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October 30, 2022

Happy Halloween!
The demise of health food stores

I was told ‘emphatically, health food stores would close in the late 90s, then around 2010 I was told, in no uncertain terms, online would shutter most health foods stores by 2020, I strongly disagreed or more likely laughed, but then, I have drunk the kombucha! 

So here we are nearing 2023, and I just read that 2 large traditional health food stores, Natures Emporium & Goodness Me are opening new locations, while I know other stores are opening, expanding, or updating current locations. [it is hard for me to grasp GM London location will be 19,000 sq ft, WOW! which began, when natural health pioneer/advocate, Janet Jacks, opened in 70’s, at under 500 sq ft, as I recall.]

The mission of the community natural food store is greater than ever, as pharmafood, synthetic bio engineered food, chemicals, pesticides, and genetically modified drug, ‘alternatives’, begin to dominate the conventional grocery, pharmacy, mass, public health, and convenience store shelves. I suggest natural food members, stay informed, as food is fast tracking to be replaced with replicator, patented, unregulated, unproven, novel, edible fillers!

Bricks and Mortar is where 82% of consumers want to do most of their shoppingwhile Amazon predicts 4th quarter may be unprofitable!

Health Canada, Pharma, NHPs, Regulation
Why does Health Canada require restrictive regulations, extra costs, & extra red tape, to bring a natural health product to market? Products which in the past 38 years have caused no death!

While, experimental, novel foods, which have never been part of a human diet, are filling Canadian grocery shelves, with no government oversight, thus allowing the food manufactures to self-regulate themselves to concoct any combination of GMO, Bio Fortified, Crispr, Syn-Bio or floor scrapings, and put on market, as food and somehow better for us? 

Bravo to Rachel Parent and her team and the ongoing effort to take a stand, as you did last Tuesday in Toronto, to demand Health Canada properly label, these fake pharmed food alternatives and to raise awareness of the dangers of these unproven novel pharming practices! Thank YOU!

Some topics include:
  • How to lay off staff with compassion – Dave Fuller
  • America’s Largest Nutritionist Association influenced by pharma!
Nothing new here!
Most people break a vegan diet with bacon!

Sure OM is owned by the usual fringe of corporate shareholders,  they do have a fun, creative, marketing department!

Happy Sales,
Rachel Parent 

RT @FarisAhm8We should not allow self-regulation by industry on v. controversial questions of public concern (such as GMOs & other ag tec…
Lead Story
How To Lay Off Staff with Compassion

There comes a time in every business leader's life when they have to make tough decisions about who is going to be working in the organization. This decision can be the result of recessionary pressures leading to a lack of income, competition, lack of profits, inflation and rising costs which reduce the viability of the business, or other unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes we have to let people go because they are the wrong person for the job, they have personal challenges that don’t enable them to work in your organization, or there are conflicts with other employees that are putting your team at risk.

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World’s Largest Nutritionists Group Accepted Millions From Food, Pharma and Big Ag in Exchange for Favors

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics accepted millions of dollars from food, pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies, had policies to provide favors in return, and invested in ultra-processed food company stocks, according to a study published Monday in Public Health Nutrition.

Masks Now Found to Contain 2B Carcinogen


  • We have a long list of challenges facing us at the moment. There’s the global economic crisis, the European energy crisis, runaway inflation and the threat of escalating war, just to name a few. On top of all of that, the “COVID industry” is gearing up for another round of “biosecurity” tyranny
  • The global response has been nothing short of disastrous, and following the same playbook once more is pure insanity. There’s only one reason to return to strategies proven harmful, and that is because the harmful outcomes are actually desired
  • October 7, 2022, Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo issued new COVID jab guidance, recommending men between the ages of 18 and 39 abstain from the COVID jab, as data show an 84% increase in heart related death among men within 28 days of injection
  • The crimes committed by the “COVID military-industrial complex” — which includes governments, Big Tech, media, Big Pharma and the bioweapons research industry worldwide — are now so numerous and so egregious in nature, it’s hard to fathom they’ll get away with it forever
  • A day of reckoning is coming. It seems our public health authorities fear this as well, which is why they’re fighting tooth and nail to prevent the release of COVID jab data. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spent 15 months fighting a legal battle to prevent the release of V-Safe data, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is now refusing to release autopsy results of people who died post-jab
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The # 1 way for a natural retailer to compete against the mass market, is to be seen as the trusted  ‘expert/advisor’ for natural foods and medicines in their community!” dp
Get to Know the Promising Painkiller Nobody Knows
From the Natural Path Newsletter
by Linda Woolven M.H., R.Ac & Ted Snider
Managing pain has proven to be a challenge for science. Existing pharmaceutical painkillers are limited by their disappointing efficacy and considerable side effects. But there is a little known natural supplement that is showing tremendous promise for its power over pain and for its safety.

Palmitoylethanolamide, or PEA for short, is naturally made in your body. In addition to strong immune and antidepressant effects, PEA is powerfully anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and neuroprotective. PEA influences control mechanisms in our cells that control cellular stress and inflammation. PEA has been shown to balance the inflammatory response of the immune system.

In 2016, a meta-analysis of 12 studies—3 double-blind, 2 controlled but not blinded and 7 uncontrolled—confirmed that PEA is significantly better than controls for reducing pain. It worked better, and it worked in more people (Pain Physician. 2016 Feb;19(2):11-24).

A year later, another meta-analysis looked at 10 studies of PEA for pain. This time all of the studies were controlled studies. Once again, PEA was found to be significantly better than controls for reducing pain. And, unlike conventional painkillers, PEA kills pain safely. Less people had to drop out in the PEA groups than in the control groups (Pain Physician. 2017 Jul;20(5):353-362).

