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August 21, 2022
The 2nd best way to compete against the mass market

One of the best ways for the independent natural retailers to compete against the mass market is to ensure you cater to the various natural lifestyles by having the best selection of natural health products in the community. [not so much widest selection of brands] This way you are able to satisfy the needs of your Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw Food, & Carnivores, unlike anyone else in town!
           {‘best selection’ also applies to organic, local, sustainable]

If I was a health expert, my book title would be ‘The 7.8B Diets’, as I have yet to meet two people who follow the same natural health lifestyle or any lifestyle for that matter.
I recall early 80s a friend who would always ask/annoy the waiter to make changes to her meal, she would ask if the meal had msg, dairy, eggs or such, I know some people felt uncomfortable going to eat with her as she was always making ‘a fuss’ over what she ordered, yet now it seems everyone I go to eat out with either makes changes to the menu item or choose options like gluten free, dairy free, egg whites/yolks only, no msg, no sugar, no salt, no onions, no garlic and a variety of changes to suit their specific likes or dislikes based on health or personal preferences. Waiters now are more tolerant!
The natural food store is the safest place to shop for food and medicinehowever within the health store there are many natural solutions which seem to contradict each other.
Raw food, Vegan, Vegetarian or Carnivore – I know people in each category, who swear by their diet as being the best, and in some cases point fingers at the other lifestyle as being unhealthy. You will find endless information on-line for each of these lifestyles either praising or debunking them. 
                    [I have yet to meet a breatharian]
Homeopathy, Herbs, Vitamins, and other natural medicines – the health store carries a wide selection of natural medicines, which have two things in common, they do not suit all people, and they have a 38 year, no death, proven safety record
The Raw Food and Clean Diet people do not like synthetic vitamins as producers use chemicals to extract the vitamin from the natural source, as we know Health Canada continually negates benefits of homeopathy whereas I had customers who would be very upset if I ran out of teething tablets or Calms, the herb market which began with primarily European herbs has now expanded to include herbs from all countries, so some choose Chinese, others Ayurvedic, some reject standardized extracts preferring the whole herb, some prefer pills to tincture or teas, and some even smoke their herbs.
I doubt there is a perfect natural lifestyle however to me the key is, to understand that what you eat will affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and often determine the outcome of your life. You are what you eat is truer than not!
I believe the people who work in the natural food stores are, ‘Lifestyle Guides’, as they help guide customers to find a safe natural lifestyle which suits the persons
unique way of being!
Happy Sales,
Lead Story
Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Supplements Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Supplements

Inflammation is a key contributor to nearly all chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and obesity.

Chronic inflammation is a hallmark of virtually all disease. While inflammation is a perfectly normal and beneficial process that occurs when your body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect you from foreign invaders such as bacteria and viruses, it leads to trouble when the inflammatory response gets out of hand and continues indefinitely.

Think of inflammation as a fire used against invaders. When that fire keeps burning, or lights up incorrectly, it’s the body that gets burned.

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Member Input Required: Compliance of Supplemental Ingredients Declared on the Labels of Supplemental Foods – 
Health Canada is seeking feedback on its proposed approach for the compliance of supplemental ingredients declared on the labels of supplemented foods. The deadline for comment is  September 16, 2022
yet new novel gene edited foods require no Health Canada oversight allowing manufactures to self regulate ingredients never part of the human diet! Go figure!”dp

Genetically Engineered Foods will dominate the Vegan Dietwe all may be left with little choice!” dp
How Natural Food Companies Can Overcome Challenges and Be Profitable
Amazon bought Whole Foods five years ago for $13.7 billion. Here’s what’s changed at the high-end grocer
Impossible Burger — A Significant Source of Toxic Glyphosate
Indeed, recent testing23 instigated by Moms Across America reveal the Impossible Burger contains glyphosate — a given, really, considering it's made with GMO soy, as the herbicide becomes integrated into the whole plant and cannot be washed off. As reported by Moms Across America on May 16, 2019:24

