Election season has ended
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Hi <<First Name>>,

If you're like me, the uncertainty surrounding the election results has provoked some unpleasant visceral memories of Election Day in 2016. But while I can't guarantee anything, I do think we should be positive, possibly even hopeful, about the way the race is heading.

Here are three sets of three: three things I know, three things I think and three things I don't understand.

Three things I know:
  1. Georgia and North Carolina are too close to call, but we can still make a difference! Voters who sent mail-in ballots have a chance to fix discrepancies in their ballot and have it counted. Reach out to voters with the North Carolina Democrats to "cure" their ballots here. Georgia does not appear to have phone banks yet, but they are running in-person events to help cure ballots in case you know anyone in the area.
  2. Joe Biden has flipped several states that voted for Trump in 2016, and he has a clear path to 270 electoral votes. But that hasn't stopped Donald Trump from filing frivolous lawsuits. Register for a local Protect the Results event to show we won't stand for these shenanigans!
  3. The Democratic nominee for president has won the popular vote in seven of the past eight presidential elections, including 2020. There are opportunities to fix this, including the National Popular Vote compact.
Three things I think:
  1. Record-breaking turnout of young voters, sporadic voters and first-time voters is something to be proud of and a testament to our work.
  2. The structures built and inroads made this year in several battleground states will pay off in the future.
  3. News agencies have been appropriately cautious in projecting winners in races.
Three things I don't understand:
  1. How, after leaving a quarter of a million Americans dead due to COVID-19, among so many other things, does Donald Trump still have such a strong following?
  2. How could pollsters have led us so far astray AGAIN?!
  3. How is Donald Trump still allowed to have a Twitter account?
And with that, let's remember to keep the faith, keep working and keep moving our causes forward!

All best,

Chris Pickett
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