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Sheffield Labour Left  - For Socialism

A bulletin for Labour Party Members who supported the direction the party moved towards under Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell.
Opposing racism, antisemitism and political Zionism.
Opposing all expulsions/exclusions targeting the left.

SLL E-Bulletin #35 29 October 2020

EHRC report
- and the suspension of Corbyn

Here’s the good news – “We know members will be keen to discuss the EHRC report and its findings, we hope the guidance note will provide a framework for this discussion to take place in a comradely, constructive, and inclusive manner.” So said David Evans, Party General Secretary in an email to all CLPs.
But it ends there because “comradely, constructive and inclusive” does not include the former leader of the Party.
The swift action against Corbyn looked pre-planned as if they knew he would disagree with some of the report’s findings and were determined to use it against him.
And both the right and the party bureaucrats – spot the difference there! – were quick to crack down on any comments or debate.
The doubling down on any dissidents didn’t stop with Corbyn.
Evans also said  “Social media accounts of branches, CLPs and other Party Units should not be used to comment on the EHRC investigation or the publication of its report. Social media accounts where comments or discussion is permitted (for example Facebook groups) must be closely moderated or access to post at all temporarily suspended.”
So you can have a comradely, constructive and inclusive debate as long as you don’t do it on social media! At a time of lockdown due to Covid, this is a plain attempt to both stifle any debate and trawl a net to catch anyone on the left and expel them.
So how should the left respond?
Well, firstly not in haste, however angry we may all feel.
Sheffield Labour Left stand-in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and are totally opposed to his suspension from the party.
There is a battle in the Party that has been going on for decades – between the right-wing bureaucrats who want power for the sake of power and the left seeking a genuine, transformative socialist party.
It is a mirror of wider society that is so brainwashed by right wing media stories that children drowning in the channel or going hungry does little to prick their dwindling morals or  consciences.
The real question we need to ask ourselves is whether the room for a fight in the party still exists when Starmerism seems shorthand for “do as I say, or else!”
Just as the Tories have used the covid crisis for a power grab, the right has used the lockdown shutdown to stifle any opposition – or debate.
The touchstone for this issue is Palestine. It seems now that anyone who criticises Israel – which is an inevitability if you support the Palestinian cause – is guilty of anti-Semitism.
Is saying Nethanyahu is corrupt or just simply disagreeing with his policies a form of anti-Semitism in today’s Labour Party?
If it is, then all semblance of claims to be a democratic party are dubious and those who suggest that the Labour Party is just a Tory lite party are wrong – it is worse than that because it makes claims for equality and democracy which are not matched by its behaviour.
At least the Tories make little pretence of being what they are. The party for the few, not the many.
The fight though is not over.  The next couple of months will be crucial.  socialists must stay and fight in the Labour Party.


Labour Party NEC Elections
- Vote Left

Ballot papers for the Labour Party National Executive Committee elections started to be sent out as of Monday 19 October.  These were sent to the email address registered with the Labour Party.
The ballot closes at noon on Thursday 12 November, with the results announced the following day.
Ordinary members only get to vote for 9 CLP places on the 38 member NEC, which is obviously a shame in terms of the party representing the views of ordinary members.
That said, it is important that the left try to get elected as many of those 9 places for the left.
The voting system is a single transferable vote (STV) where comrades should list as many candidates as possible by preference.

Sheffield Labour Left are calling for a vote for the following in these NEC elections.
Two from the Labour Left Alliance (LLA)

Roger Silverman
Chaudhry Qamer Iqbal

Plus, despite our criticisms regarding the way the slate was chosen, the CLGA slate of six:

Gemma Bolton
Yasmine Dar

Laura Pidcock
Ann Henderson
Mish Rahman
Nadia Jama

It is unlikely that your vote will go beyond these 8, but if it does then please consider your 9th and 10th choices to be for the two other Labour Left Alliance candidates nominated in Sheffield:
Carol Taylor-Spedding
Ekua Bayunu

Solidarity with Palestine
- Broomhill & Sharrow Vale Branch resolution
- Carried overwhelmingly on 19/10/20

This branch affirms its support for TUC Resolution: Solidarity with Palestine and resisting annexation:
Congress stands united in its full opposition to the Israeli government’s declared intention to annex great swathes of the West Bank, a move that is illegal under international law and that makes clear there is no intent on the part of the Israeli government to end the occupation and recognise the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination. It will be another significant step in the creation of a system of apartheid.
For too long the international community has stood idly by as the Israeli state has been allowed to carry out its crimes and this cannot be tolerated or accepted any longer. Decisive action is now urgently needed in relation to Israel’s illegal actions against the Palestinians.
The branch congratulates Unite for proposing the motion and Congress for making it its sole foreign policy statement this year, emphasising how significant the Labour Movement regards this issue in relation to Palestinian rights and international peace.
This branch resolves to:
Write to both the Party Leader and Shadow Foreign Secretary to inform them of our resolution and call on them to insist the government demands that Israel:
  • End forever its plans for annexation and be aware of the imposition of international sanctions if this illegal action goes ahead
  • End the siege of Gaza
  • End the ongoing daily oppression of Palestinian people in the West Bank and Jerusalem through its militarised control and its disenfranchisement of Palestinian Israel citizens
And call on our Party Leader to confirm that the Labour Party remains committed to a freeze on arms sales to Israel so long as it maintains its violent and illegal actions against the Palestinians.
The branch furthermore affirms that indigenous Palestinians and their descendants have rights to equality identical with people recognised as Jewish, including the right of return.

Sheffield Labour Left

Sheffield Labour Left (SLL) is a network to help co-ordinate the genuine Labour Party left across the six CLPs covered by Sheffield. 

We have a page on Facebook ( and our own website (, where you can find an archive of our first 30 bulletins.

We are connected to no other group, but work alongside others whose aims we share to see elected a socialist-led government.  In July 2019 we affiliated to the Labour Left Alliance:

Want to get involved with SLL or become a member? Contact us at the email address below.

Local labour movement meetings and events in October/November:

Friday 30 October:  Protest outside the offices of Tory MP for Penistone & Stocksbridge.  'Support free meals for vulnerable children'. 1pm until 2pm.  Venue: Maria House, 3 Fox Valley Way, Sheffield, S36 2AA.  Please ensure masks are worn and social distancing is adhered to.

Tuesday 3 November:  South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) fortnightly meeting.  7.00pm start.  Zoom meeting.

Thursday 5 November:  Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough CLP monthly meeting.  Zoom meeting.

Tuesday 10 November:  Sheffield Labour Local Campaign Forum meeting.  7.00pm until 9.30pm.  Zoom meeting.

Tuesday 17 November:  South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group (SYMAAG) fortnightly meeting.  7.00pm start.  Zoom meeting.

Tuesday 24 November: Sheffield Trades Union Council Meeting.  7pm start. Zoom meeting.

Thursday 26 November:  Sheffield Central CLP Annual General Meeting.  7.15pm start. Zoom meeting.

Thursday 26 November:  Sheffield Hallam CLP meeting.  7.30pm start.  Zoom meeting.
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