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January 22, 2017


I don't yet know how to talk about the work I'm creating, so it's really wonderful to hear from readers how they respond to the work.  I've re-posted an image from an earlier Daily Dose, along this a reader's insight.  It's fascinating!

I've been thinking about the direction this work is taking, and why.  I'm exploring shapes, lines, shadows and light, composition.  These are the elements in the landscape-- and in my landscape paintings-- that move me; it's like I'm zooming in to focus on them.  It's like a wordless song that allows you to infer meaning of your own.  I feel like I've dived into the deep end.

I have also realized that my expressive choices are akin to when I paint landscapes-- say as little as possible while still fully presenting the idea.  It's a matter of knowing when the shape or line is "done," in the same way I know that a tree or field is done.  That if I add anything else it will get muddied and lose its "punch."  This, of course, is subjective, for landscapes as well as abstracts.  Some people respond to highly-realized photo-realistic landscapes, others to barely-implied impressions.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

When I first began to paint landscapes, it was very much hit or miss.  There were steps forward, failures, experiments, successes, and eventually I figured out what worked and how to take it to the next painting.  I learned what I liked and how to get there.  I am in that learning process  with my abstracts, although I am surprised at how many "hits" there are, at least in my own mind.  Perhaps it's because I'm enjoying myself so much, but I also think it's because I'm able to translate my vision to the canvas most of the time.  It helps that I know my materials!  I feel it will be a steeper (faster) trajectory to find my voice in this genre.

Warmest regards,


P.S.  Quite a few of you have been entertained by my food obsession (it's nice to have a good audience!); here are some responses:

"I thoroughly enjoy hearing about the food."
"Sounds like you're enjoying a daily dose of good food."
"You're making me hungry."

I'm off to eat dinner...

I love this painting and I know exactly what I think it's about... titling these is going to be a challenge.  How much do I want to influence the viewer?  Perhaps I should just title them something like "Abstract 143."
This is a riff on the previous painting, taking it as minimalistic as possible.  I did a teeny bit of work after this photo, but not much.
Here's a re-post of this painting, along with a reader's response:

"A fond reminder of a warm summer night, laying on a grassy hill at the edge of the orchard, watching the stars in all their brilliance and beauty, and I couldn't help but smile."


A chronicle of my residency at Vermont Studio Center in Johnsons, VT.  Will include art, ramblings and coffee critiques.



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