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December 19, 2022
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Happy Holidays, from the North! 

As 2022 comes to an end, I’d like to wish each of you, a wonderful Holiday season, with Family n Friends! 

I do not attempt to increase subscribers, currently FRN has 950 subscribers, with 250 to 550 opens per week. I understand these stats are not overly impressive, however from the kind remarks I receive FRN does seem to bring value. For me it is great therapy, so thank YOUfor the support!

New Year’s Day will mark the 50th year since I began shopping in health food stores, which led to a life worth living. 

A life surrounded by remarkable people, people who believe, what you eat, has a direct result on how you feel, think or act, while prevention is the first step to optimal health, even for the common cold or flu!

A phrase continually repeated, the past 5 decades, by those who work in the natural product industry, is, they felt they were making a difference in the wellbeing of others!

I trust, as we navigate the current trend by the Canadian government, to fund/invest, with tax money, Universities and corporations to develop, novel, genetically altered vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat and I assume, insects, while they secure their future with patents, bogus science/media and a heavily funded lobby, that the natural products industry will be able to sustain their core values of organic and local foods, with safe natural supplements, which in 38 years, have yet to record a single death!
FRN will be closed down until JAN 8 2023! 

Happy sales,
“80% of the CDC’s collected urine samples contained cancer-linked glyphosate. Do you have two minutes to help EWG get glyphosate off the market?
Hundreds of millions of pounds of glyphosate are dumped on American farmland each year. As a result, glyphosate is widespread in our food and the environment. Take our quick survey by midnight tonight and help EWG fight back!
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Lead Story
Top takeaways from 2022

NBJ has published market-leading insights across a large variety of industry categories and channels this year. Here are some of our top takeaways from this year’s reports. 
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“I promise to stop writing anything about healthcare issues in Canada, the moment they rehire the 1000’s of fired nurses and doctors! Beyond and sense, let alone common or caring!” dp
  Wait Times for Specialists, Surgery in Canada Highest in Nearly 30 Years: Survey 
The Future of Food: GMO 2.0 promises fall short 
Ken Roseboro argues that synthetic biology can't solve the world's problems. Read more in this column. 

How interesting  Dr Alan Watts on technology  WOWZA

On the evening of Thursday, December 8, 2022, OneWeb launched 40 satellites from Cape Canaveral, Florida, bringing the total number of active satellites in orbit around the Earth to more than 7,000. These cell towers in space are altering the electromagnetic environment of the entire planet and are debilitating and exterminating all life on it.
Albertsons turns to the metaverse

“NPC started in 2016, they claim to be the leader of the Natural Product Category, really? Not CHFA?
You can see by their investments these will be the people who integrate natural, synthetic and bio-tech, which after 50 years working with natural health products, does not sound natural to me, however it appears to be the future we are heading toward, and geezers like me, need to not stand in the way of progress!” dp
Congrats to the 'most investable' ventures
We are thrilled to see so many from our community on the list of 50 of Canada’s most investable cleantech ventures, presented by our partners, Foresight Canada.
The bio-based innovators on the list include: CVictus (carbon sequestration); Farment (soil enhancers); FREDsense (water tech); Hempalta (hemp products); Livestock Water Recycling (net zero agtech); Lucent (soil enhancers); NULIFE GreenTech (industrial waste treatment); Nyoka (bio-based light solutions); Psigryph (foodtech); Swirltex (water tech); Takachar (biomass valorization); Terramera (agtech); and ZILA Works (bio-based chemicals). READ MORE>>
The # 1 way for a natural retailer to compete against the mass market, is to be seen as the trusted  ‘expert/advisor’ for natural foods and medicines in their community!” dp

9 ways to keep e-newsletter subscribers engaged
Email newsletters are still valuable to independent natural retailers. Find out how to make yours more interesting. 
Food Allergens Can Affect Your Brain — Even if You Don’t Have Typical Food Allergy Symptoms

Better Food for Better Memory

7 Ways to Get Your Business Climbing to New Heights

Karen bought into a small business in her community because she thought she would love the thrill of owning a company that she believed espoused the values of her good living lifestyle. Having given up a good paying but boring government job, Karen was at first enamoured by the business and the lifestyle, but soon reality set in. Though she thought had fully investigated the business before she bought in, Karen soon found out that things were not quite as they seemed. While the business had decent revenue numbers, the company was losing money. Karen went right to work to turn things around. Karen toiled hard to get the business profitable and worked in two areas, margin and labor costs. In a period of 6 months Karen increased the margin from 35 to 37% and reduced the labor costs from 22% to 20 %. These changes which took some dedication to achieve, turned the business around and moved it from a failing business to a profitable one. Karen admits that she still has some work to do but has literally climbed out of a hole and is moving up towards the treetops.

