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September 11, 2022
CHFA Show – Idea for a successful trade show
[Show Guide is included below in this week FRN]

Attending a tradeshow as a retailer and staff it often is quite overwhelming, and with the new venue this year even the veteran trade show attendees may find it a challenge.
Here are a few tips to hopefully help you make the most out of the CHFA show.
  • Don’t leave home without a clear plan 
  • Identify the key vendors you must visit, along with the booth number from the CHFA show guide, then identify any vendors with new products which you think will increase sales without overextending your inventory budget, 
  • Review the Show Guide with your team, to choose what education seminars and events to attend, I suggest if there is a Health Canada regulatory meeting or CHFA meeting, have one of the team attend and take notes.
  • Have your team attend a variety of education seminars, ask each to take notes to share later with the team
  • Prepare orders beforehand, so you can add on new products or specials at the vendor booth, and not waste time ordering regular stock.
  • Look/ask, for merchandising materials, signs, displays the vendors provide which will help sell more of their product to your customers.
  • If you have an active social media programask the vendors for content, or see if there is an interest to support your campaigns
  • Set up staff trainings for any new products you believe will add value to your business
  • Be careful not to bring home too much vendor printed materials as you may find you never will find the time, once back in your office, to look at it, that was my experience, lol,
  • COOP – when I attended a show as a retailer this was the focus, as I knew how to order, merchandise, and educate the team so I wanted to come back from a show with a nice $$$ COOP budget to help bring in new customers and assist the vendor in selling ‘their’ product through ‘my’ store. Coop must be WIN, WIN, so both you and the vendor feel the COOP has value!
  • Network with other retailers, vendors, and  health experts, this often was the highlight of my show! There are so many amazing people, so many laughs, so many hugs and so many valuable ideas to improve your business!
  • Be Grateful for the hard work CHFA and vendors put in to create such an incredible event!
Happy Sales
The Naam restaurant, a Vancouver vegetarian institution, listed for sale
 Show Guide Live!
“Through man made climate engineering, 60 to 70 Million tons of chemicals and heavy metals are spread into the air a year around the Globe,”  
                  Dane Wigington - – ‘Dane is the best researcher for climate engineering”, dp

A handful of companies control almost everything we buy — and beer is the latest victim

2 investment companies own majority of all other company share – Blackrock, Vanguard
EXCLUSIVE: Former Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based on False Narratives 
“Yet Climate Change being used to end meat”

Why addressing methane from meat is the fastest way to reverse climate change – “ the unscientific side of   climate change and a plant based future” dp
Rapeseed/Canola (Brassica napus subsp. napus), also known as rape, or oilseed rape, is a bright-yellow flowering member of the family Brassicaceae (mustard or cabbage family), cultivated mainly for its oil-rich seed, which naturally contains appreciable amounts of erucic acidThe term canola denotes a group of rapeseed cultivars which were bred to have very low levels of erucic acid and are especially prized for use as human and animal food. Rapeseed is the third-largest source of vegetable oil and the second-largest source of protein meal in the world.[citation needed]
“I had no idea was such a major source of protein meal, too bad it is mainly all GMO!” dp
How Customer Service and Passion Could Save Your Business

Like most people, at least 62% according to a 2019 study by Hello Products, I don’t like going to the dentist. However, this was my week for getting a cavity checked out and I headed down to the dentist’s office. You know the routine; you get questioned and prodded by the dental assistant as she takes x-rays and pokes around in your mouth. Yet, for some reason this dental assistant seemed different from most others. She seemed passionate about her job and was eager to explain to me why they were taking my blood pressure and why a bone in my mouth hurt when she took an X-ray. It made my experience of the dentist so much better than usual.

One would think that when times are tough customer service would take a front seat in the minds of business leaders. However that doesn’t seem to be the case. Take for example my daughter’s experience recently of going into the bank where she simply asked why they weren’t answering the phone when she called. The receptionist blew up and told her that people were busy working from home and it wasn’t a priority. My daughter is now in the process of changing banks.

