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Dear donors and friends,

In a time when the media is reporting often on bad news, making people feel hopeless and depressed, we want to share with you some good news!

Three days inside a pig slaughterhouse, making improvements

A CEO of a large pig slaughterhouse contacted us asking for our help. He wants to test out and invest in new ideas to reduce the stress and suffering of pigs being slaughtered at his plant. We were allowed in for 3 days to try all sorts of new ideas.

Dr. Temple Grandin - a world famous animal behaviorist - helped us, suggesting tips and ideas via video call. We are now in the midst of making a final plan on what the plant should invest in and how they should train their personnel.
We cannot close down slaughterhouses, but we are able to at least improve them!

Working at a dairy farm where cows and calves stay together

In early September we spent five days working at a dairy farm in northern Germany. The farm keeps the calves for at least 3 months with their mothers in the herd. It is one of five dairy farms in between Hamburg and Flensburg that produces milk for a new label called ElternZeit, which means “Parent Time”.
These dairy farms do not see the new-born calves as unwanted by-products, but instead keep them with their mothers, give them a good quality of life and later raise them for beef. We are much more in favour of this method of producing dairy compared to the conventional method of separating new born calves right at birth and raising them in small pens on massive veal farms.

Here the calves get to learn from the adults, socialize, run and play. The mothers get to take care of their young. Because dairy cattle each produce at least 27 litres of milk per day, and a calf only drinks about a third to a half of that per day, it means that the milk can be shared between calf and human consumer.
Of course the milk is more expensive (2 euros per litre instead of 1 euro) but the quality of life the calves and cows get in exchange makes every extra cent worth it.

Together with a group of Dutch dairy farmers we are also working hard at getting such a label (Kalf bij de Koe) in The Netherlands. It is a lot of work but we expect to have a label in the stores by 2022! Other countries will follow suit once the ball gets rolling.
We are feeling more and more positive that big changes are around the corner for farm animals. Consumers but even food companies are putting more thought into producing more humane and local meat and dairy. Even meat companies are branching out into also producing plant-protein products. We are doing everything possible to keep the ball rolling, please consider a donation so that we can keep this speed up!
Lesley Moffat
director Eyes on Animals
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