Barring a dramatic reversal, the Senate GOP will soon be complicit in covering up President Trump’s crimes against the American people. By voting against allowing witness testimony, the Senate GOP will deprive the public of the full accounting of Trump’s actions and place themselves squarely in opposition to nearly 75% of Americans.

When I heard so many GOP senators coming out against witnesses, I found myself surprised. And I was surprised that I was surprised. With everything we’ve seen and been through over the past three years, how could I possibly be surprised by this? I mean, we always say the GOP will not save us. And they continue to prove us right.

And I realized that my surprise actually sprang from a shred of hope. A hope for a different outcome. A hope that Republicans would value the power of the institutions of our democracy over their own partisan power. And that hope is stubbornly persistent, so when Senate Republicans cravenly betrayed that hope, I was surprised.

In these demoralizing times, it can be tough to remember that we are harboring hope. Everything we do in our resistance, from checking the news to knocking doors and writing letters, is driven by a sense of hope. You may not even realize it's there. But it is. And I know that I'm not going to let mine go by giving into cynicism or despair. Hope, even a little bit, is motivating. And we need that motivation because there is much to be done.

The ending of this story is not written. We can make real change in this country. Get involved with campaigns. Get involved with national voting groups. Get involved with Indivisible Montgomery:
  • Dine-arounds and letter writing on Feb. 22 and 23. Sign up here.
  • Do The Write Thing Events throughout February. Sign up here.
  • Feb. 29 meeting at the Gaithersburg library with letter writing and Rep. Jamie Raskin.
But first and foremost, hold on to your hope. We have work to do.

Resistfully yours,

Chris Pickett
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