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Following the season of Easter and the celebration of Pentecost, we enter what is called “Ordinary Time.”  Sometimes this is also referred to as the season after Pentecost and Kingdomtide.  You may recognize it as the long green season.  Green is the color associated with growth and new life.  That is why the color is traditionally associated with this season.  The name, Ordinary Time, suggests that it is business as usual.  That nothing special is happening during this season.  The reality couldn’t be further away!  During this time, the assigned Scripture readings focus on the teachings of Jesus.  This gives each of us the opportunity to hear again what Jesus taught.

  Many of these Gospel readings unpack what it means to be one who follows in the way of Jesus.  This gives us the chance to recommit ourselves to Jesus and to deepen our trust in Him.  It is never too late to step up your faith journey!  It can be as simple as joining St. Mark’s services live-streamed (or later at your convenience) as you travel.  Or throwing a devotional book (like Forward Day-by-Day) into your beach bag.  You can also check out places you’ll be visiting for a church to attend on Sunday (see  Or maybe you can pause to notice and celebrate God’s creation as you hike, kayak, or enjoy time at camp.

  Summer can be a wonderful time of rest and relaxation.  But it can also be a great time to renew and restore your soul as well.  If you do happen to attend another church while you are enjoying summer vacation, please bring back a bulletin for me.  No, I am not taking attendance or checking that you went to church.  I enjoy reading bulletins from other churches.  I like to see how they have their bulletin and, perhaps, learn from that some things for the community here at St. Mark’s.

Faithfully Yours,


July 3rd - 9am - Morning Prayer

Since Dawn-Victoria will be on vacation, Theresa Brom has graciously offered to celebrate Morning Prayer with us this Sunday, July 3rd at 9am.  Please join us!


Congratulations Grads!!!

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!!  St. Mark’s is so proud of you and your accomplishments.  Please join us on Sunday, July 10th.  We’d love to take a moment during the Sunday service to honor you and to celebrate this milestone with you. 
Ryan Black
Evan Jacobs
Madeline Stento
Please let us know if we inadvertently missed your graduate.  We want to celebrate her or him as well.  Contact Kathy to update our records.
In connection with this day, we will have a special offering for the Reynolds Memorial Education Fund.  The fund was started by Sue and Beth Reynolds in honor of their parents, Robert and Mary Reynolds.  Robert and Mary were strong advocates for continued education.
The Reynolds Education Fund’s purpose is “to provide an incentive to young men and women staring out on their path.  The hope is that this will help with their future education in pursuit of enlightenment and a career of their choice.”

Donations can be made to St. Mark’s with “Memorial Education Fund” written in the memo line.
From the Archives:

Dawn-Victoria has been going through boxes of St. Mark’s history, Vestry minutes, and newsletters.  She has come upon some items which are worth sharing again.

“Scripture never equates stewardship with giving.  A steward is not a giver; he is an administrator handling property for another.  Stewardship implies trusteeship.  A trustee may get paid from a trust fund, but it never belongs to him.  The Biblical call to stewardship is not to give generously; rather it is to be good trustees of the time, talent, and money entrusted to our care.  To administer these under God so that the greatest possible good may be done is the essence of a Christian’s responsibility.  Not just stewardship of all possessions, but all of life– career, time, talents.
Let’s talk of spending your talents and money for the Church rather than giving them.  This is a little new and different, but if people were asked to spend their money for the Church’s program rather than to give money to it, they’d be much more realistic.  Let’s start something new– talking of spending rather than giving.  I’m suggesting that if we think of stewardship as charitable giving– if this side is up, our thinking is upside down.”
Francis L. Dale, as printed in a St. Mark’s bulletin for November 10, 1968    



Prayer Shawl Ministry

Irma Thrall has graciously stepped forward to manage the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  This is a wonderful ministry St. Mark's church has offered to parishioners for several years.  We have yarn!  Now all we need are people to knit or crochet.  Please see or call Irma at 607-761-0539 if you are able to offer your gift of needlework to this ministry. 
A note from Irma: 

St. Mark’s would like to restart the Prayer Shawl Ministry.   Our departed friend, Clair Ernstrom, was the longtime leader of this group.  Many recipients have enjoyed these cozy shawls over the years.  We are looking for volunteers to knit or crochet.  We have the yarn and very simple instructions are available.   It is a relaxing and rewarding activity.  If you are interested, please phone Irma Thrall at (607) 648-8193 or contact Kathy at the church office.  

