Weekly actions
Hi <<First Name>>,

Our work this week will be to take part in Indivisible National's effort to call on members of the House to take the People's Agenda Pledge. This effort asks members of the House to pledge that the next round of coronavirus relief should have four main parts--keeping people on payrolls, providing financial relief, protecting public health and defending our elections.

This effort is critical. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Mitch McConnell are already speaking to the media about what they want in the next relief package. Pelosi is saying the bill should support vote-by-mail and financial support for state and local governments. The GOP is trying to shield irresponsible corporations from legal action if they reopen too early and their employees contract COVID-19.

So go to the People's Agenda Pledge and find out more about the pledge. The page also will connect you to your member of Congress via email, phone or tweet.

And after you've done that, you can: Thank you and good luck!

Chris Pickett
After-hours activism
Some of you aren't able to make phone calls or send emails during the workday. That's fine! You can still make your voice heard either by calling the office and leaving a voice message or by sending an email. These are still effective ways to get our point across, and you should take the time to do it!

Federal employees
If you are a federal employee, you still have the right to make your voice heard as a constituent. However, there are a few restrictions you need to pay attention to. This article has some helpful information on how to be an activist while being a federal employee. You are part of an important constituency with an important viewpoint. Exercise your rights to make your voice heard!
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