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As we enter our seventh week of physical distancing, we're making a slight change to the Indivisible Montgomery newsletter. Until the House is back in session, this newsletter will be sent every two weeks instead of every week.

While new developments surface regularly about the devastation caused by coronavirus and the bafflingly inept response from the Trump administration, our actions have remained fairly consistent. We desperately need Congress to figure out how to do its work during a pandemic and pass legislation that protects Americans. Beyond that, our elections work continues as it has for months, just with less personal interaction.

So until Congress comes back or if there is a new action we can take, we'll space out these newsletters a bit.

And remember:
  • Check on your voter registration information and make sure it is up to date.
  • Find out how the June 2 election will work.
  • Resources if you're in need or want to help during this pandemic.


Chris Pickett
Coming up! (Indivisible Montgomery events in bold)
  • Monday, May 4: Swing Left is continuing their training sessions on organizing, letter writing and phone banking. More information here!
  • Tuesday, May 5: Indivisible Montgomery day of action! Scripts in your inbox tomorrow morning.
  • Wednesday, May 6: The House Appropriations committee will host "COVID-19 responses" at 10am in 2359 Rayburn. A streaming version can be found at
  • Wednesday, May 6: The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs committee will host hearings about the COVID-19 response at 2pm. The location has not yet been announced. A streaming version can be found at
  • Saturday, May 16: The Maryland Democratic Party is running a session to update volunteers on this year's election work. RSVP and more information here.
Upcoming notable events
  • May 30: The next Indivisible Montgomery in-person meeting at the Kensington Park Library from 10:30 to 12:30.
During this Congressional recess, we are condensing the committee updates into a single section. You can find information on important stories and actions below.
What we're reading:
  • Secret Service paid Trump’s DC hotel more than $33,000 for lodging to guard treasury secretary (The Washington Post)
  • The Trailer: Justin Amash on why he's not a spoiler, protests and who he voted for in 2016 (The Washington Post)
  • Public companies received $1 billion in stimulus funds meant for small businesses (The Washington Post)
  • We’ve got some early Trump vs. Biden swing state polling (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Supreme court orders new briefs in Trump financial records case (Bloomberg)
  • Congressional Democrats are governing from the minority (Vox)
Maryland voting news and actions
The Maryland presidential primary will be conducted primarily by mail, with a few polling places available for those unable to vote by mail. If you are a registered Maryland voter, you don't have to request a ballot - you should receive it in the mail soon. You can return it by mail by June 2 or drop it off in ballot boxes at locations to be determined. Postage on your ballot is prepaid - you DO NOT need to put any stamps on your return envelope. Electronic ballots are being sent today.
The most important thing you can do now is to check that your voter registration reflects your current residential address and that your status is active. If you need to register to vote or update your current address, you must do so by Wednesday, May 27th.Check your voter registration here!

If you need to register to vote, click here. For more information about the June 2 primary, click here.
Demonstrating that vote-by-mail works is especially important after the outrageous efforts to disenfranchise voters in the recent election in Wisconsin. Republican legislators forced Wisconsin citizens to vote in person, risking their lives and the lives of their loved ones. In defiance, they did vote, in record numbers. This is our chance to stand with the people of Wisconsin. Register. Vote by mail. Spread the word on social media.
Did you know teenagers who live in Maryland can register when they turn 16 and they can vote in the June 2 primary if they will be 18 by the general election on November 3, 2020? Let them know!

National voting actions
A special election for the House seat vacated by Katie Hill in CA-25 will be held on May 12. The race is a toss-up. We can help keep the House blue by supporting Democrat Christy Smith. Donate or call voters from home. Read about the race here.
You can write letters to encourage registered but infrequent voters in swing states to vote on Nov. 3. Go to Vote Forward to learn about the letter-writing campaign and print your own letters, following the directions here. For additional help, including effective messages, check out our tips on writing these letters. Video chat with your friends or family for a virtual letter-writing party! Do not mail your letters now -- we’ll collect them this summer for mailing in October. Contact Steve if you have any questions. Vote Forward created a one-minute video about the program and our national goal. It's called "The Big Send" - check it out here.
Many thanks to all of you who are writing letters, even while physically distancing. It's a great way to help win the election while you're also helping fight COVID-19 by staying home. The letters you write now will have a big impact later. So again, thank you.
You can participate in a test to compare the effectiveness of letters and postcards in registering targeted voters in Pennsylvania. Print letters or have them (and envelopes) left at your door. Contact of Sister District MD-3. More information here.

Text with or donate to the Indivisible Payback Project. The Payback Project is targeting your "favorite" nine Republican senators, including Sens. McConnell, Graham, Collins and Loeffler. You can help defeat them by supporting critical organizing work in their states. Go here to learn how.

Text with Resistance Labs in support of Turnout 2020, a national project to recruit volunteers to make phone calls to potential voters in swing states and get them to commit to vote. They will show you how to do it. Check it out here.

Reclaim Our Vote, a non-partisan phone bank, post carding and textbanking campaign created by the Center For Common Ground, focuses on contacting voters of color in voter-suppression states to help them register and vote. Partners include NAACP, Rapid Resist, and Black Voters Matter. Sign up here.

Consider donating to funds like Ditch Mitch, Retake the Senate, or any of the SwingLeft funds to target your donations to important races in November.

Want to donate or volunteer with a group fighting voter suppression or encouraging women to run for office? Check out this page with a short list of organizations that do that.
Your support for our work will be critical to making the change we need in 2020. Please consider giving to Indivisible Montgomery today!
And visit our website:
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