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RT @GMWatch@stopthespraybc “As big industry converts our forests into lifeless tree farms that will devalue humanity’s relationship with…

Atherosclerosis is a Non-Healing Wound

While chronic inflammation of the coronary artery wall is finally appreciated to be the direct cause of all coronary atherosclerosis by cardiologists and internists, there appears to be little curiosity as to what is causing this pandemic of inflammation that kills about 50% of the world population every year. [1,2] When a 50-year-old man has a heart attack but is completely free of all known risk factors for heart disease, the treating cardiologist just considers that individual to have had bad luck, although that sentiment is never directly expressed to that individual. Truth be known, luck is involved in whether someone becomes a heart patient. However, it pertains directly to the luck involved in whether that individual chose to see a well-informed biological dentist earlier in life rather than just a procedure/tooth structure-oriented mainstream dentist who has no awareness of, or concern with, the dynamic physiological interplay between the mouth and the rest of the body.

New Ivermectin Study Demonstrates 92 Percent Reduction in COVID-19 Mortality Rate
Topic: 2021 Review Shows that Black Cohosh is Effective for Menopausal Symptoms
Surprisingly, up to 80% of women who experience menopausal symptoms during the early menopausal years, including hot flushes, use natural supplements to help manage their symptoms. One of the most popular choices is the herb known as Black cohosh (Cimifuga racemose), which contains the active constituent’s triterpene glycosides and isopropanolic CR extract. Preparations of black cohosh are made from its roots and rhizomes (underground stems) and studies show that to be effective Black cohosh should be standardized to yield 2.5% triterpene glycosides.
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Long COVID Contributing to Disabilities by the Millions

5 Common Kitchen Foods to Reduce Inflammation Naturally

3 Unusual Green Tea Benefits

Chinese Medicine: Eight Causes of Headaches, Their Origins, and Treatment
Business News
Update from NHPPA & Shawn Buckley

We didn’t know how to start this outreach and ultimately decided that we would just let you know, as if you had called one of us to get an update. Considering what we are about to launch, this approach seemed most fitting.

With volatility and recession talk everywhere, what are retailers’ actual financial risks?
Non-GMO Project Verified products saw steep sales growth, study finds

Tracking the plant-based protein movement

Impossible Loses Chief Experience Officer and President in Exec Exodus

Plant Based Foods Institute will promote the segment’s policy and business aims

California's unique rice harvest opportunity 

Vegan Beyond Orange Chicken Lands at All 2,300 Panda Express Locations

Greenland ice sheet gained 7 Gigatons of mass in just one day yesterday — the largest daily gain ever recorded during the summer.

Kellogg debuts portable cereal with ‘instantized milk’

Bird flu hits turkey supply ahead of Thanksgiving

Blendtek partners with Bunge on plant protein ingredients

The Canadian formulation company now offers the commodity giant’s soy, pea, faba, lentil and mung bean proteins — including concentrates, isolates, powders and textures.
Tracking the cell-based meat space
Meat sector fights back as Dutch city becomes first in the world to ban meat ads

California Walnut Farmers, Facing Glut, Struggle to Reach Global Markets
Walnuts, the oldest tree food known to humans and prized for their healthy omega 3 fatty acids, have a shelf life of around 12 to 18 months, depending on how the nuts are stored. That makes them harder to stockpile than nuts like almonds, which can stay good for more than two years.
US Rancher Reveals Planned Food Shortages the Real Goal of Carbon Agenda; Bill Gates, CCP Buying Up Farmland
Codex Alimentarius 

👥 | The FAO/WHO Coordinating Committees allow regions or groups of countries to coordinate food-standards activities in their region, including the development of regional standards.

👉 This week #CCAFRICA24 will discuss the food safety issues of interest to the region. [🧵⤵️]

Codex Alimentarius 

📗 | #WeekendReading 4⃣ U ❗️

👉 The @FAO “Information toolkit on food biotechnologies with a focus on food safety”, a 🆕 basis to assist countries in addressing the general public’s concerns on food biotechnology and safety.


#OutNow | #FoodSafety

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