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Winter’s Here!
From the Natural Path Newsletter
by Linda Woolven M.H., R.Ac & Ted Snidera

Winter’s here. And it’s bringing with it the usual host of infections plus some. But nature is ready with her remedies! 

Respiratory Syncytial Infection 
This year is shaping up to be especially bad for children’s respiratory infections. Cases of kids with respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, are surging in the US and Canada. There is no specific conventional treatment for RSV. But a small double-blind 1997 study suggests that supplementing selenium speeds up recovery (Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue Za Zhi. 1997 Nov;31(6):358-61). Double-blind research also suggests that North American ginseng can significantly help seniors to avoid RSV as well as influenza (J Am Geriatr Soc. 2004 Jan;52(1):13-9). 

Along with immune herbs like echinacea, garlic and goldenseal, and expectorants like licorice and thyme, there are some specific supplements for bronchitis. 

Bromelain helps clear your airwaves, get rid of your cough and thin the material you are coughing up. It has been shown to improve lung function (Drugs Exp Clin Res, 1978; 4:55-66). 

Ivy leaf reduces bronchial spasm and improves respiratory secretions and lung function. One double-blind study showed ivy leaf to be as effective as the drug ambroxol for chronic bronchitis (Zeits Allegemeinmed1993; 69:61- 6). A second study found a combination of ivy and thyme to work better and faster than placebo at reducing coughing fits in people with bronchitis (Arzneimittelforschung 2006;56(9):652-60). 

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) effectively reduces the viscosity of lung secretions, eases coughs and improves lung function. A review of 39 studies concluded that 400 to 600mg of NAC a day is a safe and effective treatment for chronic bronchitis (Eur Respir J, 2000;16:253-62). 

An important, but little known, herb for bronchitis is Pelargonium sidoides. Over 30 studies have shown pelargonium to be safe and effective for acute respiratory infections. 

Double-blind research has shown pelargonium to produce rapid recovery in 90.6% of people with acute bronchitis versus 41.7% on placebo. In the herb group, 84.4% had a major improvement or a complete recovery compared to only 30% in the placebo group (Explore! 2005;1:437-45). Other double-blind studies have also demonstrated the power of pelargonium over bronchitis (Phytomed 2003;10 Suppl 4:7-17; Curr Med Res Opin 2007 Feb;23(2):323-31 Respir Med 2013;10:691–701; Cur Med Res Opinion March 2018;34(3):475-485). 

A Cochrane systematic review found the liquid preparation to be effective for bronchitis in both children and adults (Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2013 Oct 22(10):CD006323). 

And, of course, don’t forget your vitamin C (Int J Vitam Nutr Res 1994;64:212-19).

Continued at the end of the news!
Should you keep your children in a bubble?
  • A growing number of people in need of blood transfusions are requesting blood that comes from people who haven’t received COVID-19 shots
  • Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole compared the current unknowns regarding “vaccinated blood” with HIV-tainted blood that was used for transfusions in the 1980s
  • Directed donations and autologous donations, or self-donation, are options for receiving blood free of mRNA, but in both cases you’ll need your doctor to submit a Red Cross Special Collections Order form
  • A “Safe Blood” donation campaign has also been formed to match blood donors and recipients who have not had COVID-19 shots
Read More
🍎 Julie Daniluk, Nutritionist 

Planning to donate to your local #foodbank this #holidayseason? ⁠Knowing that 1 in 10 Canadians eat a #glutenfreediet, let's prioritize #glutenfree#foods rather than the regular wheat pasta or cereals. ⁠Here is my list of the #healthiest affordable non-perishables! #fooddrive

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#Brassica family #plants (aka #cruciferous #vegetables) not only contain #hormonebalancing #plant compounds #folate and #vitaminC but they are also some of the most #nutrientdense #veggies out there! Discover 11 #food solutions to balance #hormones :…
Business News
“The best sales reps are those who stay informed, so they are considered advisors, by their customers” dp
Ynsect plans US insect farm and partners with Ardent Mills
The facility will produce more than 55,000 tons of ingredients a year, which the milling company will explore for use in healthy and sustainable food.

Yes, Gene-Edited Plants and Animals Do Contain Foreign Genes, DNA

Lead Toxicity Linked to 1 in 5 Deaths

Tracking the cell-based meat space

What’s Really Driving Netherlands’ Plan to Shut Down 3,000 Farms?

