16 July, 2021

~  To Kit or Not to Kit?  ~
Happy Friday Everyone, 

I hope you have a nice week and will be able to enjoy a relaxing weekend.
I have made a start on my Four Seasons row of vines. I have been happily stitching away, just enjoying the calm process of ‘needle in – needle out’. For me, the real beauty of embroidery is not so much the end result as the quiet process that allows me to forget the craziness around me.
I am really happy with how it is coming along, but now I really need your thoughts, please…
…but first - This is where it is at:
Spring is finished. All except from the two cheeky cockatoos but I will leave them to the very last. 1) because they will be crisp white, but 2) and more importantly – cockatoos love the fresh shoots in spring and will quickly destroy the fresh growth, so the longer we keep them away the better.
I am not looking to use a mountain of complicated stitches for this piece. I think, because the design, with all the leaves and intertwining branches, is so busy, less is more when it comes to stitches.  

I do predict I will be really, really good at (but also really, really tired of) these fly stitch leaves by the end of it. On the upside, I do like the way they look when there is lots of them.
I tried a new combination of stitches for the trunks - Any guesses?

They are embroidered in alternating rows of chain stitch with back stitch worked over the top and stem stitch.
I often use the combination of chain and stem stitch to fill spaces, but I wanted something with a little more texture to represent the bark of the vines and decided to see how it would look adding back stitch over the top of the chain stitch.
~ ~  How to  ~ ~
It is a little tricky to see because there is not much contrast between the two the shades of soft brown, so I stitched a little sample so you can see better how it works.
~ ~  My question  ~ ~
Now this is what I wanted to ask you.

Should I make this into a kit?
It wasn’t my intention when I started, but I posted a few progress pictures on Facebook and Instagram and a couple of people asked if I would be making it available as a patter. Should I?
If so, I need to start taking some notes before I get much further.
And if I do, would I do it as just a pattern or do you prefer full kits? I would love to know what you think, so please Email Me and let me know what your thoughts.
It is that time of year where the 'tax-man' wants to know the ins and outs, so as much as I detest paperwork, I have been wearing my 'book-keeper-cap' a lot more than I am comfortable with over the past weeks.
That is now done and dusted and I am looking forward to finally get back to the important stuff - stitching.
Stay safe, look after yourself and those around you.
Best Stitches,

Anna X
I always love to see and hear your suggestions and what you are working on. Please Email Me with your stories and requests.
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