Canada Will Have More Seniors Than Children Within 10 Years, Feds Say

Fueling the Immune System for the 21st Century
by Michael Passwater
OMNS (Aug. 22, 2022) Infectious diseases are a major threat to human survival and quality of life. In 1996, the World Health Organization raised concern regarding over 17 million people dying each year from infectious diseases. [1] That's over 46,000 people per day. In 2014 HIV/AIDS caused 1.6 million deaths, tuberculosis caused 1.3 million deaths, pneumonia killed 1.1 million children under the age of 5, infectious diarrhea killed 760,000 children under the age of 5, malaria killed 627,000 people, Rabies killed 55,000 people, and Dengue killed 20,000 people and made 400 million ill. 

Click here to see a web copy of this news release 
Menopausal Sleeplessness

Insomnia (the medical term) is present when it’s persistently challenging to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get enough quality sleep. Often women worry about sleeping and not feeling rested in the morning.

Night sweats, anxiety, and other hormone-related symptoms often disrupt sleep. And poor sleep contributes to anxiety, irritability, stress, brain fog, headaches, and inflammation, all of which are associated with the perimenopausal transition.

Sleep issues affect up to 47% of perimenopausal women and 60% of postmenopausal women. While there can be many contributing factors to sleeplessness and poor sleep, the main one is the hormonal changes that occur during this life phase.

Ovulation triggers progesterone production. So as women begin to have anovulatory cycles in their 40s and stop cycling altogether, progesterone levels fall. Progesterone has a calming effect on the brain and helps to promote sleep.

In addition, estrogen levels fluctuate during this time. High estrogen or high estrogen relative to progesterone may cause periods of estrogen dominance that contribute to sleeplessness.

How To Improve Sleep During Perimenopause
Lifestyle habits play a crucial role in hormone balance and sleep. If you are experiencing sleep challenges, consider: 
  • Increasing relaxation, especially before bed
  • Avoiding screens before bed
  • Sleeping in a cool and dark room
  • Getting outside early in the day for natural sunlight exposure
  • Exercising during the day
  • Laying off the alcohol
  • Decreasing stress

In addition to these lifestyle habits, herbal medicine is profoundly supportive and doesn’t carry the side effects and risks associated with sleep medication.
🍎 Julie Daniluk, Nutritionist 

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RT @STOPGETREES: ✊ 🌲🌳Sign On! Tell the Forest Stewardship Council to stand by the @FSC_IC policy that bans the use of genetically engineer…
Bayer facing long line-up of new Roundup trials as cancer takes toll, by @careygillam…

RT @sophielouisecc: The Dutch farmer protest! Look at the sheer size of it. Of course not reported by the media.
So much gratitude for @BCCFarm @UrbanHarvest @rareseeds & @FoodShareTO for providing the #organic plants and #seeds for our first KRTK vegetable and pollinator garden. It’s incredible to see that in a month we have a full #harvest ready for local food banks and programs
Back Pain
From the Natural Path Newsletter   
by Linda Woolven M.H., R.Ac & Ted Snider

If your back pain is like mine, then bromelain, curcumin and kava kava are the answer. Our dog swears by MSM. 

Back pain is an incredibly common problem. Most of us will experience at least one episode of back pain in our life, making it among the most common chronic conditions. 

Anti-inflammatories & Antispasmodics 
Anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic herbs work great for back pain. Two of the best anti-inflammatories are bromelain and curcumin; two of the best antispasmodics are kava kava and passionflower. MSM is also a great anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and analgesic that is good for back pain. 

