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December 11, 2022
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FreeRange News Misinformation?
FRN began in 2015 with over 360 editions to date.
From the start, FRN had a short section to  cover TINHat news, on health canada, pharma, gmos, crimate change n more. I would spend a fair bit of time to find artcles, yet since covid, i spend more time sorting thru endless TinHat stories to hopefully choose those i feel have value and wont be banned! Lol
Last weeks FRN almost did not go out as Mailchimp put it on hold while their 'omnivore misinformation team' could determine whether the news was ok to send, to FreeRange subscribers, who have the free choice to unsubscribe! 
I am uncertain what raised MC AI algorithms but they did end up releasing FRN 2 days later.
Canada seems to be positioning itself as the poster child for censorship by claiming the right to decide what is, or what is not, misinformation on the internet, while threatening to enforce the shutdown of social media platforms, fines, jail or worse.
I am unsure how long FRN will be able to work around the misinformation squad however from what i understand most of what the natural food industry has stood for the past 50 years, while ive been around, is now misinformation!
Fake lab food, gmos, crispr, promoted to sustain the environment, not organic grassfed or local
Gene edited food companies allowed to  self-regulate, even though, no deaths in 38 years, NHP companies have endless red tape n hoops to pay for, Pharma drugs for every occasion, birth to death vs preventative medicine like C, D, NAC and a LOT more for longevity!
Health Canada forced/coerced vein to brain, experimental medicines, with serious side effects, like most drugs!
Pharming in labs not organic farming in dirty yucky soil
Carbon neutral scheme, to force crimate change with more taxes, fines, threats, i saw Vancity credit union now tracks their membera carbon footprint based on zero evidence, let alone zero emissions! 
Gene edited food n drugs are the answer, health canada endorses to 'save the planet!' 
The majority of foods n drugs now sold in conventional grocery, drug, and mass stores contain gene edited ingredients, endorsed by universities, the medical system, the govt and the MEGA corporations which influence their decisions with extreme lobbying.
I believe over the next few years, the local health food store will need to be vigilant, to ensure gene edited foods, do not take over their shelves, based on a false sustainability, sales pitch!
Happy sales,
An update from this week at my daughters, employer, the food bank, this is quite disturbing, ohhh Canada,
Quote: – they do amazing work! dp
“The American bumblebee population has declined by 89 percent and has entirely disappeared in eight states, yet Big Ag continues to dump millions of pounds of bee-killing pesticides on American farmland each year!

4,779 of our top supporters have already taken action to protect bees, but I don’t see your response, Deane. Do you have one minute to complete our quick survey before midnight tonight to help EWG protect our pollinators?

Bee-killing pesticides, known as neonics, have been linked to the massive global decline in bee populations AND nervous system harm in kids. The EU has already banned four neonics. We think it’s time for the U.S. to follow suit.”
Lead Story
Small businesses can't pay rent. "Ontario’s rent delinquency rate is 45%, the highest this month in Canada. That’s up five percentage points from October and six percentage points from September. " The lock-down has destroyed the economy.

BC Nurses Fight Mandates
Will Healthcare professionals be controlled by their government? BC nurses are legally bound to their union for employment representation. BC Nurses Union has prolonged the grievance process, blocked all representation of its terminated members, and cooperated with the BC Government to enact Bill 36, making law the mandates that were previously enforced under the temporary Emergency Act and Public Health Orders. Corinne Mori explains details and concerns for BC Healthcare professionals if these extreme healthcare measures are imposed. Watch and share Corinne's video and send your letter of concern to elected officials! Visit BC Nurses Fight Mandates for more information.

Watch Video:

Neuralink brain implants are ready for injection into humans, says Elon Musk – “humans, that’s us, right?’ dp
By Ethan Huff | Read the full story
How Blackrock’s Larry Fink Created the Global Energy Crisis
An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just For You
All the pieces are now coming together to control the global population, and this digital prison is already mostly built. When it's finished, it will be the final lockdown of mankind.

RT @Countercurrents: Who Needs or Wants GMOs? Not the Public, Not India’s Farmers… via @Countercurrents
Monsanto’s Poison Playbook: How the Chemical Giant Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide
The # 1 way for a natural retailer to compete against the mass market, is to be seen as the trusted  ‘expert/advisor’ for natural foods and medicines in their community!” dp

What is Your Recipe for Success ?


We couldn’t have had a better boarder! Billy Burchell would come each and every week from McLeod Lake to live with our family while he went to school. He would arrive Monday for school and would take the bus back on Friday after school.