Saturdays at St. Mark's

Starting this month we'll be gathering on the third Saturday of the month for fun fellowship activities.  This month on July 16th at 7pm we'll gather at the firepit on the side lawn to make a fire and roast s'mores.  

Other fellowship activities planned:
July 31 - Rumble Ponies game
Aug 28 - Parish Picnic at Chenango Park

Tentative activities:
Aug 20 - Pizza Night at church - bring your favorite pizza to share
Sept 17 - a Progressive Dinner
October 15 - Apple picking
November 19 - Harvest Dinner
December 17 - Cookie Walk

Other ideas in the works include: a night/afternoon at the Chenango River Theater, blueberry picking at Apple Hills, Tubing at Greek Peak, pizza night, game night and movie night.

Volunteers are needed to help with all activities.  Theresa Brom may be contacting you for help.  


Huge Bake Sale Success!

The Youth Confirmation Class held an impromptu bake sale on the afternoon of June 17th.  St. Markians answered the call and provided delicious cookies, cakes, brownies and pies.  They raised $258 for a total of $441 for Ukraine relief.  Thanks to all who contributed--whether you baked or bought, it's much appreciated.  


St. Mark's Design a T-Shirt Contest Winner!


The Vestry has voted!  Nicholas Blaise is the winner of the T-shirt design contest.  His design will be featured on t-shirts available for sale later this month.  He receives a free T-shirt and $25 Walmart gift card.  The goal is to wear the t-shirts at the July 31st trip to see the Rumble Ponies play.  

Food Donations from USPS 

We owe a big thanks to the Chenango Forks Post Office for donating 112 pounds of food to our Chow Pantry.  Any donation is always welcome and this was a biggie!

A New Addition to St. Mark's

We are excited to welcome Eliana Rose Gagnon to the world!  Eliana is the daughter of Lauren and Jacob Gagnon, and granddaughter of Dave and Stacey Gridley.

Miscellaneous Information 

First Sunday coffee hours are hosted by our youth confirmation class.  Please head down to the undercroft to say hello.  Donations collected go to Sacred Heart Ukrainian Church for Ukraine relief.
Ladies Brunch Bunch
Join us on Tuesday June 12th at 8:30am in the undercroft at St. Mark's for food and fellowship.  This month's offerings include various quiche and fruit.  Please sign up so we know how much to make.  
Clean out those closets and help out others!
St. Mark’s is collecting gently worn footwear.  The donations will help raise funds for the Twin Tiers Honor Flights.  We'll continue collecting throughout the year. 


Faith & Family Day at the Rumble Ponies

Join us at Mirabito Stadium on July 31st at 1:05pm to watch the Rumble Ponies play the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.  Kathy will purchase a block of tickets so we can all cheer together.  Please sign up on the bulletin board at church or email Kathy at Please include your name and how many tickets you need.  Deadline for tickets is July 17th.  Payment due on the day of the game. 


In Memoriam

Terry O'Neil Black passed away at Mercy House on June 13, 2022.  Our heart-felt condolences go out to Bill Black and his family.  There were no services.  Expressions of sympathy in her memory can be made to Mercy House of the Southern Tier.  

Shoes, Shoes, and more Shoes!

Thank you to everyone who donated their footwear.  St. Mark's collected 186 pairs of shoes as of June 20!  Big shout-out to All-Saints church in JC.  They donated 37 pair to our drive!
The Twin-Tiers Honor Flight collects unwanted shoes to raise money to take veterans to Washington DC to see the military memorials.  They ship the shoes to a group that helps Third World individuals have entrepreneurial opportunities that get them out of poverty.  See www. to see how this works.  Keep the shoes coming--we're collecting all year.  Thanks again for your contributions!!  


Why a Lion?

A winged lion is the symbol of St. Mark as a result of a dream St. Mark had when he took refuge from a storm in the city of Venice.  Mark was visited by an angel in the form of a winged lion. The lion said to Mark "pax tibi Marce Evangelista meus, hic requiescet corpus tuum".  This means: "Peace to you, Mark, my Evangelist. Here will rest your body."   St. Mark's body rests in Venice and he is the patron saint of Venice.
                                                                                                                                                      --Contributed by Theresa Brom

Garden Gang is at it Again!