White Willow Bark & Devil’s Claw 
Several herbs have proven effective for back pain. Two great ones are white willow bark and devil’s claw. White willow bark really works. When 191 people with chronic low back pain were given either a placebo or white willow bark extract containing either 120mg or 240mg of salicin for 4 weeks, only 6% of the placebo group were pain free in the fourth week compared to 21% on the low dose willow bark and 39% on the high dose willow bark. That difference is significant. Significantly more people in the placebo group also had to take tramadol as a rescue medication (Am J Med 2000;109:9-14). 

A 2009 review of the research found 3 studies that indicate that white willow bark is “not inferior to” the NSAID drug rofecoxib (Vioxx) for low back pain. The researchers concluded that the review “provides evidence for the use of ethanolic willow bark extract in managing low back pain” (Phytother Res 2009;23:897-900). 

The highly respected Cochrane group has conducted a review of controlled trials of herbal medicines on low back pain. It concluded that white willow bark extract (standardized for 240mg salicin a day), devil’s claw (standardized for 50mg harpagoside a day) and cayenne plasters all reduce low back pain better than a placebo (Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2006;(2):CD 004504). 
The reviewers included a study of 228 people that found that white willow bark was as effective as Vioxx. Vioxx has been taken off the market because it increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and angina. That makes white willow look pretty good! 

The Cochrane review also concluded that devil’s claw, which is better known for treating arthritis, is superior to placebo for low back pain. The reviewers included a study that found that devil’s claw, too, is as effective as Vioxx for people with low back pain. 

If your back pain does not radiate to your legs, then 800mg of devil’s claw extract 3 times a day is an effective treatment (Phytomed 1996;3:1- 10). The lower dose of 200-400mg 3 times a day has also been shown to work (Eur J Anaesthisiol 1999;16:118-129). 

When people suffering from lower back pain or osteoarthritis were given devil’s claw for 54 weeks, the number of people experiencing no pain at all increased from 3% to 31%. The number of people in moderate pain went down from 45% to 21%, the number of people in severe pain went down from 25% to 11%, and the number of people suffering from excruciating pain dropped from 5% to only 1%. Overall, 75% of the people given devil’s claw responded (Phytomed 2007;14:371-376). 

back pain. For some reason, the study did not find this result for men (J Am Geriatr Soc 2008;56:785- 791). Vitamin D levels have also been shown to be lower in pregnant women with back pain (Clin Rheumatol 2007;26:1895-1901).

A double-blind study added either magnesium or a placebo to the treatment of 80 people with chronic low back pain who were unresponsive to physical therapy and medication. At the end of the 6 month study, pain had diminished from 7.5 to 4.7 in the magnesium group but only from 7.4 to 7.2 in the placebo group. Lumbar spine range of motion only improved in the magnesium group (Anaesthesia 2013;68:260-266). 

B Vitamins 
Another addition to the back pain regimen that is not well known is vitamins B1, B6 and B12. When researchers gave either the NSAID diclofenac alone or combined with B1, B6 and B12 to people who were in acute pain, the addition of the vitamins brought about a significantly greater benefit. All measures of pain relief and movement were significantly better with the combination. People who added the B vitamins also got better faster and were able to take a reduced dose of the NSAID (Klin Wochenschr 1990;68:107-115). 

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is a still little known supplement. It has strong anti-inflammatory, immune, pain relieving and antidepressant effects. PEA is naturally made in your own body. PEA influences control mechanisms in our cells that control cellular stress and inflammation. Adding PEA to the opioid tapentadol safely brings about significantly greater reduction in pain intensity, neuropathic, pain and disability (BMC Anesthesiol. 2017 Dec 19 ;17(1):171). 
Double-blind studies have shown 300mg and, especially, 600mg of PEA to be significantly more effective than placebo for lower back pain or sciatica. 

Topical Help 
Three of the best topical pain killers are cayenne cream, homeopathic arnica and peppermint essential oil. When the nerve is involved, St. John’s wort oil used topically is helpful. Comfrey root is also helpful. When 120 people with acute pain in the upper or lower back were given either comfrey root extract ointment or a placebo 3 times a day for 5 days in a double-blind study, pain intensity went down by 95.2% in the comfrey group compared to only 37.8% in the placebo group (British Journal of Sports Medicine 2010;44:637-641). 

