votes. Two states, Nebraska and Maine, can split their electoral votes. However, the electors do not always cast their votes for the candidate that got the popular vote. We saw this in the last Presidential election.

Each elector gets one vote based on their representation in Congress. There are 538 electors selected. So when they are called on to give their vote, they will say who it goes to. The candidate wins on who receives more than half of the votes at 270.

This is the timeline that we are following.

November 3, 2020 - Election day

December 11, 2020 - California is the last state to certify their votes

December 14, 2020 - Electors vote

January 6, 2021 - Joint session of Congress counts electoral votes

January 20, 2021 - President sworn in

A lot of the turmoil on the voter fraud issue is having more ballots received than registered voters. Let's take a quick look at that. With the system that was deemed to us by our Governor in California, it opened up a can of worms and voting more than once became very easy with all of the official ballots that were mailed out. Many of the voter rolls were not cleaned up and many people who no longer lived in the state and those that were deceased received official ballots in the mail. One thing that would have stopped this cold would have been Voter ID. Even in Mexico a picture Voter ID is required to vote. Any politician that doesn’t want this ID does not have America's best interest at heart. If we were in Jefferson, we would have voter ID and we would know that our votes are guarded and one of the most important things a citizen can do is vote. We could have confidence in the system that is in the State of Jefferson. When there is no integrity in the election system, then who can you trust? This is one of the countless reasons we need the State of Jefferson now.

Penny Garland
Shasta County

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Recall Date Extended to March 17, 2021!
Help Recall Gavin Newsom!
Below is a link to print out your own forms to help us gather signatures. There is a 5 line petition and a 10 line petition and also a support statement to have Gavin Newsom charged with sedition that should be signed as well. There is a flier to print out with reasons listed to recall him and sedition charges. You will see a Top Funder page which needs to be printed out and kept with you at all times when you gather signatures. Please download the new form for November Next month there will be one for November. Last, there is an instruction page. Please read it carefully. We need every signature to count. Thank you for all of your help!
November's Top Funder will be updated shortly.
Click here for recall forms!
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Stanislaus Jefferson Booth!
Find us at the Turlock Gun Show, Nov 14th, open from 9am - 5pm & Nov 15th, 9am - 3pm. Our booth will be outside but if you want to attend the show, tickets are $10. The address is 900 N Broadway, Turlock CA, 95380. Stop by our booth and help support Jefferson!
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Standing County
Committee Meetings

Subject to change without notice.
Coos County, OR
3rd Wednesday each month - 6PM
60 W Third St
Coquille, OR

Curry County, OR
2nd Wednesday each month -
6:00 PM
Panthers Den
29513 Ellensburg Ave
Gold Beach, OR

Douglas County, OR
2nd Tuesday each month - 6 PM
Republican Headquarters
506 SE Jackson St
Roseburg, OR

El Dorado County
2nd Tuesday each month -
6:30 PM
American Legion Hall, 4561 Greenstone Road, Placerville
Doors open 5:30 to 6:30 PM, to socialize, ask questions and/or enjoy a meal.  The meeting time: 6:30 – 8:00 PM

Jackson County, OR
2nd Thursday each month -
6:30 PM
County Library
412 E Main St
Rogue River, OR

Josephine County, OR
1st Thursday each month - 6:00 PM
Elmer's Restaurant
GP Parkway and Foothill Blvd
Grants Pass, OR
3rd Thursday each month -
6:00 PM
Kerby Belt Building

Klamath County, OR
1st Tuesday each month -
6:00 PM
Sizzler's Meeting Room
2506 S Sixth St
Klamath Falls, OR

Mariposa County
4th Tuesday each month – 5:30 PM
Happy Burger Diner Meeting Room
5120 State Hwy 140 at 12
th St

Nevada County
3rd Wednesday each month - 6 PM
5:30 PM Social time
Mt. Vernon Guild Hall
3185 Bell Rd

Placer County
*Starting Nov 18th*
3rd Wednesday each month - 6 PM
Auburn Trap Club
11540 Lorenson Rd

Shasta County
To be announced

Shasta County Intermountain Patriots
2nd Tuesday each month - 6:30 PM
Burney Lions Hall
Main Street, Burney

4th Tuesday each month
Social time - 5 PM
The Ol Merc
Hwy 299, McArthur
Meeting time - 6:30 PM
McArthur Lions Hall,  Hwy 299

Stanisluas County
1st & 3rd Tuesday each month
-6:30 PM
Grizzly Rock Cafe
4905 North Golden State Blvd  

American Values SOJ
1st & 3rd Tuesday each month -
7 PM
Mountain Mike's Pizza
111 Maggs St, Oakdale

Sutter and Yuba Counties
 4th Monday each month - 6:30 PM
Church of Glad Tidings Building 500, Room 212
1179 Eager Road
Yuba City
Tehama County

 1st  & 3rd Friday each month -
7:00 PM
Westside Grange
20794 Walnut Street
Red Bluff

Trinity County
 2nd Thursday each month -
6:30 PM
Hayfork Community Church
7450 State Highway 3
3rd Wednesday each month -
6:00 PM
Round Table Pizza
120 Nugget Lane

Tuolumne County
2nd Tuesday each month -
6:00 PM
Willow Springs Club House
20522 Willow Springs Rd

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