Weekly actions
Hi <<First Name>>,

We have several actions you can take this week.
  1. Call on House Democrats to continue investigating President Trump. As Trump and his cronies continue their attempts to undermine the 2020 election, House Democrats should keep the spotlight on their actions by investigating and holding hearings. Scripts below.
  2. Submit comments on proposed changes to the regulations surrounding lead pipes. The Trump administration is pro-lead, apparently. Go here and follow the directions at the top of the page. COMMENTS DUE WEDNESDAY!
  3. Sign up for the Feb. 22/23 Indivisible Montgomery dine-arounds. Plenty of spots available for our combination potluck/letter-writing event.
  4. Sign up to attend one of the nearly 30 standalone letter-writing events being held in February.
  5. The Payback Project, an Indivisible supported effort, is texting voters to get them energized to unseat nine vulnerable Republican senators in 2020.
Finally, as you likely know, Lt. Col Alexander Vindman provided damning evidence against Trump in the impeachment hearings, and Trump essentially fired him for it. Vindman's synagogue is accepting letters of support on his behalf. You can find the address to send the letters on the synagogue's website.

Thank you and good luck!

Chris Pickett

Sen. Cardin

D.C. office: 202.224.4524
Can't get through? Try a regional office. Numbers here.
Still can't get through? Send an email.

Sen. Van Hollen

D.C. office: 202.224.4654
Can't get through? Try a regional office. Numbers here.
Still can't get through? Send an email.

Not sure who your representative is? Go to this page and put in your zip code in the top right box that says "Find your representative."

Rep. Sarbanes (district 3)

D.C. office: 202.225.4016
Can't get through? Try a regional office. Numbers on the bottom of the page.
Still can't get through? Send an email.

Rep. Trone (district 6)

D.C. office: 202.225.2721
Can't get through? Try a regional office. Numbers here.
Still can't get through? Send an email.

Rep. Raskin (district 8)

D.C. office: 202.225.5341
Can't get through? Try a regional office. Numbers here.
Still can't get through? Send an email.
Below is our script for the week. Not everyone likes to read from the script, and that's OK! For those not adhering closely to it, the underlined parts are some key points that you should try to work into your discussion.

  • Always say your name and the city and zip code you are calling from.
  • Discuss one issue per phone call or email. If you want to discuss multiple issues, it's best to make multiple calls/emails.
  • If you get a busy signal, that means your colleagues are doing a good job of sending our message. Try to call back later, call a different day, or send an email.
Step 1: Hi, I'm [NAME] and I live in [ZIP CODE]. I'm part of Indivisible Montgomery and I'd like to leave a message.

Step 2: The Senate has failed in its duty to hold the President Trump to account. But Trump continues to commit crimes, and the House should continue to investigate his actions. Will the congressman keep pushing for more investigations of Trump and his administration?
After-hours activism
Some of you aren't able to make phone calls or send emails during the workday. That's fine! You can still make your voice heard either by calling the office and leaving a voice message or by sending an email. These are still effective ways to get our point across, and you should take the time to do it!

Federal employees
If you are a federal employee, you still have the right to make your voice heard as a constituent. However, there are a few restrictions you need to pay attention to. This article has some helpful information on how to be an activist while being a federal employee. You are part of an important constituency with an important viewpoint. Exercise your rights to make your voice heard!
Your support for our work will be critical to making the change we need in 2020. Please consider giving to Indivisible Montgomery today!
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