Acupuncture & Acupressure 
Acupuncture is incredibly effective for back pain. It is better than anesthetic injections (Acupunct Med. 2009 Dec;27(4):174-7). A review of the research concluded that acupuncture is effective for lower back pain (Arch Intern Med 1998;158:2235- 2241). Another research review concluded that

Vitamin D 
Vitamin D is not usually thought of as a pain killer. But most people who suffer from low back pain are low in vitamin D: in one study, the number was 83%. When researchers gave them vitamin D, they all improved. When 68 people who had low vitamin D and chronic low back pain were given 60,000IU of vitamin D a week for 8 weeks in an unblinded study, they had significant improvement in pain and functional ability (Pain Physician. 2017 Jan- Feb;20(1):E99-E105). 

Vitamin D may help low back pain even if you are not low in vitamin D. In the study, 69% of people without deficiencies also improved (Spine 2003;28:177-179). 

A second study also found that women who are low in vitamin D are almost twice as likely to suffer acupuncture is beneficial for people suffering from slipped disc and sciatica (J Altern Comp Med 1997;3:55- 76). A new systematic review and meta-analysis of 23 controlled studies found that acupressure is better than physical therapy or “usual care” for lower back pain (Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2021 Feb 24;2021:8862399). 

Stop Smoking! 
And one more surprising thing. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. But did you know it is bad for your back? Well it is. Smoking may contribute to low back pain (Spine J 2010;10:918- 940). A survey of over 29,000 people found a significant association between smoking and low back pain (Spine 1998;23:2207-2213).

The Newest News in Fighting Back Pain
When your intervertebral discs compress, you get friction and compression on the nerves. And that hurts! Standard therapy includes spinal elongation and flexibility, back pain and disk mobilization exercises. Better than standard therapy adds the herbs boswellia and gotu kola. 
Standard therapy increased height and spine length. But adding the herbs increased them significantly more. Adding the herbs also improved spinal elongation faster and more effectively. Disc space and disc density increased significantly more in the herb group. The people who added the boswellia and gotu kola also had significantly greater improvement in symptoms and mobility, and they needed significantly less pain medication. They also missed less work. 

The researchers made the striking conclusion that adding boswellia and gotu kola doubles the effectiveness of standard therapy (Panminerva Med 2020 Sep 08;doi:10.23736/S0031-0808.20.04028-8).
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The Natural Path is a natural health newsletter specifically designed to help Canadian health food stores increase their sales by educating their customers. The Natural Path contains no advertising and never mentions a brand name.

Contact Ted Snider at or at 416.782.8211.

For comprehensive natural help with your health, make an appointment to see Linda Woolven now. Linda’s clinic is now open for virtual appointments. Linda is a master herbalist, acupuncturist, and solution-focused counsellor with a practice in Toronto. 
Linda is also an artist whose paintings hang in galleries and private collections across North America. You can see some of her painting here.
What is Lab-Grown Meat?
Lab-grown meat has noble origins. This science would handcraft meat that was healthy, nutritious, and good for the environment. It would include optimized fatty acids and have no animal-borne diseases or antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Except lab-grown meat doesn't actually have any of that. We took a closer look at what exactly lab-grown meat is and just how substantial it's benefits are. From how clean it is to what parts can truly be optimized, learn about all lab-grown meat has to offer, or what it doesn't.
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Topic: Added Dietary Fiber Improves Gut Microbiome and Health Status in Just One Week

