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The sudden passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings last week was a terrible loss for Baltimore and all of Maryland. Cummings was one of the moral leaders in the House of Representatives and a powerful force for change in our community and country. He will be deeply missed.

If you wish to pay your respects, Cummings will lie in state on Thursday at National Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill. Indivisible Montgomery released a short statement on Cummings' passing.

The 2019 elections in Virginia, Kentucky and elsewhere are just about two weeks away, and there are plenty of opportunities to make a difference. These elections are the next best chance we have at continuing to make positive change in our country.

Do you want to be an election observer for the Virginia elections? Sign up here or email for more information.

Kentucky and Mississippi will elect governors on Nov. 5 and both races are surprisingly close. You can donate and make calls for Andy Beshear in Kentucky, and you can donate and make calls for Jim Hood in Mississippi.

And please join us on Saturday, Oct. 26 from 10:30am to 12:30pm for the October Indivisible Montgomery meeting at Kensington Park library. After a brief discussion, we will write GOTV letters to voters critical for flipping the Virginia legislature blue and winning other races across the country. We also have additional Do The Write Thing events this week. If you'd like to take part, scroll down to the Elections section for more specifics.

Furthermore, we partner with J Walkers Action Group and others in the county to take part in postcarding, phone banking and canvassing events. Sign up here!

In our continuing story of the president just can't stop committing impeachable offenses, President Trump awarded the G-7 conference to his Doral resort in Florida last week. He later rescinded the award, which did little to keep himself from being impeached for self dealing.

Also last week, acting White House chief-of-staff Mick Mulvaney didn't help out Trump when he admitted on Thursday **on camera** that there absolutely was a quid pro quo. Of course, Mulvaney has tried to walk it back, but his explanations have been unpersuasive.

That means it is time to update our reminder:
President Trump and his chief-of-staff confessed to asking a foreign power to interfere in the 2020 election.

In this newsletter:
This week! (Indivisible Montgomery events in bold)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22: Indivisible Montgomery day of action. Scripts in your inbox tomorrow morning!
  • Thursday, Oct. 24: Rep. Elijah Cummings will lie in state at the Capitol. Details of public viewing to be announced.
  • Saturday, Oct. 26: October Indivisible Montgomery meeting at Kensington Park Library from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
Upcoming notable events
  • Nov. 2: Speaker Pelosi will address the Maryland Democratic Party at their Annual Gala in Baltimore. If you want to know more, contact
  • Nov. 5: Election Day! Volunteer to be a poll observer to prevent voter suppression and help make history! Sign up here.
  • Nov. 6: Learn more about the Kirwan Funding Work Group in their Montgomery County forum
  • Nov. 8: The American Bar Association's Section of Civil Rights and Social Justice is hosting a free panel discussion on voting rights. Information and registration here.
  • Nov. 12: March for DACA and TPS and the Home Is Here Rally at the Supreme Court, organized by CASA
Hearings and Events
The Hearings and Events committee leads Indivisible Montgomery delegations to the Hill to attend various hearings and other events. Originally the Conflicts of Interest committee, this group still focuses on issues around corruption in the administration and is branching out to take advantage of other opportunities to attend important Hill briefings and events.

Standard Hearings:
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22: The House Committee on the Judiciary will host "Securing Americas elections part II: Oversight of government agencies" at 10am in Rayburn 2141
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22: The House Committee on Committee on Natural Resources will host "No more standoffs: Protecting federal employees and ending the culture of anti-government attacks and abuse" at 2pm in Longworth 1324
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22: The Senate Foreign Relations committee will host "Hearings to examine the impact of Turkey's offensive in northeast Syria" at 2:30pm in Dirksen 419
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: The House Committee on Energy and Commerce will host "Sabotage: The Trump administration's attack on health care" at 10am in Rayburn 2123
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: The House Committee on Foreign Affairs will host "The betrayal of our Syrian Kurdish partners: How will American foreign policy and leadership recover" at 10am in Rayburn 2172
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: The House Committee on Energy and Commerce will host "Building a 100 percent clean economy: Solutions for planes, trains and everything beyond automobiles", at 10:30am in Rayburn 2322
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: The Senate Committee on Appropriations will host "Hearings to examine United States policy and assistance in Syria" at 2:30pm in Dirksen 124
  • Thursday, Oct. 24: The Senate Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe will host "Hearings to examine anti-corruption initiatives to fight emerging methods of foreign bribery" at 10am in Rayburn 2128 (Note House side hearing)
Impeachment Hearings:
No public events related to impeachment are set for this week, but the schedule of interviews and depositions (as of 10/20) is as follows
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22: Bill Taylor, Ambassador to Ukraine, on Tuesday, Oct. 22
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: Philip Reeker, acting assistant secretary of European and Eurasian affairs
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: Michael Duffey, the associate director for national security programs at the Office of Management and Budget
  • Thursday, Oct. 24: Laura Cooper, deputy assistant Secretary of Defense
  • Thursday, Oct. 24: Alexander Vindman, director of European affairs at the National Security Council
What we're reading:
  • Trump says his Doral golf resort will no longer host next year’s G-7 summit, bowing to criticism (The Washington Post)
  • How Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump have profited off their dad's presidency (GQ)
  • Here's the deadline countdown for every Trump impeachment subpoena issued so far (Time)
Regulatory Changes
The Regulatory Changes committee, formerly the Environment and Science committee, has extensive experience responding to the Trump administration's all-out assault on environmental regulations. Now they are expanding their scope to cover regulatory changes across the federal government. This committee will write responses to proposed regulatory changes that all Indivisible Montgomery members can use to push back against Trump's regulatory rollback.

