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Dear friends,
We just returned from Turkey. Two long weeks, visiting slaughterhouses. Mainly giving trainings and explaining how to use a stunner.

And this time it was not us dropping by at the slaughterhouses, but the slaughterhouses asking us to come to teach them!

Eight years ago there was not a single slaughterhouse in Turkey rendering animals unconscious before slaughter.

We saw horrible things; injured animals being dragged out of trucks alive, and then hoisted by one leg off the floor and large bulls tied up and forced to fall down, then their throats literally sawed at as the knives were not even long or sharp.

Change is becoming exponential

It was a long path of patience and education, but I am so happy to be able to tell you that things are speeding up now. We now have, thanks to our inspector Asalet, 16 cattle slaughterhouses and 2 sheep slaughterhouses equipped and using stunners! That is 18 in total.

That means tens of thousands of animals each year will at least be rendered unconscious before they are being slaughtered. That makes a huge difference for these poor animals!

We still have a long road to go, but change is becoming exponential. It took the longest to get the first one to make the big step, but now with so many more on board, change is easier and coming about faster.
Asalet and me in Turkey

Let me show you our work in Turkey

For this newsletter I made a short video summarizing our work in Turkey. I have to warn you, it is still difficult to watch because of course we did not stop slaughter in Turkey and we could not rescue the animals…all we were able to do was change the way they were being slaughtered.

But as someone who has witnessed so many different types of slaughter, I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am now when I see an animal rendered unconscious before slaughter. Slaughtering animals while fully alert, sensitive to pain and in terror is the most difficult thing we have had to witness. Stunning makes such a difference.
Please do watch it and share it with friends and colleagues. It is an effective but expensive project. We are hoping to get more support to keep it running as intensively as we have been doing. Let’s keep this momentum.

Thank you!

I want to thank you all for believing in patience, education and persistence by supporting this project. For the thousands of cattle and sheep in these 18 slaughterhouses, you have helped make their inevitable death so much more bearable.

With the best wishes,
Lesley Moffat
director Eyes on Animals
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