We’ve all heard that dietary fiber is good for us, but two studies in 2022 have highlighted the importance of consistently getting a desirable amount of fiber each day from food and/or supplements. Essentially these two studies showed that adding more fiber to the diet of people who typically eat insufficient fiber (which is most people), significantly increased the number and diversity of gut-friendly bacteria after just one week.
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Source: Journal Microbiome (2022)
Business News
CHFA NOW Toronto
NEW Location: Exhibition Place | Toronto, ON
Conference: September 15 & 16, 2022 | Location: Beanfield Centre
Trade Show: September 17 & 18, 2022 | Location: Enercare Centre
The Analyst Take: Consumers are trending away from specific diet labels 

Nutrition Business Journal and NEXT Data and Insights conducted research in April of this year with over 2,500 U.S. consumers on the ways people are eating today and how that has changed over the last decade.
NEW VP of Regulatory and Government Affairs - Starting September 12, 2022
Our newest teammate is busy finishing up their current role in Ottawa and will be joining us on September 12, right in time for CHFA NOW Toronto. Join us at our CHFA Regulatory Forum taking place on September 15 for an in-person meet and greet.
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Nearly One-in-Five Canadian Small Businesses on the Verge of Bankruptcy: CFIB Survey
Monsanto Documents Show ‘Wide-Ranging Corruption,’ Plaintiffs in Roundup Weedkiller Lawsuits Say

5G Health Risks: How Much Exposure Can Humans Withstand?

U.S. Soy – A sustainably grown solution

Future Meat Technologies announces cultivated lamb, while Steakholder Foods gets into pork

Beyond Meat Has a Problem With Jerky, Says Analyst. This Is Why.

Tracking the plant-based protein movement

Tracking the cell-based meat space

Rising Demand For Healthy Food and Beverages Driving Adaptogen Market's Growth

Oatly prioritizes US production as Europe’s interest in plant-based milk plateaus
Frozen food sales still strong
Vancouver to host International conference on health and well-being putting the spotlight on Canadian health research for a global stage Meatless options, international flavors play large in the frozen space.

Rising prices have made shoppers choosey, budget-minded and less loyal — but they’re still spending
Eating Bugs: Let's Dig into It!
Crickets are getting pushed by the UN/WEF as alternatives to farming - so lets pay attention!

New tests from the FDA detected extremely high, and in some cases illegal, levels of cancer-linked glyphosate on chickpeas, lentils, beans, and oats and other grains! The agency also found brain-damaging chlorpyrifos and a bee-killing neonicotinoid on pears, strawberries and raisins.
These toxic pesticides should not be on the market, let alone in the grocery store. That’s why EWG is fighting to get glyphosate and other toxic pesticides out of your food. But we need your help.
Top Scientists Warn Toxic Proteins Found in Bugs 1000X MORE TOXIC Than Processed Gluten, Trigger Autoimmune Disease

Grain Giants’ ‘Disaster Capitalism’ Profits During Food Crisis Spark Global Outrage

Toxic PFAS Chemicals in Fracking Wells Detected in Drinking Water

59% of U.S. Foods Contain Pesticide Residues, FDA Tests Find

The Defender Show With RFK, Jr.: Food + Farming Solutions With Joel Salatin

Big Food Marking Up Prices ‘Again and Again’ Amid Huge Profits, Shareholder Handouts

Why factories in China are shutting down
“most vitamins are manufactured in China,” dp

Naming Glutamate
Here are a few forms of synthesized, or free-form glutamate, you may see on your snack’s ingredient label:
·         Monosodium glutamate or sodium glutamate
·         Sodium 2-aminopentanedioate
·         Glutamic acid, monosodium salt, monohydrate
·         L-Glutamic acid, monosodium salt, monohydrate
·         L-Monosodium glutamate monohydrate
·         Monosodium L-glutamate monohydrate
·         MSG monohydrate
·         Sodium glutamate monohydrate
·         UNII-W81N5U6R6U
·         Flavor enhancer E621
The Legal Poison in Our Foods: Dr. Stephanie Seneff on What Glyphosate Does and How to Avoid It 
Plant Based World Expo: Sep 8-9, 2022 in New York City
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