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Sheffield Labour Left  - For Socialism

A bulletin for Labour Party Members who supported the direction the party moved towards under Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell.
Opposing racism, antisemitism and political Zionism.
Opposing all expulsions/exclusions targeting the left.

SLL E-Bulletin #73 - 1 March 2022

Opposing Imperialism
As the UK population recognises the horrendous plight of the Ukrainian people – while Truss spends time with her Instagram account and Patel confers with the devil – Starmer has used the cloak of war to continue his own purge of the left.
The irony of the claims from the two main parties that they are supporting Ukraine as part of defence of democracy is clear – as the Tories attempt to ram through their anti-democracy legislation and Labour continues to purge anyone who disagrees with Keith.
Eleven Labour MPs spent a few days clinging to their principles – having signed a statement supporting Stop the War – only to ditch them when confronted with losing the Labour whip and joining Jeremy Corbyn on the naughty step.
Their crime was to criticise NATO and call it out for its role in fomenting the current war in Ukraine setting out its aggressive role in previous conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yugoslavia to name but a few.
When it comes to war, there is only black and white when the powers that constitute ‘the West’ are confronted by an alternative, and in this case, tyrannical view of the world.
The first rule of propaganda is that all dissent ‘at home’ must be squashed – something Tony Blair tried to achieve with his disastrous dossier-led descent into the Iraq war which is now recognised for the catastrophe it was.
At that time, Corbyn was one of the few siren voices warning against the foolhardy actions of the West in seeking warfare as a solution.
On this occasion, with the Ukraine invasion, the boot is on the other foot with Putin as the aggressor, but the “moral high ground” is now overflowing with ‘leaders’ such as Johnson trying to distract from their ignominious role in creating the Moscow tyrant.
So Starmer, full of moral righteousness and indignation – and with both eyes firmly on Sun reading Tory voters - is playing the tyrant in the Labour Party using any dissent as an excuse to suspend and expel members.
As we all read of Putin’s despotic regime’s grip from the Kremlin, it is difficult not to see signs of a similar pattern emerging in the UK. We are not at the stage of people being arrested in the middle of the night yet, but both Johnson and Starmer are showing signs that in certain circumstances this might be justified.
If eleven so-called left-wing MPs can be so easily slapped down, then the principle of solidarity with the working classes in both Russia and Ukraine has already been sacrificed.
The reality – as it has been in numerous conflicts involving the West since the second world war – is if war is the answer, then what was the question? Don’t hold your breath in expecting anyone in NATO to consider their role in creating the monster that sits in the Kremlin. 

Sheffield Labour Left

Sheffield Labour Left (SLL) is a network to help co-ordinate the determined left across the six CLPs covered by Sheffield.
We have a page on Facebook ( and our own website (, where you can find an archive of our first 70 or so bulletins.

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Sheffield Labour Left Statement:
Hands off Ukraine!
Russian Troops out!
No to NATO expansion!
Solidarity with the Ukrainian and Russian working classes who are caught up in and resisting an imperialist war! 
Sheffield Labour Left condemns President Putin's decision to launch an invasion of Ukraine, unleashing terror, destruction and death on the people of that country. 
Ukraine's future should be determined by the will of its working people (to whom we extend our solidarity in this terrible situation) and not by two external, rival imperialist blocs. 
The Russian working class is not our enemy, and we stand in solidarity with all those Russian citizens who have come out onto the streets to protest against their government's military action and who are being suppressed by the agents of that same government, which claims to be waging this war in their name. 
We reject NATO as an imperialist military bloc which does not bring peace, but protects and promotes the interests of US/UK/EU imperialist foreign policy in Europe and beyond. 
As socialists in Britain, our main call and campaign, alongside opposing Putin's War in Ukraine, should be for withdrawal from NATO as a necessary prerequisite for dismantling the British Imperialist state. At the same time we demand that our borders are open to Ukranian refugees fleeing this war, as they should be open to all refugees escaping conflict, poverty and/or oppression all over the world.  In addition we call for countries bordering this conflict to receive international aid in order to facilitate Ukrainian refugees safe passage through or sanctuary in those countries. 
We also oppose any economic sanctions that have a detrimental effect on the working classes of Russia and Ukraine.
Our main enemy is at home, the only war worth fighting is a CLASS WAR!
No support for Western or Russian imperialism.
No support for USA/NATO or Putin.
Neither Washington nor Moscow.
For international socialism.
The main enemy is at home.
Solidarity with the working class in all countries.’

Labour movement events and meetings in March

Wednesday 2nd March:  South Yorkshire Unite Community Branch monthly meeting.  6.30pm until 8.00pm, via zoom.

Friday 4th March:  March Rally and Lobby of Mayor Dan Jarvis’s Office.  Assemble in Fitzalan Square at 2pm then march down to the office on Broad St for 2.30pm.  Organised by Better Buses South Yorkshire.

Saturday 5th March:  “Cost of Living Crisis – We Cant’ Pay”.  People’s Assembly National Day of Action.

Sunday 6th March:  Global Day of Action:  Stop the War in Ukraine!  Russian Troops Out!  No to NATO expansion.  Protest from noon – Sheffield Town Hall, S1 2HH.

Saturday 12th March:  NUM Yorkshire Area Memorial event.  Doors open 10am for wreath laying event in memory of David Jones and Joe Green at Miners Offices, Barnsley S70 2LS. Speakers include Bill Adams Yorks and Humber TUC Regional Secretary and Paul Holmes President UNISON.

Tuesday 22nd March:  Sheffield Trades Union Council (STUC) monthly meeting.  Starts at 7pm.  All trade union members welcome, only delegates can vote.

Saturday 26th March:  March Climate Summit – Just Transition and Climate Jobs.  10am til 4pm Quaker Meeting House. One day summit with workshops organised by Sheffield Climate Campaign Umbrella Group.

Labour Party Meetings:

LCF monthly meeting held 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Brightside & Hillsborough CLP monthly meetings held 1st Thursday of the month.

South East CLP monthly meetings held 3rd Friday of the month.

Central CLP monthly meetings held 4th Thursday of the month.

Hallam CLP monthly meetings held 4th Thursday of the month.

Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP monthly meetings held 4th Thursday of the month

Heeley CLP monthly meetings held last Thursday of the month.
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