Now another new study has once again put the spotlight on PEA.

By using several different pain models, this novel study found, not only that PEA is a powerful painkiller, but that it works in several different ways.

The double-blind study gave either a placebo or 400mg PEA 3 times a day to 14 healthy people for 4 weeks. It then applied tests for different kinds of pain. PEA significantly reduced repetitive heat pain by more than 20% and significantly increased cold pain tolerance and pressure pain tolerance, as well as other pain models.

This new study shows that PEA works as a safe anti-inflammatory and painkiller in many ways, reducing central and peripheral sensitivity to pain and increasing pain inhibition as a pain modulator. The variety of painkilling mechanisms helps explain why PEA works on a variety of pain conditions.

PEA is not yet very well known as a painkiller. But it will be. And you may benefit by getting to know it now.

Nutrients. 2022 Oct; 14(19):4084

To Increase Your Sales by Educating Your Customers, Start Giving The Natural Path Newsletter to Your Customers Today! 

The Natural Path is a natural health newsletter specifically designed to help Canadian health food stores increase their sales by educating their customers. The Natural Path contains no advertising and never mentions a brand name.

Contact Ted Snider at or at 416.782.8211.

For comprehensive natural help with your health, make an appointment to see Linda Woolven now. Linda’s clinic is now open for virtual appointments. Linda is a master herbalist, acupuncturist, reiki practitioner and solution-focused counsellor with a practice in Toronto. 
Linda is also an artist whose paintings hang in galleries and private collections across North America. You can see some of her paintings here.
Understanding Detoxification

In the previous Healthy Lifestyle Booster, I indicated that two quarts of blood pass through the liver each minute of your life, and that liver cells possess specialized detoxification enzymes and other constituents that perform 75% of the body’s detoxification processes.
For most substances that need to be detoxified, such as environmental contaminants, pollutants, old hormones, drugs, alcohol, etc., the Phase 1 detoxification enzymes are the first to metabolize these compounds. The Phase 1 enzymes - for which there are over 100 different ones - metabolize these substances into an intermediate compound, which often is even more damaging than the original substance. Luckily, the Phase 1 enzymes then hand off the intermediate compound (the more dangerous one they created, as a rule) to the Phase 2 Detoxification enzymes, which combine with (conjugate) these compounds and convert them into safe end-products that the body can easily excrete via the urine or the fecal route.
As such, Phase 1 and Phase 2 Detoxification are designed to work hand in glove to systematically detoxify agents that can otherwise damage body cells, induce cancer or trigger immune inflammatory responses that can worsen complexion or aggravate skin and other conditions.
To help optimize Phase 1 Detoxification, here is a list of vitamins and minerals that support the action of these enzymes or participate in the process in other ways:

·         B-Vitamins: B2, B3, B6, B12, Folic Acid
·         Vitamin C
·         Vitamin E
·         Selenium
·         Copper
·         Zinc
·         Manganese

Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables can help ensure you are getting a good daily intake of these nutrients. One-third of American adults augment that approach by also taking a Daily Multiple Vitamin and Mineral supplement each day. Twenty-three percent of Canadian adults consume a Multiple Vitamin and Mineral Daily.
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The Bioaccumulation of Environmental Toxins and the Need for Nutraceutical Medicine

“The magnitude of the bioaccumulation of environmental toxins is staggering, for they accumulate much quicker than they can be eliminated from the body. Many of them are unavoidable at this point from the food we eat, to the water we drink and to the air we breathe.”

At a time when so many have allergies, we must constantly be vigilant to avoid toxins. This is not an easy task since so many toxins are hidden, unseen or unknown. The saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back” seems fitting in this case. We can use this illustration to examine the various toxins we are exposed to on a daily bases, unaware that the last straw may be a simple additive found in your food or supplements—summed up in one term: bioaccumulation. Bioaccumulation is when toxins build up in the food chain, and since the human species is at the top of chain, we are the ones most severely affected. Here is what happens at various stages:

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Geert Vanden Bossche 

Unvaccinated Children Are ‘Our Only Hope’ in Generating Herd Immunity: Vaccine Expert…
Business News
“The best sales reps are those who stay informed, so they are considered advisors, by their customers” dp

How PepsiCo is working to convince its farmers to embrace regenerative agriculture

The federal competition watchdog, the Competition Bureau, is launching a study to investigate Canada's grocery sector, as inflation has riled consumers and brought retailers under scrutiny. 

Biden Touts Grocery Coupons for People Who Get Vaccinated Again + More

How Halloween became a $10B business for retailers
“may become the biggest controversy in natural food business!” dp
“They are failing with their climate change hoax, as numerous scientists are speaking out against this massive lie, and powerful documentaries are being released to expose how the weather and climate are in fact manipulated by these criminals.”
‘Second Carbon Tax’: Clean Fuel Regulations Will Cost $1,277 Annually per Employed Canadian, Says Research Paper

[based on a false climate narrative, which like novid, is all about the money and control of taxpayers 24/7, dp]

Big Oil Raking in Billions in Taxpayer Dollars Via Carbon Capture Scam

Inside the Store: Whole Foods’ Manhattan ‘oasis’

Is pea protein the key to unlocking grit‑free texture in plant‑based beverages? 

Tracking the plant-based protein movement

The Better Meat Co. patents mycelium it says ‘does an even better job of mimicking’ meat

Beyond Meat’s plant-based steak launches at more than 5,000 stores

Sprouts prepares to debut its first in-store coffee bar
“The Fake food trend helps to further increase the importance of natural food stores!”
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