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Happy March Everyone.

March is the beginning of Spring and with that is Spring Cleaning.  Take the time now to think through your technology needs for the year.  That could be anywhere from testing your backups and disaster recovery, cleaning up email and looking around the office for technology projects you've been meaning to do.  Contact me if you have any questions.

Also check out my Facebook page for a new thing i'm doing called 40 second Tech Tips.  they are located here >  I'm focusing on anything business related from Apple to windows computers.

Thanks for taking time to read this month's newsletter

Eric Enochs

TECH TIP OF THE MONTH: Collaboration

This month's tech tip will be about collaboration software.  In my day job we are constantly testing collaboration software.  We started with Skype, Email, Slack, Yammer and finally Microsoft Teams.  Each one of these had their pros and cons.  Some had more cons than pros.  I'm going to focus on the two best ones.  Slack and Microsoft Teams.  Collaboration software or groupware is an application software designed to help people involved in a common task to achieve their goals. One of the earliest definitions of collaborative software is "intentional group processes plus software to support them". (source

Our use case was a department of 5 spread throughout 4 states and 2 countries.  We wanted a way to communicate better and save conversations for future use.  We also wanted a way to upload files to review instead of email.  Our goal was to use email less and collaborate more using a complete software package.  It had to be in one platform and not multiple to ensure it would be used.


Slack is by far the best collaboration software we used to date.  If you haven't tried Slack and you want to collaborate more then TRY THIS SOFTWARE.  Slack has a great pricing model where you can try it out for free for a unlimited time.  You get access to the main features but some limitations.  So what do you get with Slack?  One of the best parts of slack is creating channels for each "project" or "idea" you are working on.  In our example we had a slack dedicated to each office and projects.  Creating a channel was easy and it allowed us to segregate a topic if its getting to be to big.  We also setup a general channel for the majority of conversations and if it got to big moved it to a channel.  You can also link other services like Todoist, dropbox, and other services.  Finally one of the features that made slack stand out from the others is notifications.  You can get slack on all mobile devices and OS's.  The notifications from slack to me were better and more often.  the other services would be delayed in letting you know there was a new message or someone was direct messaging you.  Slack did a outstanding job of handling notifications. If i had to do it all over i would choose slack to begin with because it is the best collaboration software.


The last product we reviewed and currently using now is Microsoft Teams.  Because we use Office 365 this was included in our subscription so for the fact it was no additional cost and had some of the same features of slack we moved to this.  Teams allows you to create channels based on topics and it as simple as Slack.  We went with the same concept as Slack and built channels based on offices only.  Our goal was to move all communication into those channels and get away from project specific channels and direct messages.  Teams also links up to other Office 365 software which made this a good option.  Adding people to channels is easy since everyone is already in Office 365.  The only downside to teams is notifications.  Without some hacking and searching for features you can get notifications but its a bit cumbersome.  Eventually we figure out a way but its cumbersome while slack was easier to use.  I would recommend Teams if cost is a factor and you already have a Office 365 subscription.  
One of the things that i've been studying the past month is Social Media marketing and how can i build out my brand.  No matter what your business is you have a brand you are building and getting your message and story out there is important.  Your story is important so your potential clients or customers can get to know you and understand who you are.  What you do is important and you do it the best in your market.  Tell your story is important.  

The 4 main platforms you should be looking into are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.  Pinterest and Youtube depending on what type of business you have.  Each platform has 100's of millions of users making it an attractive option to promote your business.  Facebook has a great option with its Facebook Ads program where you can filter the data and hit a certain segment of the population.  For example if you have a daycare business you can use Facebook Ads to target moms with young kids in your area so each ad is targeted and you are getting the best bang for your buck.  You can also use each platform to tell your story your pictures of videos.  I recently started doing 40 second Tech Tips on Facebook.  My goal is to push out regular videos of tips i feel like people can get value from.  I'm getting my message and brand out there.  

Snapchat is a recent platform i've been testing.  I have to admit that even though i love social media and technology i had to get my daughter to teach me.  So during a soccer tournament weekend i had her and her two friends teach me.  Now i'm posting pictures and messages that pertain to my business and message.
If you need help developing a social media campaign let me know and together we can come up with something that helps tell your story.  
With phones, computers and devices that use internet all the time WiFi is becoming increasingly important.  In the past i used the Apple Airport Extreme for my home/office Wifi.  I wasn't getting the best signal and the farther away i was from the wireless router the worse my signal was.  I don't have cable so i stream everything and every now and then my netflix or hulu would start buffering.  Very frustrating when watching a move.  Recently i moved over to eero.  Eero uses mesh wifi coverage which means it basically blankets your house with coverage.  The benefit to this is the devices work together to and when you move around you are connected to the device that can offer you the best signal.  I ordered the 3 device package but only needed 2 devices.  Setup is simple, just plug one of the units into your modem and setup using the app.  The other just plug in and use the app to configure it.  Took no more than 10 minutes to get it completed setup and on the internet.  

You can get the 3 pack eero devices from Amazon for $398.04.  They are not cheap but for complete coverage you don't need to worry about its the best. 

Windows/Mac Program of the Month

This month instead of showing off a iOS app i thought i would share my new favorite windows app.  Every now and then i need to do smartphone training. Until now it was hard to show what was on my phone to my computer or a TV.  That was until i found Reflector 2.

Reflector 2 allows you to share what is on your phone to your computer seamlessly.  You install the program to your computer.  on your phone you then select air play and connect to your computer.  Simple as that and fast.

Reflector 2 is only $15.  

Check it out
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