Weekly actions
Hi <<First Name>>,

We have two ways to get to work this week.

1. Impeachment
Despite explosive revelations from former National Security advisor John Bolton that President Trump abused his power and withheld Ukrainian military aid for personal, political gain, we're still debating whether this impeachment trial will have witnesses.

We have a few ways to make a difference in this. First, our senators are doing what they can, but we should make sure they hear that they still have our support. Scripts below! Second, you can join Indivisible's phone bank to call voters in other states to encourage them to demand their senators vote for witnesses in the trial.

Third, you can join the #SwarmtheSenate protest every day at noon in the atrium of the Hart Senate office building. An Indivisible Montgomery member is considering heading down for the protest on Wednesday from the Rockville/Twinbrook/Shady Grove side of the Red Line. If you want to travel together, contact Judy Stenger.

2. Elections
If you are interested in working at the polls for the 2020 elections, sign up with the Montgomery County Board of Elections.

Right now, letter writing is our primary elections work. Join us on Feb. 22 and 23 for the Indivisible Montgomery dine-arounds. Sign up HERE! And if you want to get involved with our Do The Write Thing letter-writing campaign, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved:
  • Wednesday, Feb 5: 10am-12pm in Silver Spring
  • Friday, Feb 7: 10am-12pm in Rockville
  • Monday, Feb 10: 2-4pm in Rockville
  • Wednesday, Feb 12: 10am-12pm in NW DC
  • Monday, Feb 17: 2-4pm in Takoma Park
  • Wednesday, Feb 19: 2-4pm in Takoma Park
  • Wednesday, Feb 26: 10am-12pm in Silver Spring
  • Friday, Feb 28: 10am-12pm in Rockville
Sign up here and scroll down to these Indivisible Montgomery (IM) events. Once you sign up, you'll receive the details you need to attend. Bring your friends and family! And if you'd like to help by hosting or leading some of these get-togethers, and you haven't told us that previously, please contact Steve.

Thank you and good luck!

Chris Pickett

Sen. Cardin

D.C. office: 202.224.4524
Can't get through? Try a regional office. Numbers here.
Still can't get through? Send an email.

Sen. Van Hollen

D.C. office: 202.224.4654
Can't get through? Try a regional office. Numbers here.
Still can't get through? Send an email.
Below is our script for the week. Not everyone likes to read from the script, and that's OK! For those not adhering closely to it, the underlined parts are some key points that you should try to work into your discussion.

  • Always say your name and the city and zip code you are calling from.
  • Discuss one issue per phone call or email. If you want to discuss multiple issues, it's best to make multiple calls/emails.
  • If you get a busy signal, that means your colleagues are doing a good job of sending our message. Try to call back later, call a different day, or send an email.
Step 1: Hi, I'm [NAME] and I live in [ZIP CODE]. I'm part of Indivisible Montgomery and I'd like to leave a message.

Step 2: The Senate must hear from witnesses in the impeachment trial. Will the senator continue working to make sure John Bolton and others will testify?
After-hours activism
Some of you aren't able to make phone calls or send emails during the workday. That's fine! You can still make your voice heard either by calling the office and leaving a voice message or by sending an email. These are still effective ways to get our point across, and you should take the time to do it!

Federal employees
If you are a federal employee, you still have the right to make your voice heard as a constituent. However, there are a few restrictions you need to pay attention to. This article has some helpful information on how to be an activist while being a federal employee. You are part of an important constituency with an important viewpoint. Exercise your rights to make your voice heard!
Your support for our work will be critical to making the change we need in 2020. Please consider giving to Indivisible Montgomery today!
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