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How to Use YouTube Effectively

By Travelthon Team on Nov 21, 2018 03:25 pm

YouTube should be an integral part of any blogger’s social media and promotion strategy. A two-minute finely edited video with good sound and background music can go a long way in telling a long story short in an entertaining manner. A video can tell a visual story. The ideas talked about in a video can be consumed easily and will be retained longer in the mind of the viewer. YouTube and
are the best platforms for video especially when you are starting out. You can keep improving your camera equipment to get better angles and visuals. Use GoPro 6 or a
Canon Mark IV
. You can also use your iPhone XS to get great visuals. Download YouTube app on your mobile for easy cross-promotion.

YouTube comes with its own editing software. You can add subtitles, mute sound and add effects like slow motion and fast forward. iPhone XS has an application called Clips that can be used to make whacky MTV type of crisp one-minute videos. However, YouTube is an entire ecosystem of creators who keep churning out great videos. Most videos with a theme, a vision, a distinct story that touches the heart or benefits the community either through a call for action or by education work great if you want to be a real YouTube creator. You can integrate your channel to carry ads but you must have at least 1000 subscribers and 10,000 views to get any kind of money through ads. So, that is a difficult route. You can use YouTube videos to promote your blogs, your ebooks and other products. You can give out information on blog building or just speak your mind off. Better still, tell interesting stories and pepper it with humour and character. Get your VJ and acting skills out, be expressive, energetic, vibrant and say what you have to say in a short time.

Use TubeBuddy to stay abreast of all the analytics of your channel and keep an eye on your subscribers and minutes watched. Use innovative thumbnail designs to highlight your videos. Have an opening and closing theme music to all your videos, which will be its trademark sound. Use descriptors to tag and name your videos. Be specific so that they can be sorted out and picked to be viewed with ease.

Use the premier feature to highlight and invite your group to see the video. Share it widely and cross promote it on social videos. Keep reading and watching videos in YouTube Creators channel. In fact, become a creator and submit high-quality 4K videos that are issue-based and socially relevant. Support NGO-based programs and make videos out of these activities. Push for environment and health issues through your videos. These are the ones that are recognised and stand out the most.

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