Kids Exposed to Higher Levels of Pesticides More Likely to Experience Early Onset of Puberty
“may be a controversy in natural food industry'” dp
Del Monte to debut carbon-neutral pineapples
FW: Wireless and climate change - Report from COP 27
The following are a few of the facts that the United Nations must immediately recognize and take control of in order for our children to live to grow up:
  • Electricity, and no other force, is responsible for life. The study of electricity must be restored to biology, chemistry, and medicine.
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) interfere with the flow of electrons in our nerves, our brains, and our hearts’ pacemakers. This is responsible for the recent huge increases in the prevalence of neurological diseases such as ADHD, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and autism, and the large increase in the incidence of heart attacks in young people.
  • EMFs interfere with the flow of electrons from the food we eat to the oxygen we breathe, which occurs day and night in the mitochondria of every cell in order to make the energy necessary for life.
  • This interference with metabolism -- interference with the burning of sugars, fats and proteins for energy -- has put all living things into a state of oxygen deprivation. This is occurring to every person, every animal, every insect, and every plant, without ceasing and without possibility of escape.
  • The reduced ability of our cells to digest sugars is called diabetes.
  • The reduced ability of our cells to digest fats causes them to be deposited in in our tissues, resulting in obesity. It causes them to be deposited in coronary arteries, resulting in heart disease.
  • The reduced ability of our cells to utilize the oxygen we breathe causes them to revert to anaerobic (non-oxygen-using) metabolism, resulting in cancer.
  • The extraordinary increases in these four pandemic diseases -- obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer -- are predominantly caused by constant radiation from personal wireless devices and the global infrastructure that supports them.
  • In bees, which have a very high metabolism, this interference is quickly lethal. Colony collapse disorder is caused almost entirely by electrosmog.
  • The 75% decline in flying insects in nature reserves throughout Germany, and the 98% to 99% decline in the number of crawling insects in a Puerto Rican rainforest -- decreases that reflect what is globally being called “insect apocalypse” -- are predominantly caused by the enormous increase in the intensity of radiation from the global wireless infrastructure.
  • The unprecedented mass deaths of nesting birds worldwide in the spring and summer of 2022 was due to the tremendous global intensification of wireless infrastructure now occurring on land, in space, and in the oceans.
  • The emissions from wireless devices are called radio frequency (RF) radiation. In addition to the general interference with electron flow in our bodies that occurs from any source of EMFs, RF radiation carries complex information from one wireless device to another in the form of frequencies and pulsation patterns. It carries the same information to the cells of our bodies, interfering with and drowning out the communication between our cells, and between our bodies and the Earth.
  • This interferes with reproduction, growth, differentiation, maturation, healing, and normal functioning, and is responsible for the dramatic degradation of human health in the past two and a half decades.
  • This interference with internal communication does not depend on dose. Even at near-zero power levels, RF radiation has been shown to alter brain waves and change the structure of DNA.
  • Every wireless device and every antenna is responsible for electrosmog. None can ever be used safely, not even theoretically. Not cell towers, not cell phones, not WiFi, not Bluetooth, and not any of the 25 different wireless devices owned by the average household today.
  • Communication satellites, now being launched almost every other day, up to 54 at a time, by governments and private corporations, are massively polluting and altering the electromagnetic environment of the Earth itself. This is further degrading all of life below, because every living thing is part of the global electric circuit which flows at all times between the sky and the Earth.
  • There are 15 billion cell phones on Earth today emitting RF radiation, along with more than 6 million cell towers. At least 5,000 satellites are emitting radiation globally from space, with at least 100,000 more being scheduled and planned.
Climate Change is a Hoax - Icke
Winter’s Here Continued!
From the Natural Path Newsletter
by Linda Woolven M.H., R.Ac & Ted Snidera

Ear Infections 
The most remarkable treatment for ear infections is herbal ear drops containing garlic, mullein, calendula and St. John’s wort in olive oil. These natural drops are as good as anaesthetic ear drops (Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2001;155(7):796-9). 

That same formula plus lavender and vitamin E in the drops works better than anaesthetic ear drops plus the antibiotic amoxicillin. The natural ear drops reduced ear pain by 95.9% (Pediatrics 2003;111(5 Pt 1):e574-9). 

Chewing gum with xylitol in it has been shown to reduce incidence of ear infections by 40% in at least two studies (BMJ 1996;313:1180-4; Pediatrics 1998;102:879-84). 