We currently have one project on an EPA-proposed rollback for energy-sector pollution standards, due in November, and are looking for other topics of interest. Contact Angela H to learn more.
The Elections committee is the focal point of all of Indivisible Montgomery's elections activities. This committee also collaborates with other resistance groups in the community to ensure we are using our volunteer energy in the most efficient mechanism possible.

The Montgomery County area is buzzing with elections work, and here are some of the ways you can get involved in making a difference for 2019. Questions about these activities? Contact Steve.

Write letters to voters
Many thanks to everyone who has participated in our DO THE WRITE THING events. We've written about 3,400 letters, most to likely Democratic voters in Virginia urging them to vote on Nov. 5. In a low-turnout, off-year election like this one, our work will help flip the Virginia legislature to Democratic control, stop GOP gerrymandering and voter suppression, and pass the ERA. That will have major national implications, as explained here.
Indivisible Montgomery is hosting a few more letter-writing get-togethers prior to the Nov. 5 election:
  • Monday, Oct. 21: 7 to 9pm at Marilyn and Rich Broderick's house in Rockville
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23: 2 to 4pm at Melissa and Bob Colbert's house in Rockville
  • Saturday, Oct. 26: 10:30am to 12:30pm at the Kensington Park Library
  • Monday, Oct. 28: 2 to 4pm at Myra and Steve Pressman's house in Rockville
  • Monday, Oct. 28: 7 to 9pm at Olney Winery, hosted by Stacey Newby.
Join your friends and sign up here. Note, our letter-writing events are listed under Get Out The Vote By Mail (GOTV) events each week and identified as "IM."

Shout-out to our fabulous Indivisible Montgomery volunteer hosts: Tamara Prince and Alan Crane, Jane Barbara and Eric Seidman, Lonni Millman and Ken Morse, Marilyn and Rich Broderick, Joyce Siegel, Melissa and Bob Colbert, and Stacey Newby. Thanks!

Other ways to help turn Virginia blue!
After Oct. 29, when our letter-writing ceases and we mail (from Virginia) our thousands of letters, we'll need all hands on deck to make phone calls and knock doors during the critical GOTV week prior to election day, Tuesday, Nov. 5 - just 15 days away! Please consider signing up for a Virginia canvass or phone bank. With your help we can flip the Virginia legislature to prevent Republican gerrymandering for the next decade. Sign up here with J Walkers Action Group or here with Yes We Canvass.
You can even hop on a special Swing Left bus to the Richmond area! You’ll have fun, save time, connect with other volunteers and help win key campaigns. Check out the list of upcoming trips below and book your seat for just $10 now!

You can also make a difference just by driving college volunteers from DC and Maryland to northern Virginia canvasses on Saturdays. You don’t even have to canvass yourself. To volunteer, sign up here. And if you have questions, contact Julie Greenberg.

If you can't write letters, make phone calls, or go to Virginia, you can still help win there by donating to one of these funds to flip Virginia blue: Virginia Immediate Impact Fund and the Flippable Fund. Just a few dollars can have huge impact on a low-turnout, off-year  election.

Help prevent voter suppression on election day as a volunteer poll observer. Online training and materials will be provided. If you don't want to drive, you can get a ride with Steve. To volunteer, sign up with VADems here. On the form please say you are a Maryland voter and want to serve in Fairfax. If you have any questions, email

Maryland Voter Registration
We need one more volunteer for the table at Wheaton Mall on Saturday December 7, 10am-noon. Sign up here.
Many thanks to our volunteers: Ellen and Arnie Hoffman, Roy Isenberg, Harriet Diener, Judith Furash, Michelle Schuster, Gabriella Hubbard, Valarie Barr, Sarah Toth,Carol Leventhal, Stacey Newby, and Emily Nvick. Apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently omitted.
Mississippi and Kentucky Governor Races
Both states will elect their governor on Nov. 5, and both races are surprisingly close. The race in Kentucky is rated a toss-up and the race in Mississippi is lean R. You can help the Democrats win by donating here to Andy Beshear in Kentucky or by signing up here to make calls for him. You can donate here to Jim Hood in Mississippi and sign up here to make calls for him.
Texting parties will start soon! These are intended for people who have never texted voters, as well as experienced texters. These events will be posted soon here. Questions? Contact Stacey.

Some elections reading Other elections work
In-person voter registration Write letters to swing state voters (Voter Registration or Get Out the Vote) Canvass or make phone calls to Virginia Write postcards Text voters
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