Billy was in shock for the first few months he lived with us because Billy had no other siblings, and our house, filled with 7 kids including 4 boys, was wildly active. Billy loved to bake, and every Thursday evening for years, Billy would take to baking. Billy would bake cookies and pies, bars and snacks. Almost inevitably, half way through his recipe, Billy would remember it was Thursday night, and that he was going back home the next day, and wouldn’t be able to eat the bakes of his labor. We would tease Billy, and laugh at his mix-up of the days, thinking it was Wednesday and all.

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Making Your Old Brain Young Again
From the Natural Path Newsletter
by Linda Woolven M.H., R.Ac & Ted Snidera

As you age, your brain works more slowly and mental tasks take longer. This colourful supplement can not only stop that, it can reverse it!

A study published a few years ago found that, for many seniors, their brain didn’t just benignly slow down. An incredible 39% of people over 65 were experiencing serious cognitive issues.

But studies have shown that lifestyle choices can slow down the aging of your brain. A healthy diet can help. And one dietary choice is proving particularly interesting: blueberries.

An intriguing study of over 16,000 people aged 70 or more found that eating blueberries slowed down cognitive aging by 2.5 years (Ann Neurol. 2012 Jul;72(1):135-43).

Following up on this promise that blueberries make your brain younger, researchers conducted a 6 month double-blind study of freeze-dried wild blueberry powder and people between the ages of 65 and 80 who were experiencing cognitive decline. 44 of them were given 35g of wild blueberry powder every day, and 42 were given a placebo. Another 45 people who were not experiencing cognitive decline were also included as a reference group.

The most interesting result the researchers were curious about was processing speed because it is an element of cognition that underlies all other cognitive abilities. And they found that it worked. The blueberry supplement improved speed of processing compared to the placebo, especially in people who were 75 or older. The improvement occurred both at the neural level and the behavioural level. That means that information moved from neuron to neuron faster and that mental tasks were actually completed faster.

Remarkably, the people who took the blueberry supplement for 6 months were now able to match the performance of the group who had never experienced cognitive decline, suggesting that supplementing blueberry powder restores your brain to its earlier cognitively healthy state (Nutritional Neuroscience. Sep 6 2022;

The magic ingredient in blueberry powder is the flavonoids. In another just published study, other flavonoids were shown to help too.

This new study included 961 people between the ages of 60 and 100. It followed them for nearly 7 years. Impressively, it found that the people who got the most flavonoids in their diet had slower rate of cognitive decline and improved cognition in multiple ways.

Specifically, flavonoids significantly slowed decline in global cognition, episodic memory, semantic memory, perceptual speed and working memory. That means flavonoids help keep your mind and memory young.

The best flavonoids seemed to be kaempferol and quercetin. And the best way to eat them seemed to be kale, beans, tea, spinach, broccoli and apples (Neurology. Nov 22, 2022;

You can also get flavonoids as supplements.

To Increase Your Sales by Educating Your Customers, Start Giving The Natural Path Newsletter to Your Customers Today! 

The Natural Path is a natural health newsletter specifically designed to help Canadian health food stores increase their sales by educating their customers. The Natural Path contains no advertising and never mentions a brand name.

Contact Ted Snider at or at 416.782.8211.

For comprehensive natural help with your health, make an appointment to see Linda Woolven now. Linda’s clinic is now open for virtual appointments. Linda is a master herbalist, acupuncturist, reiki practitioner and solution-focused counsellor with a practice in Toronto. 

Linda is also an artist whose paintings hang in galleries and private collections across North America. You can see some of her painting here.
Eat These Foods, Put the Brakes on Cognitive Decline

In this study of 961 participants between the ages of 60 and 100, those with a higher dietary intake of these two groups of nutrients had a slower rate of decline in cognition. Not only that, these healthy foods also help tackle high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, obesity and tumors.
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🍎 Julie Daniluk, Nutritionist 

#Brassica family #plants aka #cruciferousvegetables are rich in Isothiocyanates a #plant compound that helps to reduce negative #estrogen! Enjoy more #bokchoy#broccoli #cabbage #kale! Get my FREE handout 11 #Foods to Balance your #Hormones…

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The Phytonutrients in Apples Show Impressive Anti-Cancer Properties

Human observational studies have suggested that regular apple consumption is associated with a reduced risk of cancer at various sites within the body, such as lung, colon, and breast.

Consistent with these findings, researchers at Cornell University discovered that certain phytonutrients in apples show impressive anti-cancer properties when tested on human cancer cells.

