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Daily Dose

January 27, 2017

(More) Experimenting!

Here are couple responses to yesterday's Dose:

"Okay, I guess we all got in trouble for not sending you titles.  haha"
"So you're really going to shame us into coming up with titles???"   

Haha!  I love it!  Makes me feel powerful.  However, the majority of you remain shameless.  <very angry face emoji here>   

The ones that have already come in are awesome!  I will share them with you tomorrow, as I am waiting for a couple more that have promised to get titles to me tonight.  But I haven't heard from you or you or you or you.  Pfffft.

Anyway, back to me answering to you instead of the other way around!  I need to let the oil paintings I've created dry in time to ship them home, so I'm starting to experiment with some non-oil media, including acrylics and india ink.  Also, I'm trying out different substrates, including canvas, watercolor paper and yupo (plastic) paper.  It's very early to say if any of this will be successful.  I'm not very good at just playing around; I like to know how it's going to end up.  When I was purchasing some supplies at the art store, the clerk said "Oh, experimenting is so much fun!"  I said, "Really?  I find it so intimidating."  I confess, though, I have enjoyed it so far.  See pics below.

In finishing up with oils, I had one painting that simply had not cooperated, so decided to just scrape it down and do something with it when I get home.  However, once I started scraping it, I liked it!   So in the spirit of experimentation, I painted and scraped and painted and scraped until I liked it a LOT.  See what you think.

I was delighted to hear back from some of you that you agree with my lasagna analysis!  Not from a vegetarian viewpoint (although there's nothing wrong with that), but simply a foodie one.  :D

Warmest regards,

Bravely Going Where People Have Gone Before

I wish I had photographed this painting BEFORE I started scraping.  You would understand why I didn't like it.  It was dull and garish at the same time.  In this image, I have already started re-painting-- the upper right hand corner was totally red before.  I didn't like the shape.
And here is the finished piece.  I really really like the balance this one strikes between representational and abstract.  I might do some more like this!
Here are some of the supplies I'm using-- high flow fluid acrylics (in the bottle) along with some "regular" acrylics in those squeeze pack thingys and some india ink pens.  The little painting attempts you see are acrylics on yupo paper.  The jury's out on yupo paper at the moment.
These are all 12x12 inches watercolor paper.  The bottom row, left to right, are: india ink on fluid acrylic background, acrylic on fluid acrylic background, india ink & acrylic on fluid acrylic background.  The top row are riffs on the cliff theme I did in oils.  Both were done with a mix of acrylics and fluid acrylics.  The right-hand one started with a background like the bottom row.  I usually like a transparent undertone, but I found I was fighting to cover it in places-- acrylics dry super fast and don't move around like oils, at least for me-- so when I did it a second time, I started by covering the entire paper with a dark mix of acrylic paint and then using the fluid acrylics over the top.  I liked it better.


A chronicle of my residency at Vermont Studio Center in Johnsons, VT.  Will include art, ramblings and coffee critiques.



Title results, I promise!  

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