You win some, you lose others, but never give up

It has been a week since the devastating judgement, where the High Court dismissed our petition seeking to decriminalize same sex intimacy in Kenya. Filed in 2016, the case challenged the constitutionality of sections 162 (a), (c) and 165 of the Penal Code of Kenya which outlaw 'carnal knowledge against the order of nature and indecent acts between males whether in public or private.

In our arguments, we had submitted that these sections of the Penal Code, while ascribing penalty to any person found guilty unnatural acts; are discriminately applied and  used to justify violence and prejudice against sexual and gender minorities in Kenya.
Criminalization of same sex conduct has far reaching effects on the lives of sexual and gender minorities in Kenya, including violence- physical, emotional and sexual-, evictions, discrimination in service provision among other human rights violations. 

In their decision, the three judge bench -Lady Justice Roselyn Aburili, Justice Chacha Mwita and Justice J. Mativo-found that the petitioners failed to convince the court that the clauses were used to discriminate against the sexual and gender minorities. The bench insisted that the clauses did not, in fact, discriminate against sexual minorities or violate their constitutional rights to privacy and equality. In a unanimous decision, the three judges averred that the sections were not particular to LGBTIQ+ persons, that they were a block, covering anyone who engaged in un-natural act, and that constitutional rights to privacy and dignity are not absolute.

We hereby decline the relief sought and dismiss the combined petition. We find that the impugned sections are not unconstitutional, accordingly the combined petitions have no merit,” read Justice Roselyn Aburili.
Read the consolidated ruling here

The petition did not in anyway seek to legalize same sex marriages as the judges alluded. It sought respect of human rights for all, it sought freedom for LGBTIQ+ persons. Read the petition here

As human rights defenders, we believe in equal treatment of all. We believe in humanity, in our human-ness, in acceptance, respect and tolerance. We embrace diversity, we believe that #LoveIsHuman. That the feeling of love should not be criminalized, it should not come with stigma or discrimination.

The fight is not over. . .  

We are appealing the judgement! And we need your support in sustaining this fight, in and out of court.

How do you support us? 

1. Financial support- Strategic Litigation is not cheap. Donate to us.  
2. Speak out - Be the voice, be an active ally. Speak out against violence, discrimination and any Human Rights Violation against LGBTIQ+ persons. 
3. Donate in Kind- your services, expertise pro-bono.
4. Reach out, talk to us

Stand up for us

     *********Court of Appeal affirms our win, dismisses appeal*********

On 22nd March 2019, the Court of Appeal in Nairobi, dismissed an appeal by the NGO Co-ordination Board that challenged our registration win status. Three judges dismissed the appeal, reinstating the fact that ALL Kenyans are entitled to enjoy their basic rights as provided for in the constitution. Filed in  2013, the Freedom of Association case challenges the NGO agency stand not to register National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission as an NGO due to the words 'Gay and Lesbian'

You can read all about the win, that has since been appealed, here. 

2nd #Brunch4Justice 

On Sunday 3rd March, we held our second #Brunch4Justice; a casual affair to build local support for LGBTIQ+ rights and raise funds in support of our organization. The turn out was great and we cannot express our gratitude enough! Over 100 of you came out and showed us love on that beautiful Sunday afternoon and from all across the world, came in donations from those of you who couldn't make it. 

Thanks to your efforts, NGLHRC was able to raise over Kshs. 500,000 in donations, sales and pledges!! And we're still fundraising, with all proceeds going towards our strategic litigation work....and planning for the next #Brunch4Justice. Yes, there will be more!
In addition to all attendees and donors, NGLHRC would also like to thank The Arbor Place for hosting us, and our musical talent, Blvck Moon, DJ MissRay and Matt & The Feels Band whose talent graced our stage. 

Remember you can still make your donations through our M-Changa account 

Thank you for your continued support of our life changing work.

Donate now
Other Updates 

#LoveIsHuman campaign

We rolled out the #LoveIsHuman campaign through placement of three billboards in Kenya’s Capital Nairobi. This was then followed by conversations online, where we rightfully linked #Repeal162 and #LoveIsHuman.
The campaign was born out of the need to amplify the stories and voices of LGBTIQ+ Kenyans and shatter misconceptions. It portrays the message that love is a feeling that everyone deserves and NO ONE should be denied because of who they love. The campaign joins the work of the larger #Repeal162 movement.
We have since decentralized this campaign... Be on the look out for billboards in your town! 

New Staff

In May, we welcomed a new Operations Manager, Annemarie Kamuyu and a new Accounts Assistant -Winfred Mwangi, to our team. The Operations Manager is responsible for helping to strengthen the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission’s (NGLHRC) internal operations, providing staff support and assisting in the implementation of our institutional growth plan. The Accounts Assistant will work hand in hand with the rest of the staff to continue the programs and work of NGLHRC.
The new additions bring forth passion for the LGBTIQ+ persons and experience to the team.

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