When kids with a history of recurrent ear infections were given 1,000IU of vitamin D or placebo for 4 months, the kids on D suffered significantly fewer ear infections (Pediatr Infect Dis J 2013). 

Formula fed babies given probiotics for the first year of life are less likely to get ear infections. At 7 months, while 50% of placebo fed infants got an ear infection, only 22% of probiotic fed babies did. 60% of placebo babies needed antibiotics, while only 31% of probiotic babies did (Br J Nutr 2009;101(11):1722-6).

Cold & Flu 
Taking enough vitamin C has been proven to prevent and treat colds. A review of 21 studies that used 1-8g of vitamin C found that vitamin C reduces the length and severity of colds by 23% (Scand J Infect Dis 1994;26:1-6). A double-blind study showed that taking 1g of vitamin C for 8 weeks reduces the incidence of colds by 45% and shortens the length of colds by 59% (Nutrients 2014;6:2572-83). It is best to take at least 2g a day (Med Hypotheses 1999;52:171-8).

A recent study found 8 times higher number of colds in a placebo group than in a 6g a day vitamin C group (BMJ Mil Health 2020;bmjmilitary-2019-001384).

The most important current word on vitamin C comes from a meta-analysis of 9 controlled studies that found that taking extra vitamin C on top of regular supplementation at the onset of a cold shortens the cold by a significant 56% and significantly relieves symptoms (Biomed Res Int 2018 ;2018:1837634). 

Zinc lozenges are remarkably effective. A research review found that when at least 75mg of zinc lozenges a day was used, people got better significantly faster in 7 out of 8 studies (Open Respir Med J 2011;5:51- 58). A meta-analysis of 3 placebo-controlled studies that all used an effective form of zinc lozenge, zinc acetate, found that they lessen the length of the cold by nearly 3 days (BJCP 2016;82:1393-8). A meta-analysis of 3 studies also included only studies of zinc acetate lozenges. The doses ranged from 80-92mg a day. By day 5, 70% of the zinc group had recovered from their colds compared to 27% of the placebo group. People taking zinc lozenges recovered 3.1 times faster (Open Forum Infect Dis 2017;4(2):ofx059).

The best forms are zinc acetate, gluconate or gluconate-glycine. 

A huge double-blind study of 637 people proved echinacea’s ability to prevent and treat colds (Evid Based Complement Altern Med 2012(2):841315). Several studies have demonstrated echinacea’s ability to fight off colds 3 to 4 days faster than placebo (Eur J Clin Res 1997;9:261-8; Arzneimforsch 2001;51(7):563-8). Echinacea reduces symptoms by 23.1% (J Clin Pharm Ther 2004;29:75- 83). 

An important meta-analysis included 6 high quality, controlled, long term studies of echinacea on respiratory tract infection recurrence and complication, including pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infection, sinusitis. Echinacea reduced the risk of recurrence by a significant 35%. In people with higher susceptibility due to stress or weakened immunity, the reduction was 50%. Echinacea reduced the risk of complications by 50%, including 64.9% reduction of risk of pneumonia, ear infection and tonsillitis (Adv Ther 2015;32:187-200).

Elderberry helps you recover from a cold in only 2-3 days compared to 7-8 days on placebo (J Altern Comp Med 1995;1:361-9; J International Med Res 2004;32:132-40). Elderberry relieves fever, headache, congestion and cough in only 2 days (Online Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics 2009;5:32-43).
A meta-analysis of 4 controlled studies found that elderberry significantly reduces the severity and duration of symptoms. It works for both flu and cold but may be even more effective for flu (Complement Ther Med 2019;42:361-365).

The herb andrographis fights colds and sinusitis better than placebo. A number of studies show that it can significantly improve symptoms in as fast as 2-4 days. Kids who take andrographis throughout the winter have a 2.1 times lower risk of cold (Phytomed 1997;4:101-4). 

Double-blind research shows that andrographis reduces cold intensity scores by 11.2 points versus 6.3 points on placebo. Significantly more people on andrographis were significantly or completely better after 5 days. After 10 days, 90.4% of the andrographis group, but only 21.2% of the placebo group was cured (Altern Ther Health Med 2018;24(2):16-26). 

A systematic review of 33 controlled studies has demonstrated the power of andrographis over acute respiratory infections, including cold, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, laryngitis and tonsillitis. Andrographis is significantly better than drugs for all symptoms but cough, and adding it to drugs is significantly better than drugs alone (PLoS One 2017; 12(8):e0181780). 

Other important supplements for cold and flu include probiotics, garlic and vitamin D.

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