A combination of plant chemicals, such as flavonoids and polyphenols - collectively known as phytochemicals, found both within the flesh of apple and particularly in the skin - provide the fruit's antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits, say Cornell food scientists.

Using colon cancer cells treated with apple extract, the scientists found that cell proliferation was inhibited. Colon cancer cells treated with 50 milligrams of apple extract (from the skins) were inhibited by 43 percent. The apple flesh extract inhibited the colon cancer cells by 29 percent.

The researchers also tested the apple extract against human liver cancer cells. At 50 milligrams, the extract derived from the apple with the skin on inhibited those cancer cells by 57 percent, and the apple extract derived from the fruit's fleshy part inhibited cancer cells by 40 percent.

"Another reason to consider having one or two apples per day."

Public Health Nutrition Journal 2016:
Journal of Food and Drug Analysis:
Web MD:
“We need to change the mindset from the fear of sickness to the excitement of health.”

In this day of data harvesting—by most social media sites, apps, and both brick and mortar and on-line companies—when you hear about cookies you might not think about data yet you need to. Unfortunately, everyone wants to sell you something or control your life; from conception to the grave we are used as trading pieces for corporate interests.

As a society we are living longer today than in past generations. Longevity into the 90’s is now becoming commonplace in most industrialized societies. What is the cost? Are we simply delaying degenerative diseases and feeding pharmaceutical interests? If so, will the quality of life have a massive impact on a healthcare system already in dire need? We know what is upon us: disease is proliferating globally at a rapid pace. Today our God given natural immunity has been replaced by one delivered in a syringe and society is at the point of becoming wards of the pharmaceutical industry. To those affected, it will mean hardships through dependency. A great business strategy in selling sickness are double ending profits without competition—the perfect marriage of corporate sponsorship and pharmaceutical companies while supported by doctors and the health care system. 
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Landmark Face Mask Study Reveals Unexpected Results

It was the first randomized controlled trial of more than 6,000 individuals to assess the effectiveness of surgical face masks against the virus that causes COVID-19. Here's why you likely won't see the media talking about the results.
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Business News
“The best sales reps are those who stay informed, so they are considered advisors, by their customers” dp
The article, Multinational Agrichemical Corporations and the Great Food Transformation, can be read on
Engineered famine: Germany farmers ordered to slash nitrogen fertilizer usage
The food supply of Europe is under direct assault via multiple schemes that seem designed to end affordable food at the same time electricity is becoming unaffordable for businesses and residential households alike.
Germany is now ordering farmers to slash nitrogen fertilizer usage, a move that will result in direct crop losses, leading to food scarcity, inflation and famine. This is all being done on purpose.
The real goal, of course, is genocide against humanity. Global depopulation. Thousands of farms are being taken over or shut down by governments in Europe, and it's all being done in the name of "climate science."
Mass starvation across Europe is about to become a horrifying reality.
See the full article plus today's podcast here.
“may be a controversy in natural food industry'” dp
Toxic plants to avoid this holiday season
With the holiday season upon us, it’s important to remember that not all festive plants and flowers are safe to have around our furry friends. They may look beautiful, but their toxic properties can make them a holiday hazard for our beloved pets. Check out our list of festive plants to avoid…

Mildly Toxic

Poinsettias - Toxic to dogs and cats
This festive classic is unfortunately not such festive fun for the animals in your life - they contain a sap that can irritate your pet’s mouth and throat, and can cause stomach issues such as nausea or diarrhea if ingested. 

Pine Trees - Toxic to Cats
Oils in pine trees can be harmful to cats and may lead to liver damage. So if you’re bringing home a live tree this year, opt for spruce or fir!  

Moderately Toxic

Azaleas - toxic to dogs and cats
Another commonly seen Christmas flower, azaleas (also known as rhododendrons) contain grayanotoxin, a toxin which can cause symptoms ranging from decreased appetite, weakness, and drooling to vomiting and diarrhea.

Holly - toxic to dogs and cats
Unfortunately, these classic Christmas decorations can be dangerous for pets, causing abdominal pain or other stomach upsets if ingested.

Amaryllis - toxic to dogs and cats
These plants contain the chemical lycorine which can cause stomach issues such as vomiting and diarrhea if ingested. 

Extremely Toxic:

Lillies - Toxic to dogs and cats
This flower may be beautiful but it’s one of the most toxic for our feline friends - ingesting even a small amount of the flower or its water can cause serious issues (kidney failure, arrhythmia) and should be avoided. 

Mistletoe - Toxic to dogs and cats
The phoratoxins and lectins in mistletoe can cause severe reactions in cats, including heart problems, breathing problems, seizures and even death.
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