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Daily Dose

January 13, 2017

The Coffee Fiend Reigns Supreme

That headline is supposed to read "Queen," not "fiend."  I don't know what's wrong with the spellcheck.  But yes, I have triumphed!!  To mangle yet another saying, if Muhammad cannot get to the mountain, she shall bring the mountain to herself.  I ordered coffee online, bought a container of whipping cream and an handheld frother to whip it with, located a source of very hot water (a gas station on the corner-- that little red tap on the brew machine) and I'm all set.  See pics below.

I have been having so much fun working out my abstractions.  I'm still paying attention to composition, values, color, etc, but I find it very liberating to be able to work the whole canvas at once, slowly (sometimes quickly) bringing it to completion as a whole.  I sometimes paint my "normal" landscapes this way, but more often I paint top-down or center-of-interest-out.  With these abstract pieces I find I can adjust on the fly more easily, so I dive right in with the primary idea.  Also, since the representational aspect is subject to interpretation, I don't have to think about anything looking "right," it just has to look right to me.  I am absolutely loving them.

Warmest regards,

Coffee QUEEN

Starting work on the second piece.
The painting is not quite as dark as this pic makes it look-- the walls are bright white.  But it will probably need to be hung it a well-lit location.
Starting on a third piece, this one leaning ever so slightly more representational.  Hmmm.  Am I having withdrawals?
Enough of that.  Time to lean the other way.
To survive in the (coffee) wilderness, one must learn how to forage and improvise:

Instant espresso? Check (I am not a Starbucks fan, but their Via is the best in its class, IMO)
Hot water?  Check
Ridiculous little whisk gizmo? Check (I had serious doubts about this item, but I whipped up the cream in a paper cup and it didn't take too long.)
Voila!  Back in the lap of luxury.


A chronicle of my residency at Vermont Studio Center in Johnsons, VT.  Will include art, ramblings and coffee critiques.



Possibly a weather report.

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