A huge thanks to the Blaise family and Eric & Judi Laine for spreading 30 bags of mulch.  We also want to thank Janet Zapata and Dawn Moochler for their efforts in planting and weeding.  The grounds are looking so friendly and inviting.  Come sit on a bench and rest a while.  

Thanks to the Blaise Family and Judi & Eric Laine for all their hard work weeding & spreading mulch. 

Sunny marigolds planted by the Blaise family.  

Opportunities to Serve

*Prayer Shawl ministry
*Garden Crew
*Liturgical Ministers                   *Lectors  (readers)
*Acolytes                                   *Intercessors (leading the prayers)

If you are interested in joining those who assist us in worship, please contact Theresa Brom (607)743-7760 or  Training is available for those who are interested.

*Choir and Musicians

With the easing of COVID restrictions, we are excited to welcome back our choir and guest musicians.  Please be in touch Cindi Ferranti if you are interested (607)725-3886;

*Ministry Areas

The Vestry is looking to start up some of St. Mark’s Ministry Areas.  Here are the areas we are targeting:
Liturgy and Music Adult Formation
Youth Mission & Outreach
Sunday School Communications (web, newsletter, social media)
Stained Glass Fellowship
If you are interested in being a part of any of these key parts of St. Mark’s life and ministry, please speak with Dawn-Victoria or contact her at (607)221-0686 or  We hope to hold informational/start up meetings in May.


We livestream our 8a Sunday service and are looking for those who are interested in channeling their inner Steven Spielberg.  Training will be offered to budding directors.  Please let Dawn-Victoria or Kathy know if you are interested in helping to share St. Mark’s with those who watch us on line.



Do you have something you’d like to share with your St. Mark’s friends?  We’d love to help you share it through the Lion’s Roar!  

Send your artwork/photos, recipes, or stories to Kathy at by the 20th of each month.

July Birthdays

7/2/1927              Crystal Howland
7/3/1968              Mina Tio
7/5/1935              Irma Thrall
7/5/1956              Michael Hilla      
7/5/1920              Peg Prentice
7/7/1937              Dave Knox
7/7/2012              Robert Deyo
7/8/1954              Leslie Resciniti
7/9/1958              Stephen Valenti
7/10/1941            Douglas Leigh


7/11/1987            Bill Henderson
7/12/1961            Ron Bertram
7/13/1982            Nate Phelps
7/13/1984            Christina Phelps
7/15/1951            Faith White
7/18/1975            Troy Black
7/27/1960            Eric Laine, Sr.
7/27/1990            Sam Laine


July Anniversaries

7/4/2006              Janet Zapata & Jim Rosar
7/6/1996              William & Sue Thomas
7/8/1961              Don & Judy Heller
7/10/1999            Renee & Nick Stento
7/13/1985            Gary & Pat Henderson
7/14/2007            Eric & Sabrina Laine
7/29/2000            Chris & Theresa Brom


St. Mark's Calendar for July

1-9 July   Rev. Dawn-Victoria on vacation    
3 July      Morning Prayer - 9 am - Theresa Brom
3 July      Youth Confirmation Class hosts coffee hour
7 July       Compline with Deacon Dorothy (Zoom) 8pm
10 July     Holy Eucharist - 8 & 10 am
12 July     Women's Brunch Bunch - 8:30 am in the undercroft
16 July     Saturday at St. Mark's - 7pm- bonfire and s'mores in side yard
14 July      Compline with Deacon Dorothy (Zoom) 8pm 
17 July      Holy Eucharist - 8 & 10 am
17 July      Vestry Meeting - 11am in the lounge
17 July      Deadline to sign up for Rumble Ponies game
19 July      Compline with Rev. Dawn-Victoria (FB) 8pm
21 July      Compline with Deacon Dorothy (Zoom) 8pm
24 July      Holy Eucharist - 8 & 10 am
26 July      Compline with Rev. Dawn-Victoria (FB) 8pm
28 July      Compline with Deacon Dorothy (Zoom) 8pm
31 July      Holy Eucharist - 8 & 10 am
31 July      Faith & Family Day - 1:05 pm Rumble Ponies game 

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