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I Learn Through Pain and Suffering

By Travelthon Team on Nov 27, 2018 03:48 pm

Pain and suffering are unexpected and unavoidable miseries in a human life. The Buddha was so moved when he first saw suffering that he left his abode and family and wandered the world trying to figure out why humans suffer and how one can totally elevate suffering from human life. Well, he was not very successful in finding that out. To me, suffering is an essential thing in human life.

Suffering is your doorway to your personal goal. Pain takes you closer to your higher self. It elevates your consciousness and builds more empathy and love in your heart. Suffering totally dissolves your ego and builds empathy for others around you. People who have suffered many times in unexpected ways become wiser and more dissolved as human beings. Yes, but it is the nature of human intellect that tries to avoid suffering and postpone pain. No one wants trauma and suffering in his or her life. Everyone is seeking their own bliss and happiness. However, it is through suffering that we build character, inner strength and resilience. We become self-reliant and aware. Suffering is a doorway to our own inner journey and should be seen as a ‘prasad’, a blessing from the divine. Say to yourself: I take my suffering as a prasad from the universe and when this pain is over, I will be wiser, bolder, more aware and more enlightened. Turn the pain into an energy engine that will drive you forward in leaps and bounds towards your own goal, which, for us humans, is the goal of Moksha.

Do not try to avoid your suffering or elevate it. Just embrace it, listen to it and then convert it into a propellant for your own personal growth.

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